Your “Possibly Nihilistic” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yep, I'm mailing this one in big time this week.  Mostly because I'm traveling and I procrastinated all week on writing it until it was too late.  I probably should have shopped it out to someone else, actually.  Meh.  Who cares? But there is no content this week other than pretty

Request Line: Eli’s Slumber Party Mixtape – Volume 2 (D.A.R.E. to Just Say No)

INT. ELI MANNING'S BEDROOM - NIGHT DANIEL JONES removes the set of earplugs that ELI MANNING had provided him with. DANIEL: Hey, that was pretty boss! ELI: [wary of sarcasm] Really? DANIEL: [seemingly genuine] Yeah man, totally. ELI: [smiles bashfully] Yeah, I guess it's pretty cool. DANIEL: [points to the speakers attached to ELI's computer] Let's crank it up some

Your “Oh God – Not Even Baseball!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Some mentally ill member of the Honey Badger's family tried to extort between $1.5 - $5.0 million from him. A cousin in Louisiana was apparently going to tell the media that Tyrann Mathieu "did something" unless he got paid. When Mathieu blocked him on all media, the cousin

NFL Speakeasy Stories: Relinquish

Angel’s Share, East Village. 2:47 am, May 22nd, 2019 Door handles. Door handles jiggle when they are locked. Why do door handles jiggle when they are locked but turn smoothly otherwise? This thing isn't even supposed to be locked. These are the thoughts of a typically straight-laced professional on the tail end

AFL Beat – Special Edition – Your 2019 Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round Guernseys

This is my favourite "theme" Round that the AFL does to promote a cause or honor a group of people.  In this case, it is Sir Doug Nicholls, a pioneer in advocating for Aboriginal people's rights in Australia. You can read last year's post to discover about the man and

Your “Whatever You Say, Man” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bucs have inked Ndamukong Suh to a one-year deal to ply his wares in pirate country. This will mark Suh's fourth team since being drafted, having played for the Lions, Dolphins, and Rams previously. To use's assessment, Tampa released the 2010 #3 overall pick (Gerald McCoy) so

Mouth Flies Open: DFO Mailbag Número Doce

The team at DFO is committed to brightening the world with insights, observations, and dick jokes. This mailbag feature is just one more way in which we extend our mission beyond football to the rest of life’s broad and multi-chromatic palette. While the NFL season is over until THE SHIELD cranks up the bullshit