Your Second Annual “Solstice, Schmolstice” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yep.  Another year, another first day of Summer again.  Which means I get to experience heat and humidity, and sweat and be uncomfortable, for another four months.  Yay. Last year on the summer solstice, we honoured Summer Glau. Which was fun.  We like her a lot. And holy shit, I can't believe that's

Your “It’s Not Stealing; It’s A Homage” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Gerald McCoy is taking it personally that the Bucs gave his #93 to Ndamukong Suh.   "Them giving the number away, that's their prerogative, but the respect they showed. It would be different if it was a guy who signed four or five years. This is a one-year deal." He

tWBS On Relationships – Part I

OK, I churned this out literally overnight after going back and forth on whether to even start writing this stuff.  I am not fully on board here with writing these posts, just so you all know.  And mostly it's because I'm still pissed off.  So don't get your hopes up

Guay Referendum: 2019 Copa América Day 3

Today is the debut of Paraguay and Uruguay in the Copa América. Fish out of sand Qatar takes on Paraguay and the better Guay (YMMV) takes Ecuador. But let’s acknowledge the significance of this day. Via Happy Vasectomy Awareness Day, reprobates. The smell of baby powder makes me squirm like a vampire

Your “Half Mast Kinda Night” Friday Evening Open Thread

I just got in from the airport at around 2am this morning after a cross country flight  (and boy are my arms tired). I was already cranky due to having to leave California and come back home to North Cackalacky in the first place.  Then I hit a snag in LA