Your Saturday Evening Open Thread & Musical Retrospective

Hi everyone, It's 2019, and my first Saturday evening post of the year. Last year, I tried each week to feature a song with the words "Saturday", "Sunday" or "Weekend". What I want to do this year is keep things equally light & interesting - especially considering the games tomorrow -

Your No More Saturday NFL Sexy Soccer Saturday Open Thread

It feels weird not having a football game to watch today. On the bright side, we have in America the start of a three-day weekend with Monday being Martin Luther King Day! Wait, do they have MLK Day in the South? Hippo and TWBS, please advise. Speaking of Hippo and

Your “Is It A Catch?” Friday Evening Open Thread

It's Conference Championship Weekend, folks. There will be bad calls.  There will be delays for video reviews.  And you will be pissed off.  And maybe a little drunk. Well....maybe more than a little. When the smoke clears, the Rams and Chiefs will still be standing. I think....but don't quote me on that. Pat and Tyreek

Love Actually – The Balls Review

Author's Note:  A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I made a public DFO bet, which I promptly lost.  My self-inflicted punishment was to watch Love Actually and write a post about it.  For a little chunk of space-time, DFO had a sister blog called "Bring Back

Your “The Calm Before The Storm” Thursday Evening Open Thread NFL News: The odds are out for this weekend's games: Chiefs (-3) Saints (-3.5) both over/unders were 56/56.5 when I checked this morning. The forecast has been "upgraded" to sunny with cloudy periods, highs near -2° Fahrenheit. The NFL announced that Gladys Knight will perform the national anthem at The

The Bleergh Report – Divisional weekend

ALL HAIL BLEERGH. In tribute to Bleergh, here's the Divisional weekend best and worst penalties. Here's a random breakdown of this weeks penalties.  I'm not going to even try to find the tape for these, nor am I making any judgement call on the individual penalties.  I'm sure that there are

Marty Mornhinweg’s Wacky Weapons: The Hiller Flying Platform

Morning, everyone! Apparently I've been fired by the Ravens. It came as a bit of a shock to me, not gonna lie; I was told it was because we wanted to get Lamar to conform to the offensive system a little bit further. As a staff, we were concerned about

Your “The Offseason = Beef Season” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: And now it begins in the mainstream: Bruce Arians called Antonio Brown a "diva". Florio is weighing options over at PFT. AB dragged Emmanuel Sanders into the mix. Art Rooney II says no one's asked about a trade yet, and has feelings on AB's Week 17 effort. Oft-injured

[DFO] History Corner Presents: A Prohibition Centenary Post

The positive reaction to my World War One Centenary posts has encouraged me to expound upon other topics. But rather than tie all of them in with the Open Threads - because the length of some made scrolling a chore for others - I will make them their own stand-alone

Your “All Signs Point To Evil Afoot” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bears are going to take a run at Kareem Hunt. Matt Nagy knows him from working with Hunt in 2017 when both were still with the Chiefs. Hunt is currently on the Commissioner's Exempt List, meaning ol' Rog will have to let him back in before anyone