Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2017 Round 22

There is one week left and we are still not sure who among a few teams will make the Eight. It's so nice that it comes down to the final week, isn't it?  Who got eliminated, who clinched, and who is in limbo?  READ ON! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL

Your half-assed completely biased Premier League preview Part 2 and Saturday open thread?

We are back after quite the week 1 where there were some happy moments and as usual some real angry moments. So Huddersfield town looked good eh? Won't last. Chelsea lost which made me overjoyed, and Everton won which made Hippo happy. I will delay no further unless the boss

CFL Beat: Week 9

I have nothing clever or witty to say; I'm mostly just tired. Physically tired, yes - I've been chasing kids around a summer camp out of town this week - but mentally tired too. I'm sure many of you are as well. Between last weekend's awfulness, and the sheer stupidity

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2017 Round 21

You know, every once in a while something happens that melts my cynical dark heart and gives me joy.  This weekend brought me two of those things.  Only one is AFL-related.  The other was that I was able to get a parking spot ON THE STREET literally five feet from

Your not informed, completely biased EPL preview part 1 and Saturday open thread?

As teh real football is about to start. HOWEVAH we have the lesser footy starting as well which I know doesn't concern many of you but perhaps if your small humans have you up early on Saturday mornings you will need to know all of this! Just like last year

CFL Beat: Week 8

Back from vacation now, and reality is setting in. I'm heading on the road for work this week, and one of my few things I'll have to do in my spare time will be to eat shitty takeout pizza and watch football. Wait... this sounds suspiciously like most weekends in

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2017 Round 20

There are only 3 weeks left in the Home and Away season and things are getting interesting/crowded/hectic/wild.  Let's get right to it. Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! The Round started with a matchup that looked great on paper but that lost its appeal once Geelong decided to NOT appeal Patrick

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2017 Round 19

As I alluded to in the Saturday morning Open Thread, this has been another crazy weekend in the AFL.  There is lots to cover.  Let's get right to it. Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Last week, I dubbed this week's Friday Night Footy the Match of the Round.  It did

CFL Beat: Week 6

Not a lot of time for me to watch this week's upcoming games - I'm leaving on vacation on Saturday to spend 10 days out in beautiful Nova Scotia, where I'll get to spend time relaxing at the family homestead right on the Atlantic Ocean. It's my favourite place in

Your “Oops, Our Bad” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: One day after being cut from the Cowboys for being nothing but trouble (& not named Ezekiel), Lucky Whitehead has had all charges dropped by Virginia police. The cops original warrant was based on comparing the DMV photo of Whitehead to the guy they had in custody, later

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2017 Round 18

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the Home and Away season and things are heating up.  This week, someone else got 8 out of 9 on our tipping contest, the finals picture got muddled, and the fight to avoid the Wooden Spoon has a new contender!