The Commissioner Calls a Meeting

Banner Image via   Thank you all for coming on such short notice. With the conference championships upon us this weekend, this meeting had to happen at once. I think we all know that this has been an extraordinarily exciting post-season. Comebacks and rallies and heartbreak and a quarterback throwing a touchdown

Your “Peak Philly Fan Achievement Unlocked” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ben McAdoo looks destined for Cleveland. They are also looking at Mike Mularkey, because if you put all the 2017 failure in one basket you can't help but germinate success! Get the the-NFL-helps-the-Patriots conspiracy bandwagon fired up: Leonard Fournette was in a car accident Tuesday morning. He was

Balls and tWBS: At The Movies V

tWBS:  So here we are again.  It's gonna be tough to top last time, ya know. Balls:  Shut the fuck up, Donny!!! tWBS:  You really like saying that, huh? Balls:  Hehehehe....yes. tWBS:  OK, so what should we do this time? Balls:  Duh.... tWBS:  Shit. Balls:  What? tWBS:  It's just been a while since I've seen that one.  And

Your “I Swore I Would Be True” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Big Daddy Drew is alive. So let's relive it again. Plus, he's got opinions on the next Giants head coach. Mike Mularkey is OUT as Titans coach. The rumour is Josh McDaniels, and a probable fine for not observing the Rooney Rule. Working in the Titans favour is

FISHNET: A BoTG Investigation

Author's Note:  I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid.  One of my favorites was old reruns of Dragnet.  For me, Jack Webb's vocal mannerisms as the Joe Friday character are classic, and sometimes even now, that just comes out.  That's what happened here when I sat

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: Risky Endeavours Explained By “Risk”

Risk. Anyone over the age of 25 remembers this game. A child's game, but not a game just a child will play. Allow me to walk you through the process of how we got to this point. This is Barron Trump, Now, on the surface, he's a mild-mannered kid whose father just happens

Semi- Instantaneous Balls Thoughts

You may have noticed my absence most of this weekend.  I stopped watching after the Falcons blew a golden opportunity to beat the Eagles at their own place. This would be the theme of the weekend. In the DFO Insiders,  I had picked Atlanta,  New England,  Pittsburgh,  and New Orleans. If it

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Holy Bananacakes! Edition

Didya get that looking glass I sentcha?  Cause we about to crash right through that mofo.... Week 19 started much like Week 5, with #OddWeekJaguras punching Yinzburgh in the mouth.  Much CBS Narrative was foiled.  But this time, down 28-7...Stillers fought back and made a game of it.  And what a

Your Yeah Right family Battle Royale Open Thread

We have DJ Taj and his New Orleans Saints going up against Yeah Right and his Minnesota Vikings for the right to go to the NFC Championship Game. Let's go to The Tale Of The Tape! Cooking skills: Advantage Yeah Right Writing while on unknown substances: Advantage DJ Taj QB: Advantage DJ Taj RB: Advantage