Fantasy Gods, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? Week 2 2017

As many of you know, I like to complain. The weather, sports, politics, nothing ever seems to be good enough for Brocky. Naturally this extends to fantasy football, the thing that is supposed to distract me from those things. Such misfortune can’t possibly be the result of my own ineptitude,

Your “A Friend In Need Is A Pest” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Significant injuries from the weekend: Greg Olsen - broken foot - 6-8 weeks Vic Beasley - torn hamstring - 4-6 weeks If the Falcons season goes to hell as a result, DFO CALLED IT! HODOR - out for Week-3. The NFL was denied an injunction to relieve the

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2017 Semi Finals

You know, sometimes it is nice to be wrong.  And to have something good happen first thing in the morning that gives you happiness the rest of the day.  No, I'm not talking about a morning blowjob, 69, or anal.   Not yet anyway. Let's get started! Welcome to Balls of Steel's

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 2, 2017

What Week One surprises will turn into bonafide trends?  What will fall into the vapor as if they were mere pre-season fixtures, or mad ether hallucinations?  Hack, cough, Jaguras competence.  READ ON! Yeah, the fucking asswipe P*ts came out firing, and buried the hapless Aints alive.  Gronk may be ded again,

Your Sunday Night Football Finale

Woof! So many delightful games! (I wrote this around noon-I have no idea) Here's a preview of another NFC Championship Game. I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Cowboys fans near and far. And yes, they have a point. We'll see how things shake out over the

Your “Drinking Turkey Like It’s Water” Saturday Evening Open Thread

So, NHL training camps opened this week. The important thing is that the return of hockey will bring me many national games to enjoy on the days between football games. There's about three weeks of garbage hockey to get through before the Canucks can start letting me down for real.

On Politics, Trump, and why the Patriots are a perfect reflection of Trump’s America

We here on this fair site have a deep deep hatred for the Patriots.  Their “success” and the reaction of their fanbase to this success has fed the hate and kept it at a nice even temperature long enough to smoke all the cattle in Texas. In a similar vein, the