Your “Oh Boy” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This sucks: Jim Kelly has to go for more surgery. It's a follow-up to the procedure he had to have after his oral cancer returned. The Colts have introduced half-season tickets in order to drum up more interest in seeing their team. Four regular-season and one pre-season game.

CFL Beat: Week 2

With classes having wrapped up at long last for me, I finally have time to devote to this column! It's just as well - hard to binge-watch this league when you're drowning in emails from kids who are two months late in submitting assignments and still hoping to get above

2018 World Cup Thursday Open Thread

I for one have loved this ridiculous tournament so far. I always go through a bit of withdrawal after the second round of games as we only get 2 start times next week with four games. Seriously, quit trying to have sportsmanship FIFA you are as crooked as a dog's

Your “I Know Exactly How Boring This Is” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Dreamboat hinted on Instagram that he'll retire at 45, or when he said he'd retire.   The Broncos have to rename their stadium, until they get a new sponsor who will rename it for them. Broncos Stadium at Mile High is the chosen moniker. The name is designed to

World War G – Chapter 7: Total War

19200 S. Main Street Carson, CA 90248 The Goodyear Blimp Hangar - Home of Wingfoot 2 The Goodyear blimp has been a fixture at many major sporting events from its first appearance at the Rose Bowl in 1955. Technically no longer a blimp, because it now has a rigid frame underneath its polyester

2018 World Cup Wednesday Open Thread

Into the next set of games! We have now seen everyone at least once and so conclusions can be drawn: Nobody knows anything. Sí se pudo. No one team looks unbeatable. This, to me, makes this a very exciting tournament.  Wakezilla compared it to 2002 and that's a great point.  That

Your “Gotta Go Somewhere” Tuesday Evening Open Thread NFL News: Former Rams first-round pick OT Greg Robinson was signed by the Browns. The Browns are trying to replace Joe Thomas with whatever they can find. In this case, a guy with a career two broken legs trying to replace a guy who only had one. The Cowboys are,

2018 World Cup Tuesday Open Thread

What a tourney it's been so far, huh?  Today we wrap up the first games for every team left and start with the second game for the hosts. This includes the first game for DFO Darlings Colombia. We've already had a few upsets including Mexico's victory over Germany and Brazil's tie with

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 13

This week, Seriously though,  the AFL did continue playing through the World Cup.  And stuff happened! Let's get to it! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 13 The Round started,  awkwardly for those that didn't read the AFL Beats on Monday and Tuesday,  on Australian Thursday Night which meant Wednesday night/ Thursday