BattleBots Beat: Ode to a Giant Robot

Welcome back to the Beat! This week should be the Beaties, a nice wrap-up (except for the bonus fights) and at least cromulent award post, even though there aren't any good fasteners left to have as awards. Nuts and bolts are from BattleBots, the Giant Screw was a joke award,

CFL Beat: Week 18

We've got just four weeks left of the season; the playoff picture is now mostly set, but the final playoff spot - which is almost certain to be a crossover berth - remains up for grabs. BC, Edmonton and Ottawa all remain eligible for it, but the REDBLACKS will need

“Please Go Away, Summer” 5 Oct 2019 Lesser Footy Open Thread

I am starting this riposte during a 3 Oct continuing legal education seminar.  Today's predicted high in Wake County, North Cakalaky, is 97 muthafuckin' degrees.  I am seriously about to lose my mind.  Watching cold, rain, and wind in Northern Europe?   Helps a little, but also sooooooo jelly.  This is a

CFL Beat: Week 17

We've got four teams who have punched their ticket to the CFL playoffs thus far! The Alouettes appear to be an inevitability at this juncture, but they'll still need to win one more game in order to confirm this as a certainty. Considering that Montreal fans have been waiting since

“Over Before It Begins” – A [DFO] Western Conference Preview

As a longtime supporter of the Vancouver Canucks, there's a reason I chose at a young age to also root for the Bruins - I needed something to do during the playoffs. Plus, it's not like the league actually enjoys having teams in Western Canada. Look at this map:   If Gary Bettman

The Miami Dolphins at the Bye

Another sold out crowd in Miami

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Dolphins at the bye—also known as the one week where Miami can’t lose on the field.  I’m your host, Wakezilla. Since this diarrhea-inside-a-dumpster-fire-outside-of-an-abortion-clinic season is going according to plan, there isn’t much to talk about, except for two positive stories: Raekown McMillan has turned into an

Your “Is There Always Something To Watch?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Bears linebacker Roquan Smith has got an apparent case of the Everson Griffen's and is out indefinitely. He was taken off the roster 20 minutes before kickoff last Sunday, and is not expected to travel with the Bears to London to play against the Raiders. Smith's absence might

“How Will I Be Disappointed This Year?” – A DFO NHL Eastern Conference Preview

Hi everyone, It's your old pal Beerguyrob with DFO's annual looksee into the mire that is the NHL's Eastern Conference. This year, I will dispense with the usual "Ugh - not the fucking Penguins again" tone and instead attempt to provide a balanced one-paragraph per team, highlighting strengths & weaknesses so

AFL Beat 2019 Grand Final Review

This week, Your 2019 Premiers Your 2019 Norm Smith medalist And there was this... The last game of the year is now over. It's only a few months until AFLW begins! At least we have the NFL to tide us over through the offseason... Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! The Grand Final

BattleBots Beat: Still Not a Sweet 16 (and also Your “Hoisting Giant Nuts” Championship Friday Evening Open Thread)

Welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, HyperShock was hoisted on its own petard, Son of Whyachi actually got revenge, and Cobalt had good enough DI to not get killed off the top by Minotaur's up smash, even if it still lost the fight. And then after press time