Your **checks notes** “This Isn’t A Bowl Game?” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Let's get right to it! Welcome, fellow Commentists, to the first NFL Saturday night of the season. And how is the NFL rewarding you for your patronage and fandom? The Cleveland Browns versus the Denver Broncos. Actually, in the previous decade, this game would have been such absolute dogshit most other networks would

Your ‘English Premier League has a Race problem’ Saturday AM Thread

Good morning fellow DFOers! Thanks to the good folks at Make-a-Wish foundation, your imaginary pal Wakezilla is hosting the Lesser Footy AM thread again. If anyone asks, I have tumorsyphilisitisosis. Yes, I know the disease sounds both sexy and very terminal. *cough* In case you are wondering about the featured image, that

Your “Tee Vee and Me” Friday Evening Open Thread

Hey....HEY!!!!!  Remember when I did this last year on Friday the 13th????  Well, it's that time again because today is Friday the... Ummmmm.....what's that Brocky ?  Really?  Well shit.... Now I'm totes disappoint. Well here anyway...for the assist, you get some gloves... /heads to store to buy a new calendar - A Child Of Television You older

2018 Bowl Sponsorship Analysis (Pre-Christmas Games)

I've always said that, if you really want to know who you are, look at what products are advertised to you. Advertising is an over $200 billion per year industry and these dollars aren't just thrown around fruitlessly. No sir, modern advertisements utilize pinpoint accuracy to hit a desired customer

F— All Teams, F— All Fanbases

Hi everyone!  Normally, Drew Magary's Thursday Afternoon NFL Jerk Joke Jambaroo runs every Thursday during the NFL season.  But apparently Drew is on injured reserve, so they asked me, Nathan Peterman, to fill in for him.  Don't worry, Drew.  I got this. My microwave broke yesterday evening.  I was heating up

Adult Advent – Part 2

Part 1 of the calendar is here with beers 1 to 4. Pictured above is what Mrs GTD and the kids got me for an advent calendar.  It’s from my favourite local brewery (Brock Street Brewery) and will probably have some beers from other local places.  I don’t usually drink everyday, so

Helpful Suggestions For A Better XFL

Hello Vince, I’m writing to you, because I see what you are attempting with the resurrection of your XFL, and I want to help. I know we see the same thing whenever we try to watch an NFL game. Confusion. Rampant pussification. Distractions left and right. I’m sorry, does nobody out

Your “The Bill Always Comes Due” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: I guess iron does sharpen iron: Frank Clark: 'Richard Sherman and his era is over'    It comes on the heels of Sherman - star of the 3-10 49ers - calling the current Seahawks defense "middle of the road". As Bobby Wagner put it, "You can make the position


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