Fun with Big Beer: “The High End”

The battle for your dollar rages on in the beer industry. For the last 2 decades, "Big Beer" in North America has tried many different tactics to try and quash the looming threat of micro-breweries taking their existing revenue: threatening to pull advertising to networks airing shows promoting micro-breweries, running

Fun with Nick Hardwick: A Liar’s Guide for Moving to LA 3 – Carson Drift

Last week, former San Diego Chargers radio color commentator and long time center, Nick Hardwick, announced that he would be doing a complete and total about-face on his decision to call games for the second NFL team in Los Angeles. This is rather surprising, considering the fact that Hardwick had

Fun with Roger Goodell: A Liar’s Guide for Moving to LA 2 – Electric Byegaloo

After sixteen years of threats, the San Diego Chargers officially filed for relocation last Thursday to move to Los Angeles, a city that has made it abundantly clear that they do not want them. His eyes on smoggier pastures and the false promise of more cash monies, Dean Spanos stomp, stomp,