Goddess II – Episode 5

[Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Early Evening, Elevator, Going Down] (giggity) Leticia:  So where did they go? tWBS:  No idea.  The note only said they still wanted to party and were going to try to double the money. Leticia:  I thought you didn't care about the money. tWBS (becoming increasingly irritated):  I don't  care

Goddess II – Episode 4

[Sky View Suite, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Dusk] When the elevator doors open..... tWBS:  Holee... Leticia:  ...Shit. balls (giggling):  Hee hee.  Told ya. Leticia:  da Fuq????? Vanessa:  Right????? balls:  Welcome to the Sky View Suite.  Thanks to Leticia and Vanessa spotting that Old Bag's bullshit, we're comped.  Let's get crunk. tWBS:  You guys go ahead.  Imma hit

Goddess II – Episode 3

[Mandalay Bay Poker Room, Almost Two Hours Later] The tournament has whittled its way down to only three.  balls, tWBS and yes...the OBfP.  But OBfP's stack of chips has dwindled over the past few hands and she's becoming desperate.  The dealer shuffles and begins dealing the next hand. Just then, tWBS feels

Goddess II – Episode 2

[Sedona, Arizona, The Following Morning] Leticia (banging on bathroom door):  Hey!!!!  Have you got all your things ready?  The bellhop will be here for our bags soon.  You're already gorgeous anyway.  Hurry the hell up, would you? Vanessa (from inside bathroom):  Almost done.  Just a another minute!!! Leticia:  *sigh* There's a knock at the

Goddess II – Episode 1

[The Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, aka The 10] balls:  So, we're actually meeting the girls in Vegas?!? tWBS:  Yeah sorry.  It was supposed to be a surprise and I wasn't supposed to say anything, but I'm really excited to see Leticia.  I'm surprised Vanessa didn't spill her guts to you about it

Goddess II – Prologue

Last Season, on the Goddess Chronicles....   balls leans in to look at the dashboard of this new girl’s car, just as tWBS has asked.  He’s already annoyed at tWBS, and LCSS too.  At this point he just wants to go home.  Then he sees it.  The small piece of rock tWBS

Your “Colours Make Things Interesting – Part Two” Friday Evening Open Thread

I started this two weeks ago.  And as promised, we will occasionally continue to bounce back to it as the weeks pass. /sigh //deep breath (this one is gonna hurt) I once had a whirlwind romance with a girl who is a Mexican national.  At least I presume she still is. She is also a

Your “Isn’t This the Part…” Final Friday Evening Thread of 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4ZlWEQ17ns Another year, gone and done. Things happened, and now those things are part of the annals of history—no, I said annals, with two Ns, not, never mind. We got a lot to do in this final Friday post, so let's get it started. I want to start off by congratulating everybody

TGISF…Let The Games Begin!!!! (errrrrr…continue, I guess?)

Because I miscalculated the interest you weirdos would have in the Winter Olympics, this week's TGISF theme was originally supposed to be a "by request" theme for one of our good peeps, with only some brief mentioning of the Olympic goings on.  But you guys obviously zigged when I thought

TGISF…A Mixed Bag of Hate

Yep, it's still Hate Week.  And we'll get to that, I promise. But first.... - This Week's Weirdness Update Remember last week?  When I told you what a weird week it had been here at DFO?  Wow, boy did I shoot too early or what???? (Shut up BallsofSteelandFury) But seriously, the weirdness around here lately?  Holee

TGISF…aka Your “ABC Final Four, and also Wrestlemania Apparently” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Yes, I admit it's another really messed up title this week.  But I'm not intentionally being cryptic this time.  It's really very simple... ABC: Anybody But Carolina.  And to be clear, that is specifically aimed at NORTH Carolina in this particular instance (it usually is...I'd actually kinda like to see Frankenstein