Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet: Chapter Four

Chapter 4 Hard Ticket to Zaladon IV   The escape pod tumbled through space. Here's the thing about space pirates: They're not an especially fastidious lot. They tend to keep their ship operational, but not necessarily in peak condition. Quite a bit of attention is paid to the guns and the armory, since pirates

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Three

Chapter 3 Starship Tokers Marc clanged down the hallway in his powered armor, looking for Covalent Blonde. The first time that Balls had made him wear the armor, he was annoyed. He'd argued that Otto didn't have to wear any armor, but of course Otto was a brain encased in a globe that

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Two

Chapter 2 Blonde Fury Twenty minutes ago. Princess Tasmin stepped out from behind the changing screen, wearing nothing but a white cotton shift and silver lace-up sandals. She grinned playfully and held up her wrists, which were bound by the manacles he'd given her earlier. "So what do you think?" she asked. Kell shrugged. "I

Prisoners on the Pleasure Planet! Chapter One

Chapter 1 Battle Amongst the Stars! Gribbl hid in his captain's quarters. It seemed to be the wisest course of action. He had never wanted to be a pirate. In fact, he was heading for a fairly stable career in planet-to-planet cybernetic replacement limb sales when his ship was intercepted by the (late)

Prisoner Ninety-One

ALL DEFENDERS First down, first down, They're marching down the field, First down, first down, A touchdown we will yield. JOE HADEN A twelve yard gain, A simple slant and run. ALL DEFENDERS First down, first down, We can't defend the 'gun. EMMANUEL OGBAH A bootleg fake, There's no receiver there. ALL DEFENDERS First down, first down, And now you're tackling air. DANNY SHELTON I shot my gap, And

Your “Oh Gawd! I Can’t Feel My Eyes!” Sunday Afternoon NFL Thread

The football. It burns! But in a good way. There's still more to come. TO THE GAMES! Saints/Ravens: For the seeming twenty-eleventh year in a row, Baltimore has thrown together a magnificent smash-your-teeth-in defense that takes no prisoners. It's the sort of unit that had very little trouble white-washing the Titans last

Your “Oh Boy” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This sucks: Jim Kelly has to go for more surgery. It's a follow-up to the procedure he had to have after his oral cancer returned. The Colts have introduced half-season tickets in order to drum up more interest in seeing their team. Four regular-season and one pre-season game.

Hard Ride To Nowhere: The End, No Really I Mean It This Time, Seriously, Guys, This Is It

The scene: The Door Flies Open clubhouse, where Old School Zero and Darkest Timeline Zach Morris are cleaning up the debris from Doktor Zymm's RV crashing through the wall. OSZ: Man, what a mess! I can't believe this. DTZM: Ah, what are you gonna do? It's just cool most of us are