The Insanity League

Some of you may have noticed a subcurrent of commentary about the “insanity league” during rivebrogs.
When I decided to set up a league, I didn’t want it to be using the current format. It’s just not reflective of the way plays, players and units affect the flow and outcome of games. Why is a 2-carry, 2-TD performance more valuable than a 20-carry, 100-yard performance? Why are QBs so disproportionately valuable? Why does the contribution of 2/3 of a team’s roster usually account for less than 10% of a week’s final score? And where is the challenge in 10 players filling 100 roster spots per week?

These seemed like fixable flaws, so for a laugh I tinkered with the structure and scoring and increased the degree of difficulty a little.

As far as structure, there are 20 teams fielding 12 players each week (QB, RB1, RB2, RB3, WR1, WR2, WR3, TE, FLEX1, FLEX2, K, D/ST) from an 18-player roster. You should see the waiver wire. Four divisions of five teams, division winners make the playoffs. Winner gets to be the winner.

The most ridiculous thing about the existing format is the importance of touchdowns. Nothing else really seems to count for anything. So there are offensive bonuses for big plays (+3 for any play over 40 yds); bonuses for high numbers of attempts, carries, and receptions; bonuses for high yardage, and points for 1st downs. Likewise, incompetence is severely punished, with -3 per fumble, , -5 per fumble lost, -5 per INT and -11 per pick six.

D/ST is where things really get fun. Big plays mean big points with +3 per sack, TFL, and 3 & out and +5 per INT, fumble recovery, blocked kick, safety and 4th down stop. Points allowed is scored from +20 for 0 to -6 for 35+. Yards allowed is scored from +20 for negative to -6 for 500+.

Then I got to kickers. I hate kickers. Loathe kickers. DESPISE FUCKING KICKERS. And I wanted everyone else playing to hate kickers too. So I assigned FG points by distance: from +7 for 50+ made to -7 for 0-19 missed. Missed XPs = -3.

So that’s the way the insanity league works. If this is interesting to you, please keep it in mind for next season.

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