DFO Cocktail Hour – Exit Incognito

As the days get longer and warmer, we here at DFO are sharing our favorite cocktails to help put that extra kick into your gatherings. Friends and family will salute your mixology acumen and your parties will be talked about for years to come. Just print out each recipe and

DFO Radio: Too Many Cooks

I'm posting this video to remind myself that the NFL, in its finest moments, is infinitely more exciting than the judicial system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjx1C4n5ZGo That said, it was a pretty special experience to find myself constantly refreshing a twitter feed for live updates on what was happening inside Kimba Wood's courtroom as attorneys

A Selection Of Phrases From Recent Posts That Would Make Good Line Items In Trump’s 2019 Budget

A deadly, destructive beam Being an international disgrace A good sized vessel to marinate your meat in Upper class twits Silly DC Russians Notoriously poor bookkeepers Porn girls Cookies in your gravy The collapse of the NFL More badass and German Dick measuring contests Repeat past mistakes A coup so to speak Just because Vegas Cybernetic right hand Gender & religious discrimination Genial shark-toothed smiles PFT's comments Looking

Your “Luckily, The Car Was Okay” Monday Evening Open Thread

(Not the actual car) NFL News: Josh Gordon has signed his exclusive rights tender with the Browns. Good thing - 4/20 is this Friday. Bad thing - Because of all the suspensions, he only has credit for four seasons. He becomes a Restricted Free Agent in 2019, and a UFA in

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 4

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! *** Round 4 The Round started off with an expected rout of Collingwood by Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.  I mean, there's no way the Pies go into Adelaide and hand the Crows their lunch, right? That they did. Handily.  Well done to the Pies! With that surprise

Sunday Gravy with yeah right -Sauerbraten. A Tantalizingly Tangy Teutonic Taste Treat

Guten tag, Commentists. Welcome! Today we will once again take a culinary visit to one of my favorite food origin countries, Germany! We've been down this road a couple of times already. What, with the Jagerschnitzel and Spätzle. There was also an early recipe for German Goulash that is worth your time and effort and

Your Saturday Morning Futbol Open Thread, Now with Moar EPL!

It seems every other time I've written these, I purposely exclude the EPL or talking about EPL teams.  Some people have said that I am biased against the EPL.  Those people are correct.  Let's take a look at the matchups, one by one, and see why I'm so biased. All

TGISF… Slip It In The Five Hole

Yeah sure, it's Friday the 13th.  But we're ignoring that.  Mostly because I just did that six months ago. But, did I ever tell you guys I got married on a Friday the 13th?  True story, Bro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR3KemSZYlc My marriage sucked all teh ass.  It almost killed me (literally), truth be told.  Not

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13 Tentacles Beneath the Sea “We're going to die!” Otto had rolled back into the cockpit when the nose of the airbus dropped towards the ocean below, and was now screaming in fear from where he had become wedged in beneath Steel's chair. “Shut up, Otto,” said Steel with a