Your “Free Sometimes Means ‘Awesome'” Saturday Evening Open Thread

So, my brother is at the Notre Dame - USC game in South Bend tonight. Beerbrother was invited to give a speech there yesterday, and instead of a per diem he accepted tickets to the game. I asked him if he spit on the Joe Theismann statue, and he responds

Your “Your Ink Is In My Briefs” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've been rather busy and stressed and, yes pissed off, over the past couple of months.  Allow me to explain. When I filed for divorce from my ex-wife, now more than six years ago, I prepared and filed the documents myself.  And also when I prepared my will a few years

Sometimes we CAN have nice things: The Return of Temptation Island Talk!

Oh, kids! I was scanning YouTube last week (Wednesday, to be exact) looking for the latest How To Drink video and I saw an ad for a familiar friend: Temptation Island. When I clicked on it, I realized that it wasn't really so much an ad but the entire first

BattleBots Beat: Ode to a Giant Robot

Welcome back to the Beat! This week should be the Beaties, a nice wrap-up (except for the bonus fights) and at least cromulent award post, even though there aren't any good fasteners left to have as awards. Nuts and bolts are from BattleBots, the Giant Screw was a joke award,

Screw It, I’m Quittin – The 2019 Indianapolis Colts On Bye

In retrospect, it may not have been wise to make the 2019 Indianapolis Colts Preview post all about Andrew Luck. Just before the season started, Andrew's agent gave Jim Irsay the Sister Christian treatment; e.g., "You know that boy don't wanna play no more with's true." MOTORIN WHAT'S YOUR PRICE FOR Sorry.

Your Saturday Evening “Working Hard Or Hardly Working” Open Thread

It was a fairly long week at school. Cold & flu season has begun in earnest, combined with the calendar making Canadian Thanksgiving a week later than normal. The result was certain of my co-workers taking their sick days earlier than normal, and the site being shortstaffed to the point

Your “Aw Crap I Forgot It’s Friday Already” Friday Evening Open Thread

Seriously.  With everything going on around here, I was a day further behind than I thought I was.  I thought it was still Thursday. tWBS:  Hey Ma!  What day is it? tWMS:  It's Friday. tWBS:  Really?  I thought it was still Thursday. tWMS:  That's because you're a dumbass. tWBS:  Thanks Ma.  I guess I better