Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Season Finale – WINGS!

Good morning folks! We did it! We fucking did it! The NFL season is finally here and we made it through the interminable, arduous, ungodly offseason. Hot damn! While of course this means we've got hot, sexy NFL action every weekend for the next 5 months or so it also means I can

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Football is on the Horizon! Grilled Pesto Pork Chops and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Hey folks! Now that it's almost time to start the NFL season how about joining our traditional DFO NFL suicide league? Just head over to, register an account. Go to the fantasy section and select "Eliminator Challenge." Search for groups and look for "DFO Crack Suicide Squad" create an

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chicken Marsala with Homemade Pasta.

Hello again everybody! I appreciate you returning for another episode of Sunday Gravy. Where weekly, I attempt to bring you new, sometimes challenging and delightful recipes to elevate your cooking skills and give you something to occupy your time during the NFL's offseason. And you know what kids? This long motherfucking

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Fast Food Chinese Take Out. Orange Chicken and Fried Rice.

Zǎoshang hǎo DFO! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy! Thanks to Mr. Litre Cola for filling in last Sunday with another episode of "Baking with Litre." Let's go ahead and address the obvious first, yes we did have a fried rice recipe post from my esteemed colleague Romonobyl just a few days ago.

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chicken Pot Pie. So Much Butter.

Good morning folks! Welcome back to Sunday Gravy. For any new readers, this is my weekly cooking feature where I not only cook the recipe given, I also do the crappy photography and give you helpful dick jokery along the way. This feature runs during the NFL offseason because when the

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Food Science: Building the Better Burrito 2. The One Where We Encounter an Anomaly

Welcome back amigos! Thanks for tuning back in to Sunday Gravy. Today is part 2 of Building The Better Burrito. Last week we had part 1 and it's right here if you need a refresher course or need to catch up. In our first episode I demonstrated how to cook and build

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Food Science: Building the Better Burrito, Pt. 1

Hola Sunday Gravy heads! I truly hope everyone has been surviving the summer thus far. I had to break down and turn on the air conditioner last week and that is not a normal occurrence. For some goddamn reason this shitty high pressure system parked over the top of the Four

Iron Cook with Low Commander: Leftovers?! Scramble!

Good afternoon, denizens of debauchery. I am here to tickle your taste buds as our own Yeah Right enjoys a week off from being a mad kitchen scientist of epic proportions. This week, I am going to share with you the fine art of the ultimate lazy Sunday morning breakfast,