Your “It’s A Little Early To Be Broke, Ain’t It?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The main story of the day is that February 19 marks the opening of the two-week Franchise Tag window. As we learned with Le'Veon Bell, a team & player have until July 15 to negotiate a multi-year deal, or the player has to sign a one-year deal under

Temptation Island Talk – Episode 5

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! It's a good thing I record these episodes because this week, there was some stuff that I had to rewind, pause, and play again to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. Also, Mark L called an audible that resulted in

Your “Happy Louis Riel/ Family/ Islander/ Nova Scotia Heritage/ Presidents Day” Open Thread

Yes,  today is all of those things! Except in the Canadian territories because,  much like the U.S., Canada could give two shits about territories. Apparently,  also the French-speaking province of Québec and the English-speaking province of Newfoundland and Labrador don't get a holiday today. Who did they piss off? Don't answer that. Let's take them

Tucson, Ch. 1: Why the Mark Davis of Cities May Not be the Best Choice for Mark Davis

Hello. Sebastian Blax here. As many of you may have noticed, I've been away from the NFL HOT TAEKS game for a couple months now. So, first off, large ups to LCSS for holding down Quotables for the regular season finale and through the postseason. [Hold for applause; close eyes and

Your “Different From Every Other Sport” Sunday Evening Open Thread

When I was a kid, my parents let me get comedy records from the public library. For a suburban Canadian public library in the 1970s, you had the usual standard fare: Allan Sherman Bill Cosby Bob Newhart Peter Sellers / The Goon Show and, because Canada, Wayne & Shuster. As you can see,

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chicken Ala King. I just had to.

Good morning and Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are right in the middle of a lovely mid Winter three day weekend. A truly beautiful thing is happening this week, by this time next Sunday EVERY MLB team will have every player in camp for Spring Training. Except possibly Harper and Machado. I got

Your “It’s Not Free Money” Saturday Evening Open Thread

I moved my music & comedy ramblings to Sunday night, so I could bring this up. Before it becomes old news, rumours are Kaep settled for between $60-80 million, ostensibly for restraint or loss of trade. On the direct "insider" front from Friday night, there was nothing but company line from corporate

Your “A Day Late and a Dollar Short Valentine’s Day Special” Friday Evening Open Thread

Okay, now before we go on I have to relay something which just happened.  I think it's funny.  Some of you won't.  One person definitely won't if she sees it.  But tough shit, that's her problem. So as I'm writing this post....  You know, setting it up ....assigning categories and tags,

Request Line: Duets

INT. UNDERDOG SPORTS BAR - NIGHT A thin crowd mulls around a dimly lit sports bar.  Practically every available surface in the bar is covered with a television screen; most are showing basketball and hockey games.  A door behind the bar marked "OFFICE" opens and the bar manager emerges, followed by