Greetings early risers! Your lesser footy preview!

Greetings early risers! Coffee? Check. Morning wake and bake? It is Saturday. Check. JV Footy? Nope. Lesser footy? Check.   We gather here today for lesser footy only as JV footy has ended until bowl season and that schedule is spread out for a month or so. Normally King Hippo is your Saturday morning correspondent

Your “Card Subject To Change” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Pete Carroll confirmed what most of us already knew: Kam Chancellor is not returning in 2017. The neck injury is just too bad. Mike McCarthy defended Mason Crosby's attempted record of a field goal attempt, a decision which help the Steelers get back into the game Sunday night.

Your “I’m A Juvenile Product of the Working Class” Saturday Evening Open Thread So, I'm guessing Black Friday & Cyber Monday really brings out the Russian bots. I've deleted over 150 in the last three days. Most are easy to spot - the spoofed names end with "-pycle", or have emails ending in ".ru" - but there's always a few that you want

The Definitive Top Ten Monster Energy Drinks aka NASCAR season review

For those of you that are rednecks, Mexicans, or fellow racing aficionados, this will be old news. However, for those of you that look down on us NASCAR fans, I'll be recapping this year's Monster Energy Cup season's top drivers/moments whilst at the same time giving you the definitive top

ICYMI: The Official DFO Guide to Other Sports

Editor's Note:  The following post was first run on Valentine's Day of this year.  No, we're not insane and we do not think today is Valentine's Day.  But the nature of the information contained herein happens to again be topical.  Also, there might be a quiz later. ******* Yes, this is a

Catholics v. Convicts – the Next Century! Lesser Footy Thread

Yes, my friends, it's time to rekindle some hatred-based good times from our childhoods.  Ain't that always a hoot?  No Euro-Lesser Footy, as they's on international break, yet again.  SIGH. Michigan State at Ohio State (Noon, Fox) These teams are right next to one another in the rankings (12/13), but the spread