Thirsty Thursday Weekend Fútbol Preview and EPL Pool Update

Good afternoon, everyone!  Considering the overwhelming response to the first DFO EPL Tipping pool (18 members and counting!), we decided to create a new weekly post to remind you to put the EPL tips in, tell you who is winning, and to give you the weekend's fútbol schedule so that

Your Kill! Kill! Kill! How Lesser Footy caused World War III open thread

As much as we like to pretend sports is pure and innocent, we all know she has taken a few pokes from the tips of wealthy businessmen over the years and has definitely done anal (it's the sex  God can't see if you're hetero-- sorry LGBTQ). It's why in every Lesser

Welcome Back, Mexico! Lesser Footy July Increases Intensity

After a Xolos/Puebla Friday night opener, a whole bunch of Mexi-folk are in action tonight.  I'm most interesante in the late showdown between Tigres amd Monarcas Morelia (who I like to GAMBLOR upon).  10p EST, on one of your local Mexi-stations, and/or Univision Deportes. Though I gotta say - Europe mostly

Down to the Raging Afrikan Semis – Lesser Moving Forward

This is a bit of a footy desert for us degenerate #HAILGAMBLOR types.  There is less to pick and choose from, so we tend to...force the #ACTION a bit?  Anyway, happy me that Sweden, Norway, Finland, Brasil, Belarus, etc. are all kicking back into gear today.  Them's is leagues I

Los Fanáticos Argentinos Reaccionan Razonablemente

Balls Note: As a result of a special request from King Hippo, I'm doing this post entirely in Spanish. Take it as an opportunity to practice and learn something new! Special thanks to Don T for providing the images you will shortly enjoy. ¡Buenos días, mis amigos! Estoy

Even MOAR Multi-Cultural Awareness – Behold teh Afrikan Euros!

    That's right, fellow white devils (and jiminy Christmas, where is Big Black Richard??) - BeIn is doing Norteamericanos a big favour and televising the 2019 Cup of Nations/Afrikan Euros.  Action kicked off yesterday with host Egypt (fuck off, Mo Salah) beating a game Zimbabwe squad, 1-nil. You get a triple-header on

Whatchamacallit: A mid-Gold Cup guide to Central American nicknames

As I advised to several of you over the weekend, it's sometimes a lot better to watch the fútbol on the Spanish channels as they have hot Latinas in the broadcast and in the commercials. While watching those broadcasts, you may be practicing your Spanish and hearing the announcers

Guay Referendum: 2019 Copa América Day 3

Today is the debut of Paraguay and Uruguay in the Copa América. Fish out of sand Qatar takes on Paraguay and the better Guay (YMMV) takes Ecuador. But let’s acknowledge the significance of this day. Via Happy Vasectomy Awareness Day, reprobates. The smell of baby powder makes me squirm like a vampire

Your “So Ya Wanna Watch Some Footsy, Eh?” Saturday Morning Open Thread

It wasn't supposed to be this way. There are far more knowledgeable soccer doofuses that should be doing this but I volunteered and y'all gonna bathe in my ignorance. Nether Regions/Roger Milla's Granddaughters: Cameroon played surprisingly well vs. the Canucks last time out (or were the Canucks just a little too tight?)

TWIFY: Qatar. Today’s Copa América team Preview

 Wakezilla sitting in the back of a limo while his driver, a black male, has a stressed look on his face, is driving on Salwa road in Doha, Qatar. Wakezilla: Marhaba! Assalamu Alaikum my DFO friends! Your pal Wakezilla recently got a life changing promotion that required me to move to