Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – Round 1, 2017

Have I mentioned that one of my favorite things about this league is that it constantly surprises you? This week, we congratulate the Adelaide Crows women on winning the Premiership, we recap Round 1, look forward to Round 2, and update the standings of our Footy Tipping Contest. All this and more on Welcome to Balls of

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Irish Stew and a discussion of all the Cute Furry Animals. That We Kill. And Eat.

Hey everybody! I'm back! I took the last 2 weeks off to attend to some things, including totally fucking dominating a homemade pizza challenge. I also had a family get together where I cooked things we've already discussed in the past but I'm back with a motherfucking vengeance! Thanks to Low

TGISF…aka Your “Yeah, The Lollipop Helped a Little” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Soooooo.... More cryptic titles from your ol' pal tWBS?  You're darned tootin'.  I need to keep you folks on your toes, don't I? This week's theme was suggested by my good friend, the lovely and talented entropy.  It came about due to a conversation we had a few nights ago. The above title

Request Line: Literature

INT. RECORDING STUDIO – DAY A pair of radio professionals are standing outside the recording booth sipping coffee.  CONNOR, THE INTERN is talking into his cellphone while the PRODUCER stands next to him, angrily checking his watch. PRODUCER: Goddamnit, where is he? CONNOR: [hanging up] His agent said he pulled up outside of

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 74)

The scene: The meeting room of the DFO clubhouse. Unsurprised is tied to a chair while Future Clone Debbie Harry sits at the head of the table in Darkest Timeline Zach Morris's super-special Prez chair. Future Clone Debbie Harry: OK, let's hear it again. Who am I prettier than? Unsurprised: Everybody. Can

25 Questions About ….

Your mom. 1- Why is she so fat? 2- When she sits around the house, does she sit AROUND the house? Just kidding.  We can save that for another time.  This week,  I'd like to tackle one of the pressing issues of our time.  I speak,  of course,  about the upcoming season premiere