Request Line: Do Your Job

INT. RECORDING STUDIO - DAY We join our regularly scheduled program in progress... PRODUCER: ...but I think it's great that the team kept you on the payroll. JIM MCNALLY: Yeah, well, those ticket stubs aren't going to sort themselves. PRODUCER: No, I suppose that's true.  Unless everything were done electronically, you know, using barcodes

CFL Beat: Week 10

We're now approaching the halfway mark of the CFL regular season! With 21 weeks in all thanks to an added third bye week for all teams, the real halfway mark falls somewhere around... uh... next Tuesday or something. I dunno. Close enough. Suffice it to say that since this is

Your “Can You Stop Testing My Breaking Point?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Quick NFL Hits: Nick Foles doesn't care that Tawmmy didn't shake his hand after the Superb Owl Why should he? He's the one that won the damn thing.I hope that when they meet next week for the preseason game, Foles just holds out his hand and asks him to kiss

Push Your Luck: Your 2018 Indianapolis Colts Preview

Welcome Door Flies Open completists, relatives of Indianapolis Colts players, and possibly a Colts fan or two. In this preview, I will share with you the best inside Colts information that an hour of Googling can dig up. However, before we begin the preview proper, let's look at some of

Your “It’s Tuesday Which Means…At Least It’s not Monday????” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Wow, what a day. I ended a relationship and got accused of hit and run. OK, for the record, those two things are unrelated.  I was not accused of hit and run by the young lady I ended the relationship with. Well, that's not exactly true.  But she didn't say it in those

The 2018 Miami Dolphins Preview: Where Hope goes to Die

Do you like the national anthem controversy? Well then I have a team for you! In a desperate act to get people to stop associating their team with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the Miami Dolphins have now become associated with fascism. Way to go guys! Last season, Kenny Stills, Donkey Kong