Your “Get Off My Damn Lawn!” Saturday Evening Open Thread

It's 4/20 this weekend, and this shit is being played live withing listening distance of my house: As has been established, I'm a drinker, not a toker, so, I've fucked off to my brother's in Seattle, with the good scotch. Hope y'all are having a good long weekend. Tonight's sports: NHL: Jets at

Your “Easter Egg Hunts Prove That Your Lazy Kid CAN Actually Find Things When They Want To” Friday Evening Open Thread

It's Easter Weekend. Jesus was a pretty cool dude.  I'm not a particularly religious person, but I truly do mean that I think Jesus was pretty awesome.  I don't necessarily think he was created out of  "Divine Intervention" per se.  In fact, I think Mary might have....ummmm....never mind. But he was a

Your “These Kids Today” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Tom Coughlin, pictured above, has opinions on players that skipped this week's voluntary workouts. Borrowing from ESPN, Coughlin stated "We're very close to 100 percent attendance, and quite frankly, our players should be here building the concept of team, working hard side by side, constructing our bond of

Your Actually Wednesday NFL Schedule Release Open Thread

NFL News: Ahead of tonight's schedule reveal at 8:00PM ("Only on the NFL Network!"), the International Games slate has been revealed. Remember that the "home team" surrendered a home stadium date in order to be guaranteed a Super Bowl hosting experience. London Games: Chicago Bears vs. Oakland Raiders, Sunday, Oct.

Mouth Flies Open: DFO Advice Mailbag #11

The team at DFO is committed to brightening the world with insights, observations, and dick jokes. This mailbag feature is just one more way in which we extend our mission beyond football to the rest of life’s broad and multi-chromatic palette. While the NFL season is over until THE SHIELD cranks up the bullshit

[DFOnline] Anthem is Further Proof Acquisitions Have Consequences

Anthem is the newest game to come from the good Canadian folks at BioWare, best known for their Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, which have all done a tremendous job of blending rich story, (arguably, the illusion of) making your decisions matter, massively beautiful maps to explore and

Your “Defence Wins Championships, But Offence Gets Paid” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Russell Wilson got PAID. A four-year extension worth $140 million, including a no-trade clause, keeping him a Seahawk until 2023.   Or, more than Aaron Rodgers, which is apparently what his measuring stick was. He is/was scheduled to make $17 million this year, and if the extension wasn't realized