A “You Never Seen Such Scufflin'” Saturday Evening Open thread

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1QfXQakX2w There's nothing to talk about. It's all Olympics or GAMBLOR! The men's snowslopes final is tonight. There are four Canadians among the 12 qualifiers. Also, there's three Norwegians.   WAR'S ON, BABY! Tonight's sports: Olympics: NBCSN: 7:00PM - Figure Skating: Olympic Ice, Snowboarding 9:45PM - Curling (Mixed Doubles): U.S. vs. Finland, Snowboarding 1:30AM - Curling

TGISF…Let The Games Begin!!!! (errrrrr…continue, I guess?)

Because I miscalculated the interest you weirdos would have in the Winter Olympics, this week's TGISF theme was originally supposed to be a "by request" theme for one of our good peeps, with only some brief mentioning of the Olympic goings on.  But you guys obviously zigged when I thought

Goddess II – Episode 2

[Sedona, Arizona, The Following Morning] Leticia (banging on bathroom door):  Hey!!!!  Have you got all your things ready?  The bellhop will be here for our bags soon.  You're already gorgeous anyway.  Hurry the hell up, would you? Vanessa (from inside bathroom):  Almost done.  Just a another minute!!! Leticia:  *sigh* There's a knock at the

Your “No One Likes Us; We Don’t Care” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: So, the market cap is now set at 5 years, $137 million, with $74 million guaranteed. I don't know who they're going to have in front of him, though. Meanwhile, Tom Brady is turning 41, and his backup is Brian Hoyer. Maybe they can turn that second-round pick

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Five-Time Super Bowl Losing New England Patriots

I know it's been a few days, but there's still plenty of Patriots schadenfreude to absorb. Let's just drink it all in, shall we? Of course, folks thought the League had it in for the Eagles right from the start. https://twitter.com/pennyroo_/status/960218947319713792 But as the game unfolded it wasn't to be, although some people were

Coach Carroll’s Weird Mysteries: The Stone Balls of Costa Rica

Hi folks - I know a lot of you plan on watching the Super Bowl this weekend (well, perhaps maybe not a number of the denizens of this website) - I know it may sound sacrilegious to say this, especially as a highly regarded NFL coach, but instead of crunching

Your “The Olympics Will Save Us!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Not sure if #MeToo or regular ex-wife issues, but the Panthers have placed interim general manager Marty Hurney on paid leave due to complaints filed against him by his ex-wife. The allegations are for "harassment". No other specifics are given. It's been a fun 24 hours looking at the Josh

DFO University – Drugs 3: An Introductory Course

tWBS:  Good morning, Class. Class (half asleep):  Good morning, Seamus. tWBS:  Hey, that's...  Professor Seamus  to you!!!! Class (fully asleep):  *snoring* tWBS:  OK, fine.  But just so you know, today we're talking about drugs. tWBS:  Oh, now I've got your attention, huh?  But please, save your questions until the end.  And Miss Spears?  Please try