Your “Second Verse – Same As The First!” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: In a harbinger of what this season might look like, Alex Smith's agent is already talking about where he might end up next year. "Alex is the present, and as good a football player as he is, he's going to have opportunities whether it's in Kansas City or

Your “Maybe Everything Should Be On Tape-Delay” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ezekiel Elliott's appeal is scheduled for August 29th. And he may have something more credible than the "crazy bitch" defence first alluded to yesterday: Texts involving using a sex tape as blackmail. Separate texts involving false accusations about domestic violence. Harold Henderson, the arbiter who also handled the

Your “So Damn Tired and Uninspired” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

I just don't have much in terms of creativity today, so I apologize for going to my weekend well to tie something into the Miami QB situation: NFL News: Break out a fresh bag of "Feline Pine", because Jay Cutler is going to start this Thursday. At most, he plays the

Your “The Lesson Learned Is ‘Not To Care'” Monday Evening Open Thread

Well, I believe I speak for the majority when I say, those were some real Week-1 preseason games. Oh, and fuck Dean Spanos with a rusty shiv. μαλάκας! NFL Notes: The Lord giveth, and BLEERGH taketh away: A week after signing a new five-year deal, Devonta Freeman is in concussion protocol. He'll sit

Your “Multiple Games = Multiple Disappointments” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: The pre-season schedule begins in earnest tonight, with 7 games, "highlighted" by a game of musical QB chairs in Chicago between the Bears & Broncos. Elway could come out of the box & be as effective. Hell - mid-stroke Kubiak would be better than most of what we'll

Your “How Many Starters Can You Name?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Jay Cutler wasted no time putting his scent all over the Hard Rock Stadium litter box by purchasing the #6 from previous owner Brandon Doughty. Terms weren't disclosed, but amongst teammates I'm guessing Doughty won't be paying for meal upgrades above the per diem on the road this

Your “Why Can’t I Quit You?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Branden Albert now wants to unretire & play for the Jags. News he might have to repay a $3.4 million signing bonus will do that to a fella. Jags management instead are keeping him on the "reserve/retired" list, having moved him over from the more vague "left team"

Your “24 Hours to the Most Anticipated Exhibition Game Of The Year!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Injuries: The Rams defence has suffered another fatal blow for this season: Dominique Easley has torn an ACL & is out for all of 2017. It's his third; he had two in college. In his four-year career, 2016 was the only year he didn't finish the season on

Your “Meanwhile, Back At The Legion of Boom…” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Kam Chancellor agreed to a three-year extension. Three years, $36 million - with $25 million guaranteed. Look forward to Seattle in 2017 having a great defence, and Russell Wilson having to run for his life because they can only afford tackling dummies on the O-line. Injuries have forced

Your “My Buns Have No Seeds” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ravens owner Steve Biscotti (pictured right) reached out to people like Ray Lewis to garner possible reactions to the potential signing of Colin Kaepernick. Because Ray Lewis might've helped kill a guy, but Ravens fans DO NOT FORGIVE taking a knee during a ceremonial part of a sporting contest.

Your “Daylight Upon The Horizon” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Two big highlights of the day: All teams have their main training camps opening today or tomorrow; and The Hall of Fame Game is one week today. Funnily, the increasingly shorter days seem a little bit brighter. NFL News: Problems on the elite front: Joe Flacco, depending on which story you read,

Your “Blah Blah Blah…We Can’t Hear You” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The NFL has responded to yesterday's news about CTE in athletes' brains: We appreciate the work done by Dr. McKee and her colleagues for the value it adds in the ongoing quest for a better understanding of CTE. As noted by the authors, there are still many unanswered questions relating