TGISF…aka Your “Who’s Got Wood?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Today is Arbor Day. So go plant a to speak. But yes, Arbor Day, or more specifically our theme this week, one way or another. Yes, I know you were expecting something NFL Draft related probably.  But fuck those idiots.  I can barely stand to watch real NFL during the season

HRTN Spring Break Special 2017 (Part Deux)

The scene: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Future Moose is silently packing up the Moosemobile, Cookiethulhu is cleaning the windows and Old School Zero looks over a map. In the back seat of the Moosemobile Señor Weaselo lies in a fetal position, occasionally making whimpering sounds. Otto's Brain comes rolling up. Otto's Brain:

Historical Badasses: Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

I've done a lot of reading on the First World War as of late; one of the more recent discoveries from my Wikipedia rabbit-holes is that there was, as it turns out, a pretty significant amount of fighting between the Germans and the British in Africa starting in 1914. With

Wheat From the Chaff: Your NHL Round 2 Previews and Evening Open Thread

First off, a song: That's cathartic. Now, on to the matches. Western Conference: St. Louis versus Nashville Both teams looked really good in the first round.St. Louis came out and handed defeat to a declining North Stars Wild team that looked ready for golf season before the round started. Nashville answered all Hawk-haters dreams

“It’s All Gone Wrong, Pete & John” – The Seahawks Try To Bolster Their Lines (Part 5)

Ext. Two men sit on the sills of their car, taking in the Utah view and contemplating the directions their lives are going in. John Schneider: Pete? Pete Carroll: Yes, John? JS: How many more places do we have to visit? PC: Just this one, John. The draft is next week, so I just

Your “Tears Are Something To Hide” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

  NFL News: two days until the Draft. Adrian Peterson has indeed signed a two-year, $7 million contract with the Saints. it's effectively one-year, plus incentives, with a team-option for a second. Oh - the Saints open in Minnesota Week-1. No one can blame him: AJ McCarron wants out of Cincinnati.