Your “Are Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan Divorced Yet?” Sunday Late Afternoon/Early Evening Open Thread

Photo Credit: USA Today Scene: Nottingham Cottage on the sprawling Kensington Palace Grounds. A beautiful woman and her ginger husband are basking in their freshly wedded bliss  Duke of Sussex: Ay, love, this is the best. Just you and me and all these servants, and the paparazzi as soon as we step outside.

World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Spain

You may remember my post about Spain from last year: Link That tells you pretty much all I want to tell you about Spain The Country. This post will actually focus pretty heavily on Spain The Team.  Why? Because Spain is one of the five teams I think have a realistic shot to

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Stand back! Andy Reid has to eat!

Good morning Gravy Heads! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy. We are on to week two of our experimentation and dalliances with the food world phenomenon known as the Instant Pot! Last week we got an introduction, then fucked around and made a pretty goddamn tasty batch of Texas chili. This week I decided to

Your Why Are You Not Out Watching Deadpool 2? Open Thread

So, yesterday I left work a little early and caught a 4:00 PM showing of Deadpool 2 at my local mall/multiplex.  There are a lot of things to unwrap: I paid $20 USD for a fucking movie ticket at fucking 4:00 PM!  Granted, it was a Dolby cinema with fully

TGISF… Wet Sand

Yep.  I'm half-assing this one.  Sorry, not sorry. I'm at the beach.  Sorry, not sorry. This is the view out of my window right now as I'm writing this... So, as you can easily see...  I want to be out there .  NOT in here . So this post is getting written quickly and

Hard Ride To Nowhere: The End, No Really I Mean It This Time, Seriously, Guys, This Is It

The scene: The Door Flies Open clubhouse, where Old School Zero and Darkest Timeline Zach Morris are cleaning up the debris from Doktor Zymm's RV crashing through the wall. OSZ: Man, what a mess! I can't believe this. DTZM: Ah, what are you gonna do? It's just cool most of us are

Goddess II – The Conclusion(?)

[The Outskirts of  Las Vegas, Nevada, 7:38am] tWBS guides the van past the last completed housing development on this particular road, then takes the next right, pulling into a development which was abandoned during construction as money and luck ran out. There are no residents just yet. tWBS:  This should do. He drives

Your “Well, There’s Nowhere For Them To Go But Up, Right?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Godspeed, Oxipug. NFL News: Oh boy - The Browns are this year's "Hard Knocks" team. The Browns aren't especially happy about it, but their only option for avoiding it was firing Hue Jackson, since teams with new coaches don't have to be on it. My favourite scene will be when Jimmy