Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Show some love for the Ham Bone!

Good morning all! It's that time again. Sunday Gravy pushes on. Over the past few weeks we've been seeing quite a few ham-centric menus and we are here today to write the final hammy chapter of this Extr-HAM-aganza! Goddamn. Sorry about that. Fucking dipshit. We started this party 3 weeks ago with the traditional

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: So Much Leftover Ham!

Good morning everyone! Welcome back. We've got some good shit today including several menu suggestions and I guarantee you will find something appealing here. First a quick rant though because I have to. Today is "Mother's Day." Yet another in a long line of bullshit Hallmark "Holidays." First of all it ain't a motherfucking "holiday"

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Smothered Steak from a non-Southern Southern Boy

Good morning everyone! Glad to have you here. We've got some fun stuff for you today. I'm going back to my Southern style and continuing yet again with the homemade bread shit. I've gained such confidence with my bread dough that there's not even a ripple of trepidation when it comes to

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: The Spring Gathering and Family. And Family.

Greetings all and happy Sunday! Last week was the annual right family Spring gathering - non Saint Patrick's Day edition - and it was flat out fucking amazing. Can't wait for the next gathering. While there are indeed a few family members who are involved with their church, there are just as many

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Cevapcici! We’re going Balkan Crazy!

Good morning all! Happy Easter to those who observe, Happy Passover to those who observe and Happy Zombie Jesus and All Heathen's Feast Day to the rest of us. That doesn't mean we're doing an Easter dinner Sunday Gravy today. Remember the one week delay rule? If you want to drool over an Easter dinner

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Request Line. Bolognese – for Scotchy!

Happy Sunday Everyone! Welcome to another edition of Sunday Gravy, where I, hopefully, engage, encourage and impress with my epicurean talents and tantalizing recipes. Or some such shit. Again, this recipe was via a very solid request from our own Scotchnaut on one of the Saturday morning open threads. He requested, I complied.