CFL Beat: Week 6

Lots of news around the league this week! Including the best kind of news... the juicy gossip! Crime, money, drama and intrigue! All the best kind of stuff to keep you entertained during these, the dog days of summer. Despite a much stronger start to their season than they've enjoyed

CFL Beat: Week 5

It's week 2 of summer vacation, and I'm already stressed that I'm not doing enough with my time off. Goddamnit. You working stiffs, of course, have zero pity for my plight, which is to be entirely expected. At least I'm not slacking on my beer-drinking responsbilities! In league news this week:

CFL Beat: Week 4

God, do I ever love this whole not working during the summertime deal. You really gotta try it. All you need to enjoy it is a career change into education, and a willingness to be patient with what is, at times, a soul-crushing and draconian system for both students and

CFL Beat: Week 3

School's out! We (Beerguyrob and myself, mostly) made it! Huzzah! Time to head up to the cottage and do nothing but drink 12 hours a day for this whole long weekend. Happy early birthday, Canada. A pretty quiet week this week in league news: After getting suspended two games for his

CFL Beat: Week 2

Hi again everyone. School's almost wrapped up in Ontario, and I luckily found time to sneak this into my busy schedule as I currently work through over 400 pages of student essays and exams that I have to mark this week. I hate my life. The good news is that

Your “Beerguy’s Opening Night” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Evenin' folks. I'm not actually here tonight. (Some would argue I'm never actually "here" at all.) Tonight is the opening evening of baseball at my beloved Nat Bailey Stadium. I think it's my 27th season selling beer at that venue. Winewife is kinda tired of the whole deal, what with my advanced

CFL Beat: Week 1

We've finally arrived at Week 1 of the regular season! Buckle up with a few Molsons and a bag of all-dressed chips and make yourself comfy for the summer of 2019, folks. In league news this week: The Montreal Alouettes remain a major point of concern for the CFL. The team

Your “Hold On A Minute There, Player!” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Another day, another Chief's one-day retirement contract: Middle Linebacker Derrick Johnson He was a KC first-round pick back in 2005, and was on the team until March 2018, when he was cut. He played six games with the Raiders, which likely convinced him to retire. He retires as