Your “Let’s Just Agree to Disagree” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: ESPN says ankle sprain, but OBJ & the Giants are getting an MRI just to be sure. And just to pour on the salt, PFT questions whether OBJ should have held out, to avoid the preseason bumps & bruises...and given them copy to talk about his petulance. Cam

The​ ​2017​ ​Jacksonville​ ​Jaguars​ ​Team Preview:​ ​A​ ​franchise​ ​misunderestimated

  -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We begin with a simple quiz: How many of these players are still active on the jaguars roster? I’ll give you a minute to go through it.... Braden Albert Toby Gerhart Julius Thomas Luke Joeckel Maurice Jones-Drew Chris Clemons Marcus Stroud Marquis Cooper Brandon Marshall Josh Scobee Blaine Gabbert Ziggy Hood

Your “Azathoth Have Mercy!—Light Is Dark and Dark Is Light” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The darkness that enveloped the continent around 10:21 AM Pacific came as news emerged that Roger Goodell had signed a five-year extension to remain League commissioner. As the League is no longer a non-profit entity, details werent disclosed, but two things are certain: His is the only guaranteed

Chicago Bears 2017-2018 Preview

Today is a weird day. Not just in the DFO Clubhouse either. All across America today, PERHAPS EVEN RIGHT NOW, the moon is blocking out the sun.   What greater metaphor for the 2017 Bears Football Season than that?!  Abandon all hope ye who enter this season as Bears fans. In these

2017 Indianapolis Colts Preview

For your 2017 Indianapolis Colts preview, I had an imaginary conversion with myself.  Enjoy. So the Colts, huh.  Didn't they used to be good? The Indianapolis Colts, né Baltimore Colts, have quite a storied history.  The team began as the Miami Seahawks of the All America Football Conference in 1946 and were

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2017 Round 22

There is one week left and we are still not sure who among a few teams will make the Eight. It's so nice that it comes down to the final week, isn't it?  Who got eliminated, who clinched, and who is in limbo?  READ ON! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chicken Marsala with Homemade Pasta.

Hello again everybody! I appreciate you returning for another episode of Sunday Gravy. Where weekly, I attempt to bring you new, sometimes challenging and delightful recipes to elevate your cooking skills and give you something to occupy your time during the NFL's offseason. And you know what kids? This long motherfucking

Your “Don’t Want To Say Good Night” Saturday Evening Open Thread

  Well, there's a couple of "games" tonight, featuring "starters" that will "play" almost an entire quarter. Except for the guys who are hurt or facing suspension, which eats up most blog coverage. Game preview: Colts at Cowboys Peeling back the layers of congealed gravy over at Stampede Blue, you find a fan

Your half-assed completely biased Premier League preview Part 2 and Saturday open thread?

We are back after quite the week 1 where there were some happy moments and as usual some real angry moments. So Huddersfield town looked good eh? Won't last. Chelsea lost which made me overjoyed, and Everton won which made Hippo happy. I will delay no further unless the boss