Your “Different From Every Other Sport” Sunday Evening Open Thread

When I was a kid, my parents let me get comedy records from the public library. For a suburban Canadian public library in the 1970s, you had the usual standard fare: Allan Sherman Bill Cosby Bob Newhart Peter Sellers / The Goon Show and, because Canada, Wayne & Shuster. As you can see,

Your “A Day Late and a Dollar Short Valentine’s Day Special” Friday Evening Open Thread

Okay, now before we go on I have to relay something which just happened.  I think it's funny.  Some of you won't.  One person definitely won't if she sees it.  But tough shit, that's her problem. So as I'm writing this post....  You know, setting it up ....assigning categories and tags,

Marty Mornhinweg’s Wacky Weapons: The Sticky Grenade

When it comes to offensive playcalling, I don't like risk! That's why when it's windy outside, it's always better to elect to kick. In other news, I'm still waiting to get calls about open head coaching positions, but I'm certain that things are gonna happen soon for me! A positive

Temptation Island Talk – Episode 4

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! This week, we saw the rest of the second bonfire, the couples went on their third dates, and we had a third bonfire. Also, Kaci is starting to regret coming to this island. Before we get to the recap, let me refresh your memories

Your AAFL League Opener & Saturday Evening Open Thread

I interrupt my projected Saturday evening musical & comedy interlude to give you this exciting news: The Alliance of American Football starts tonight! I know I know. However, it is live football in February and, since the first week is actually on broadcast television, I figured we should give it a try. Here's their

Your Lesser Footy AM open thread: How soccer helped end apartheid in South Africa

The featured image is of the Orlando Pirates and the Kaiser Chiefs, two bitter enemies in the South African Premier league who are playing this morning. The Soweto Derby is one of the most legendary and insanely violent matches in the world. There has been multiple times where these two

Friday Evening Open Thread

Due to extenuating circumstances ("Nailed the Vocab words!" - Blair W.), today's installment of Sexy Friday is being brought to you by the pervert that brought you AVN Week. Balls: Why thank you, TWBS, for such a gracious introduction! TWBS: I'm not here and you are writing this. Balls: Oh yeah.