The Bleergh Report – Week 11

ALL HAIL BLEERGH. In tribute to Bleergh (the God of Penalties), here's the week eleven's best and worst penalties. Here's a random breakdown of this weeks penalties.  I may or may not try to find the tape for these, nor am I making any judgement call on the individual penalties.  I'm

Meatless Monday, BC Dick Tuesday

First off – What the hell is going on in Atlanta? Is Quinn that poor of a defensive play-caller? Is it just that pressure is off and they’re playing loose and free against division teams they’ve played so often they don’t have to think too much? Voodoo? Whatever it is

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 11, 2019 Season

Allow me a brief moment to React Reasonably, then we will speak no more of that Donks/Vikes abortion.  In my measured, humble opinion, the entire officiating crew are welcome to have sex with themselves, while their ded grandparents watch, after such time their genitalia shall turn green and fall off.  [The

The “You Say Today Is. . .Saturday?” Evening Open Thread

I missed the video party last night, but I'll take "Modern covers I'm unsure about" for $500, Alex. It's fine. It's not "drags me back to my childhood" good, but it'll do, donkey. As for the original - I'll cut anyone who disrespects it. A reminder - the original was written by Paul Williams, who

An Appreciation of Violence – 16 November 2019 Morning/JV NFL Open Thread

Yes, Thursday night was universal "shit on #ThePauls" night.  It's being noted, but only in passing, that Mason Rudolph tried repeatedly to corkscrew Myles Garrett's helmet off FIRST.  What followed demonstrated the unwise nature of "poking the bear" - but only Garrett and uber-coward Pouncey get the suspensions.  Dopey-ass Mason had the