Your “Making Something Out Of Nothing” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

It's very quiet, what with everyone travelling to Dallas & not wanting to tip hands ahead of Thursday night. NFL News: The John Lynch standard: don't hit women. As opposed to the "see if they're cops first" maxim followed by his teammate Warren Sapp. Trying not to interfere in the case,

Raging Semi Tuesday – Roma at [grumble, grumble]

Let's blow that up a little.  Because it deserves it. A beautiful Cinderella story spoiled by essentially gifting the assdickery Redshite into the finals.  Christ on a bike. Liverpool is the worst.  You can hear German Elton John whining all the way down here in the Southland.  You know the questionable calls

Goddess II – Episode 13

She was stretched out as far as her legs could go and there were tongues all over her body.  One on her left nipple and one on her right.  Another was licking her clit while yet another was tonguing her asshole  Balls was kissing her as the others did their

Your “I Know Whom To Kill; I Don’t Need The Other Options” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Well, this rates about a 6 on the interesting scale: the Patriots brought in Lamar Jackson for a visit &  interview. No details about what was discussed, just various media reminders that Tom Brady is almost 41. Aaron Rodgers owns a piece of the Milwaukee Bucks. No word

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 5 Part One

This week, We're going to do something different.  Since the are still two more games to go,  we are going to split the coverage into two.  Part Two will run midweek after the ANZAC Day games are played. Welcome To Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 5 (so far) The Round started with a

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Baked Thai Wings. You’re going to need a lot of beer.

Good morning everyone. How is that photo for a nice attention getter? Hell yes we made wings again. Sometimes you just have to eat some wings and there is nothing that will get in your damn way. Of course we have done other versions of chicken wings before. Here's a recipe for Korean

Your “It’s Saturday Evening, So You Know What That Means?!” Open Thread It rained on the Vancouver 4/20 party yesterday, and I don't think any of them cared. But it's Saturday, the night when real people party. I'm almost 50 - I'm home doing laundry. OH YEAH - DOWNY SOFT! Tonight's sports: NHL: Maple Leafs at Bruins - 8:00PM | NBC / CBC NBA: