Your NLCS Game 3 Open Thread

/gets called into DFO backroom/dungeon Balls: WHAT? Mysterious Hooded Figure holding a beer: Dude,  WTF? Balls: WYTAW? Mysterious Hooded Figure holding a blunt: What day is it today,  asshole? Balls: Uh, Friday? MHFH a beer: Seriously? Balls: Wednesday? MHFH a blunt: FFS, it's Monday!! As in MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!?!? Balls: You guys know I don't like the NFL, right? MHFH

Leaves Of Grass: The Ballad of Le’Veon Bell – On His Return

The expected return of Le'Veon Bell this week is a testament to the nature of the modern game, and the lengths to which players have to go to ensure their post-playing days financial & physical viability. Returning during a scheduled bye not only guarantees him no contact for another week,

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 6, 2018 Season

Some weeks just shit all over you.  This was one of them.  Herein lies part of the week's tale. All season long, Yinzburgh has shown their asses about Le'Veon Bell, in the most unappreciative, unsolidarity, anti-labour, Company Man way.  I am sure it has made the Ginger Hammer hard enough to

Your “I’ll Be Honest-I’m Hoping For a Travesty Here” Sunday Night Football Open Thread

You know, the good kind of travesty whereby extraordinary misfortune befalls the easily-hateable team that has experienced so much success. The one that has had the benefit of iffy ref calls for more than a decade now. The team that has an owner that has more than doubled his significant

Your “Listen Children, All Is Not Lost” Saturday Evening Open Thread Some days, you just don't give two shits & just want to hear a happy song. This is one of those days. Besides, I'm not going to sit here and let you badmouth the United States of America. Tonight's sports: NHL: Leafs at Capitals - 7:00PM | CBC / NHLN Canucks

JV NFL Thread – Where Has All Teh Good Matches Gone?

Fuck everything, another shitass International Break is upon us.  And is JV NFL breaking out the good vintage bottles to ease our suffering?  Fuck and No.  Your platter of turds follows: Florida at Vanderbilt (Noon, ESPN) Some peoples would have you believe that the Gators have turned the corner and are now

Your “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've been away for a coupla weeks.  Yet I still really don't know what to talk about this week. I'm writing this early because there's another hurricane 'gon roll up this way. And I fully expect to lose electricity, internet and phone.  Again.  The last of which might be a blessing, actually. I

That’s My Raiders! Tank Time

EXT. OAKLAND RAIDERS SHARED HOUSE – DAY Establishing shot and title card. ANNOUNCER BETH MOWINS: That Raiders Show [sic] is filmed in front of a live student [sic] audience. CUT TO – INT. LIVING ROOM – DAY The music of Further Seems Forever blares throughout the house.  KOLTON MILLER sits on the couch, munching from a

Your “Stare Into The Abyss That Is The NFC East” Thursday Night NFL Football Open Thread

God is dead. So why not watch a bit of the old football? It's not like I'm going to judge you. -Friedrich "The Funky Philologist" Nietzsche   These two wet, stinking dogs are gonna give us many reasons to laugh and joke and cry (that'd be me, mostly). TO THE GAME! Schmeagles/Jizzants: Both these squadoos