Your “Ugh – Two (More) Weeks of that ‘PATS NATION!!’ Garbage?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The most exciting Superb Owl week news so far is that Jim Tomsula has been hired by the [Redacteds] as their new D-line coach. the hobo has come home! I hope Big Daddy Drew keeps the "lifehacks" going. Dan Snyder is relieved he now has someone he can pay in

Commentist Beer Barrel: The Golden Goblets

I'll be honest about this: I love awards, and awards shows, and basically anything where various things are declared "the best." A big part of this is that I also love to declare things "the best," and to argue when other people declare the wrong things "the best." I'm excited

Your “WAKE UP, IT’S TIME FOR FOOTBALL!” AFC Championship Game Open Thread

  GENERAL: Mr. President, Agent Scotchnaut is pinned down in Bucharest and can’t post the Open Thread this afternoon! PRESIDENT RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY: [pulls up pants] I’ll handle...wait.  This seems familiar. GENERAL: He's getting 418'd!  THERE'S NO TIME! PRESIDENT RIKKI-TIKKI-DEADLY: Fine, fine, sheesh.  You know, when my Russian handlers coerced me I signed up for this job of my own

NFC Championship Open Thread

Here we are.  Scotchy has, for some strange reason,  been locked out of Word Press,  so he can't write up the Open Thread. That pisses me off because: 1) I love his intros 2) I love Canada and Canadien histoire. 3) I'm literally in bed writing this on my phone and I'm just wanting

A Completely Neutral, Thorough Preview of the AFC Championship Game

WCS: Well, strangely enough, the Steelers are in the AFC Championship Game. Again. Oh, and it's against the Patriots. Again. This after being 4-5 at one point in November. They've since run off nine-straight wins, won the AFC North, and got through their first two playoff games. Mike Tomlin and

TGISF…aka “Conference Championship” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Ah yes....Conference Championship Sunday. If I'm being honest...historically speaking at least...I've always preferred Conference Champs Sunday (CCS) to Superb Owl Sunday (SBS).  The reasons are simple... SBS - 1 game : CCS - 2 games SBS - Too many ppl at party more interested in commercials than football : CCS -

Fun with Roger Goodell: A Liar’s Guide for Moving to LA 2 – Electric Byegaloo

After sixteen years of threats, the San Diego Chargers officially filed for relocation last Thursday to move to Los Angeles, a city that has made it abundantly clear that they do not want them. His eyes on smoggier pastures and the false promise of more cash monies, Dean Spanos stomp, stomp,