Your “Let’s Turn Everyone Into RG III” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: There is was talk about maybe having to either delay or move the Mexico City game, because the field is apparently complete ass. Estadio Azteca switched to a hybrid turf of both synthetic and natural grass this year, and it has been unable to hold up for the

Cleveland Browns At Bye (-7)

I trust Hippo is not the only one that will get that joke. So,  true story,  the call was made in the DFO back room for someone to write the Browns midseason/bye update.  Curious and thinking that whoever wrote the preview should write the update,  I asked who wrote it. Turns out

Your “Cruelty Has A Human Heart” Saturday Evening Open Thread Legacy of the Beast 2019 tour dates announced Friday! If you didn't read the collection of World War One pieces I published earlier today, please consider this a reminder to go out to a Remembrance Day / Veteran's Day ceremony tomorrow, as it will mark exactly 100 years since the guns

The Saturday Afternoon World War One Centenary Post

During the course of the year, I have taken to various Open Threads to teach about pivotal or interesting moments during the course of 1918, the final year of the war. The mutual goals were to keep you interested and provide reading entertainment on evenings when the sports calendar was