Thirsty Thursday Weekend Fútbol Preview and EPL Pool Update – EPL Round 3

Good afternoon, everyone!  Considering the overwhelming response to the first DFO EPL Tipping pool (21 members and counting!), we decided to create a new weekly post to remind you to put the EPL tips in, tell you who is winning, and to give you the weekend's fútbol schedule so that

CFL Beat: Week 11

This is now officially the back half of the CFL season. While the old-timers claim that things don't really start until Labour Day around here, I think that many things are already quite clear - the Lions and Argos won't make the playoffs, and likely the Ottawa REDBLACKS as well.

Your “Maybe He’ll Wear The White Suit” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: I hope his partner isn't from Atlanta: Ray Lewis is going to be on "Dancing With The Stars".   Having braved the DWTS online store, I can assure viewers that while there is a selection of branded housewares available, no knife collections were available. From Disney subsidiary ESPN comes

Why I Won’t Be Watching The NFL This Year: Your 2019 Homeless Raiders Season Preview

In Big Daddy Balls' 2016 edition of "Why Your Team Sucks" for the Chicago Bears, the fan responses were a pretty standard collection of laments about the team's ineptitude and fan culture.  Not exactly the place you'd look for a true revelation.  But I found one there, and it took

Wednesday Motivational – Draw The Line

Balls Of Steel And Fury  likes to say that his mantra is "Live and Let Die". And while I wouldn't phrase it that way necessarily.....He's not wrong. I've often had difficulty with letting go of something or someone I cared about....which/whom I should have let go of long before I did. But I

Your “Nice Lid, Sid” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: kind of quiet today As expected, Antonio Brown has filed a second grievance with the NFL over his helmet. He is claiming he should get the same one-year grace period as Tom Brady, and that he was arbitrarily denied. Brady's grace period was last year, and he now