25 Questions about… Cutler to the Dolphins

  Have you ever gone to a bar and found that your favorite bartender was replaced by some guy named Steve? Well, I'm Steve, what can I get you?   How many Chicago Bears fans have now made the Dolphins their AFC team? Is anyone really surprised he choose to get paid $10

BONUS 25 Questions About…

The HALL OF FAME GAME! Balls already banged out this week's edition of 25 Questions About... but this is a special BONUS edition since the Hall of Fame Game is today, it rhymes, it usually sucks, but at least it's football!  Stand by for cromulent musings on the game itself from

25 Questions About…

This I speak of course, about the ole In-n-Out.  If you are reading the header, you are probably thinking, "There goes Balls, going into something sexual again!  I wonder if he's going to talk about ass play again..."  Well, dear reader, you are partially correct.  As you well know, I can

25 Questions About…

This Of course, I mean amateur photography.  In case you've living in a tree the last 50 years, here's the full sketch: Now, I've noticed that we have a lot of awesome photographers here in the DFO stable.  Over the holiday, I was impressed with the fireworks photos posted by Brick and

25 Questions About….

This fucking masterpiece of writing: The Secret O Segredo No, I'm not talking about Oprah's bullshit book that millions of clueless housewives bought thinking they could fucking think their way to being thin and rich and beautiful.  Fuck that shit. I'm talking about an article that Don T turned me on to through the

25 Questions About ….

babies.  In the last two days, our good friends Litre_cola and Sunrisesunrise have been blessed with Deci-litre and lil sunrisesunrisesunrise.  I wish them both and their wives the very best and I will raise a glass to their babies' health this weekend.  In the meantime, such momentous events in our

25 Questions About…..

this thing. Today, as you know, is April 20.  For the majority of the DFO audience, 4/20 means a celebration of the plant that is now legal to consume for personal recreational use in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Maine, Massachussetts, Nevada, and Oregon. Recreational use will become legal in California on January