The Candidate

Any executives in the room? Anyone responsible for human resources, HR? How about anyone from a workplace that is always looking for good people? You know, fits in. Would be a good match for the culture. Maybe someone young? Fresh blood. New ideas, ya know? Ever try LinkedIn? It's like Facebook but for professional

Your Generic, Middle-aged Man Sunday Evening Open Thread I don't know about where you live, but in Vancouver it appear summer may finally be around the corner. It's only raining once per week, and they've introduced stage-1 water restrictions - two days/week sprinkling - in order to try and milk the now-full reservoirs through the increasingly dry summers.

World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Egypt

Before we begin, obligatory: Lazy, yes, but do you really think I'm going to pass up a chance to show you Susanna Hoffs in a skimpy outfit? Fuck and no.  Damn, she can still get it. Speaking of, can the Egyptian National Team get it in the World Cup?  "It" being, of course,

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Hello. I am Instant Pot. And I will Steal your soul!

Good morning everyone. Welcome back. I'm going to be throwing a curve ball at the standard Sunday Gravy format for the next few weeks but I think it will be worthwhile regardless. I'm curious to find out how many of you are familiar with that odd R2D2 looking motherfucker in the banner pic. Are

Your “Umm, What – They’re Now The FavoUrites?” Saturday Evening Open Thread Fun fact: Celine Dion actually sang in the Eurovision contest in 1988, representing Switzerland - because you don't actually have to be from the country you are representing. You are singing a song from that country, so the song is from the country & the artist can be from wherever.

TGISF… Talking Baseball

I like baseball.  That's not exactly a secret, I suppose. But what you folks might not realize is that I like baseball just for the sake of baseball itself.  What I mean by that is that I enjoy watching baseball even when I don't have a particular rooting interest.  Weird, but

Goddess II – Episode 15

[Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Parking Deck, 7:07am] A small and fragile looking elderly woman approaches the van where Luis, Manuel and Brad are still waiting.  Brad has fallen back asleep. Luis:  Hey lady.  Get outta here before you get in the way and... Woman:  STFU.  Are you Luis? Luis (looking at Manuel then

Your “Hopefully, The One Time This Site Unites Behind A Jets Franchise” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Your day may have sucked, but it went nowhere near as badly as Matt Patricia's.  If I read the stories correctly: He was on Spring Break at South Padre Island in 1996. He & a fraternity brother apparently sexually assaulted a woman at a hotel. She initially complained to

The Return (and Rebranding) of the BattleBots Beat!

A long time ago (2015 does feel like an eternity), the most-recognized American robot fighting tournament came back to TV. Yes, BattleBots came back, and there was much rejoicing. I covered the second season of it for this very website! And by covered it, I mean recapped the already taped