Raging Lesser Semi #1 Open Thread (Belgium v. France)

Or, as Our Lord put it, the French v. the Pretend French.  Anyway, these are some sexy as fuck footballing sides, I shall say that much.  I expect the winner here to hoist the trophy at the end, so bet heavily on the Murder Checkerboards/Cuck Liouns winner. Belgium (+200) v. France

Completing the Lesser Final Four – Sabado Open Thread

Yes, we got our dream Waffles/Les Frogs matchup.  And the peoples rejoiced.  Now, it is time for the back-alley abortion side of the bracket.  Join us, won't you?  It still beats goddamned baseball. England (-115) v. Sweden (+385; draw +220) (10:00 EST, Fox) Merry ole England has Evertonian Keeper Jordan Pickford to

Elite Eight Waffles Open Thread (and Some Other Minor Contest)

Yes, the Elite Eight is upon us, and only mighty Belgium is keeping me interested whatsoever (ok, maybe Les Frogs a little).  Coca Bros. pulling me back in to fuck it up at the death was just too much, man.  RIP, Sarah Lynn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GM_tEOkosM France (-105) v. Uruguay (+350; draw +215) (10:00

World Cup Reflection: A round table discussion of what has happened so far

Inside an empty DFO boardroom, the door flies open In walks Downton Abbey actor, Jim Carter, wearing his traditional Carson outfit Carter: All rise for the current fantasy DFO World Cup of Lesser footy leader. . . as of July 5th, 2018, Master, Wakezilla. In walks the King amongst men, Wakezilla. Wakezilla

Is this thing done yet? – World Cup Tuesday Open thread

Photo is of Ottmar-Hitzfeld Stadium in Switzerland 2000 m above sea level. taken from sportskeeda.com This truly has been quite the remarkable World Cup thus far. The thing that is frustrating me the most is the fact that England has to go through Colombia, then the winner of the 1st game

Mama Said KNOCK YOU OUT! v3 Open Thread

Welcome to 2 July.  We have Les Frogs, Ur Guays, Murder Checkerboards (Croatia), and the freakin' Rooskies through to the Elite Eight.  Nice job, Spain.  Maybe be a little less dramatico the day before you leave for el torneo, eh?  Technically, nobody won yesterday, as both matches ended in a draw.  Someone

World Cup Elimination Sunday Open Thread

We arrive at Day 2 of the Knockout Stage with France and Uruguay safely through to the Quarterfinals.  Who will join them today? LET'S WATCH! Game The First Spain v Russia 7 AM Pacific, Luzhniki Stadium,  Moscow Balls: On paper,  this should be a breeze for Spain to advance. Russia is just not that talented

Messi! Cristiano! Etc.! – World Cup Elimination Open Thread

This World Cup has delivered: dynamite games (62% decided by one goal), no team looks unbeatable, two untraditional juggernauts (Belgium and Croatia), penalties penalties penalties… It should get even better in the knockouts, and what a start: a Messi – Cristiano doubleheader. You could argue about their greatness compared to

Russia 2018 World Cup Open Thread – Thursday 28 June

Alas, today we close out Group play.  ONE WHOLE FUCKING DAY OFF after this (I originally thought two), which I simply cannot abide.  Fuck your rest and recovery time. Group H - Senegal (+345) v. Colombia (-120; draw +255) (10:00 EST, Fox) Be wary of these #HailGAMBLOR numbers, FOAR Senegal still need

How long is this thing? Wednesday World Cup Open thread.

Another four games on the slate today with things to play for! By Saturday we will be down to 16 and the fun will begin. The daily blogs have been great, huzzah to all of you who participate. Fuck Pepe forever. Group F 9 am DFO time games Sweden v Mexico at

Farewell, Sweet Prince: World Cup Day 13

Good morning! Thank you for coming. I hope you had your cup of Joe and are ready for some intense lesser footy action. Group C and D will finish their group play today. As I was on my way home from work yesterday, I began reflecting on which World Cups I

Your “Be Nice to the Sub” Monday Open Thread

As if you didn't get enough World Cup coverage,  I am here tonight because MicheladaTioRoberto has been forced to do work at inconvenient times for the Open Thread. So,  first things first. Following today's games,  here is how the first two groups ended up: GROUP A WINNER: Uruguay GROUP A RUNNERUP: Russia GROUP B