Your “It Was The Sodom and Gomorrah Show” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Well, Bruce Arians got his "bullshit response" from the League. Bobby Wagner's leaps were legal because the contact was considered "incidental". According to NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino, had he made direct contact with the player - a hit, or landing on him - then it would

Your “‘Browns’? Who Are The ‘Browns’?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Multiple sources say the Eagles are trying to convince Chip Kelly to trade them Torrey Smith. I guess they need someone who can outrun a Carson Wentz deep ball, because the constant overthrows are making the other receivers look bad, and ROOKIES GOTTA LEARN, MAN!. Why they aren't

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Free Ballin’ Football Podcast Comes to DFO

Scene: Everyone at the DFO Clubhouse is diligently creating the best dick jokes on the internet. All of a sudden they hear a commotion outside and someone screaming, seemingly into a phone. The noise dies down but just as everyone goes back to work... [DOOR FLIES OPEN] Courier: Sorry about the noise, these

The Carolina Panthers Bye Week Special

And by "special", I do mean "short bus" special. Let's get this straight right now, I am not a Panthers' fan.  So I really don't have a horse in this race.  If they never win another game, my only reason to care is that I'll have to hear about it from

Your “Negan Is Who We Thought He Was!” Walking Dead Recap

  Not that I should have to warn you, but Anyway...   First off, it sure was nice of the NFL to flex a game into prime time that would be so bad we would be able to catch "The Walking Dead" without much interruption to the viewing enjoyment. Seriously, (gifs via; Vine via) it's like