Sexy Soccer Saturday Open Thread – Edición de Libertadores

What? Or should I say,  "¿Qué?" Today,  in addition to the usual European league action,  we have the first leg of the Copa Libertadores Final. To the unfamiliar,  this is the South American version of the Champions League.  While the Champions League crowns its champion in one game held at a neutral

Your Decidedly Unsexy But Historically Accurate Friday Evening Open Thread

O HAI! It's your old pal Beerguyrob, and I've asked Seamus if I could host tonight's Friday soiree, since I have a particular interest in the date. He was a surprisingly tough negotiator, because Fridays are near & dear to his heart. But after sweetening the offer once or twice, I was able to

This is Not my Beautiful House: Vikings at the Bye.

Before the start of the NFL season I had a few predictions for the upcoming Vikings season. "The Vikings are indeed loaded at almost every level but the offensive line is problematic as fuck. In addition the Vikings have a much more challenging schedule this year. I have no idea how

Your “Pour Me Some Of That Giggle Juice, Dollface” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

There's a ton of NFL news today if you look for it... Dez Bryant: The newest employee of the New Orleans Saints hasn't, to anyone's knowledge, burned any bridges with a single one of his teammates as of 6pm EST! Darren Sproles: He aggravated his teeny, weeny hamstring today. There you have it. TO THE

The Narrative: Comprehensive Reform

Drive into West Lake, and you won’t see signs of grief. There are no crosses lined up on the side of any county route headed in or out of town. There isn’t an eternal flame burning anywhere. In truth, they appear to sell a wholesomeness that you won’t find outside

Your Post-Election, Pre-Apocalypse Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Bruce Irvin, freed from the Raiders, has decided to play for the Falcons.  Irvin was born & raised in the Atlanta area. Having played for Dan Quinn in Seattle was also an attraction. "This was a dream [come] true," Irvin told ESPN's Vaughn McClure. "The Patriots and Steelers

Your Matchday 4, Day 2 Champions League Open Thread

With all the posting activity yesterday,  we didn't have an open thread for the Tuesday games. HOWEVAH, we are fixing that today!! First off,  let's take a look at what happened yesterday: I can tell you that the Inter-Barça game was pretty fun to watch in the office on my phone and,  if