Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chicken Vindaloo or Emptying the Spice Cabinet..

सभी को सुप्रभात "sabhee ko suprabhaat!" Welcome. The above is Hindi for "Good morning all". I speak abso-fucking-lutely zero Hindi but it felt appropriate. That is a rather tantalizing plate of food up there is it not? Maybe familiar to some probably unfamiliar to more than a few of you. You are looking at my

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Request Line! Chili Relleno!

Good morning DFO! Welcome, welcome. Good to have you back after a somewhat, let's say less than immaculate recipe last week. This week we've got real goddamn recipes and a shitload of photos to guide you along. We go back to our request line for this one, actually I think there were 2 folks

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chef Be Not Proud.

Good morning everyone! Glad to have you back! Suppose I should offer a quick apology before getting started. Today's recipe came as a result of having an overly busy weekend, which cut into my planning/prep/research/cooking time. I wouldn't technically say I "half-assed" this. This was more like "fully-assed." Stop! Regroup. We're going to make

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Going Greek! Keftedes and Garlic Lemon Potatoes

Good morning everyone! Nice of you to drop by. We're going to continue on our world culinary tour today with a stop for some of my absolute favorite ethnic cuisine ever. Greek! Ever notice that any diner worth it's salt is usually a Greek diner? I have a periodic obsession with Greek food. While that

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Grilled yogurt marinated chicken with Aleppo Pepper

Hey everybody! Welcome back. Happy dead ass middle of the goddamn offseason for the NFL. Motherfucker it's a long way until September. One of the best ways to pass the time, especially during the summer? Grilling things! Or baseball. /ducks No, we'll grill things today instead. I want to introduce you to a new spice this morning.

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: So you feel like making a Burger?

Good morning everyone! Damn glad to have you here. Have you ever taken on a really detailed project, like for work or some shit? Maybe you had to move once and you only had a very short time to do it? Or I know! Your kids finally went to bed on Christmas