World War G – Chapter 6: Around The World, And Above

All across America, quarterbacks were expected to make their media rounds prior to, or just after, the draft. Once such mandatory stop was the "QB Camp" at ESPN. Started in 2010, Jon Gruden's QB Camp took highly touted NFL draftees and subjected them to an intense breakdown of their throwing style

Your “Oh God – Tomorrow Will Be Worse” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: A whole bunch of stars are skipping minicamps for various reasons. Cardinals RB David Johnson, who wants to extend beyond his rookie 5th year. He slated to earn $1.88 million for 2018. Aaron Donald from the Rams. He wants an upgrade to his rookie contract as well, which only

2018 World Cup Team Preview – Poland

Poland enters the 2018 World Cup as a mystery wrapped in an enigma cloaked in bowling shirts. The Polandites qualified impressively, winning their group by 5 points over Denmark. However, their form since then has been spotty, and their recent World Cup history is as impressive as their screen-doored submarines

AFL Beat 2018 – Round 12 Part 2

As mentioned yesterday, the remaining intrigue of Round 12 was who would win the Queen's Birthday game held on Australian Monday between the Melbourne Demons and the Collingwood Magpies and how that would impact the standings. LET'S GO TO THE VIDEOTAPE! Oh kids, if you're a Pies supporter,  you enjoyed this game!

Your “Whaddya Mean It’s Not Human?” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Julian Edelman is apologizing for his failed test, but no one is certain what he tested positive for. The League is having the sample retested, as the positive came as a result of a substance that wasn’t immediately recognizable, and there are scientists analyzing it. Meanwhile, he can

World Cup 2018 Japan Preview: A Monstrous Mess

Japan is a really cool country that everyone should visit in their lifetime because it has just about everything a person can ask for. It's an ancient culture that is on the cutting age of technology. And they have a ton of weird shit--including sea creatures that eat from their ass.

Your “But Baby, You Didn’t Even Try” Sunday Evening Open Thread A busy week coming up for yours truly. The penultimate week of my regular school program, so kids are getting all their work in ahead of finals, and the course I'm teaching at night because the district ran out of subs starts their novel. I chose "Of Mice & Men"

2018 World Cup Team Preview – Colombia

Quite a few of us resident DFO Lesser Footy enthusiasts have Colombia as our sleeper of the tourney. Therefore, we've decided to split up the preview amongst us, roundtable style. Without further ado, *** Balls Colombia invented the butt-lift jeans.  Seriously. Some places call them "levantapompis" or "magicola". Just know that if you see any