CFL Beat: Week 9

I have nothing clever or witty to say; I'm mostly just tired. Physically tired, yes - I've been chasing kids around a summer camp out of town this week - but mentally tired too. I'm sure many of you are as well. Between last weekend's awfulness, and the sheer stupidity

CFL Beat: Week 8

Back from vacation now, and reality is setting in. I'm heading on the road for work this week, and one of my few things I'll have to do in my spare time will be to eat shitty takeout pizza and watch football. Wait... this sounds suspiciously like most weekends in

Jay Cutler signs with Dolphins

According to Adam Schefter, Jay Cutler signed a one-year, $10-million deal with Miami, and the contract has some performance incentives included as well. This is believed to be unlimited cans of tuna for the duration of the contract. When asked about whether he was excited to be joining the Dolphins,

CFL Beat: Week 6

Not a lot of time for me to watch this week's upcoming games - I'm leaving on vacation on Saturday to spend 10 days out in beautiful Nova Scotia, where I'll get to spend time relaxing at the family homestead right on the Atlantic Ocean. It's my favourite place in

CFL Beat: Week 5

We have a weird week in the CFL; there's no bye week happening, and we have five games scheduled - this means that one team will draw the short end of the stick and have to play twice during this time frame. This year, my beloved Ottawa REDBLACKS lost out

CFL Beat: Week 4

Yes, I'm happy that we've got real life football going on right now - but you know what else is coming back shortly, besides NFL training camps? GAME OF MOTHER FUCKIN' THRONES, THAT'S WHAT. I have a pretty solid weekend plan lined up right now - two CFL games to

Your “Wow, There’s Legitimately Nothing Going On… Or Is There?” Sunday Open Thread

Man, I'll never forget you, vodkamanrick, or gindudebill, or whatever your name was... As it turns out, it's tough slogging when the rest of us have to pull extra duty in the content mines to make up for your GLOREE BOY vacation time. So... a theme for this evening... well as

CFL Beat: Week 3

We've made it past two stat holidays, and now there's not much to do for the rest of the summer on the relaxation front except drink, mutter curses at Chris Berman as he ruins yet another Home Run Derby, and, if you're of my mindset, watch the CFL (at least

CFL Beat: Week 2

We're headed into the Canada Day long weekend, and while I won't be watching most of these games, I will instead be doing my patriotic duty by getting drunk at the cottage and lighting off fireworks that were bought on the internet. All the same, I think if we see

CFL Beat: Week 1

Here we go - Week 1 of the regular season! We have only a month to go until NFL training camps open, so for now, let's turn our attention northwards to see what's happening. Reminder: if you haven't entered the CFL pick'em pool yet and are still interested in participating,