Your “You Know What Time It Is And You Want Me To Do What?” Open Thread

As you are reading this, it is 6:00 AM on a Sunday morning on the West Coast. No one should be up this early to do anything unless they are completely naked and they have someone else of like mind lying next to them. I hope you are one of those lucky

What Happened

INT. NFLPA UNION HALL – SEPTEMBER MONTHLY MEETING A dilapidated auditorium is packed full of NFL players. An audible murmur is present as the men engage in private but heated discussed in pairs and threes. Unnoticed to the crowd, a man seated at the front of the room checks his watch and

Your “Second Careers Can Be Great Careers” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: I guess iron doesn't sharpen iron: Richard Sherman says the Seahawks defence is what will propel the team through this season. "At the end of the day, it's really on us." It doesn't really help that the Seahawks have only scored 21 points in two games. Perhaps John

Your “Purple & Black Are In Your Genes, Now Find Out What Else Is” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Jaguars have signed Ryan Nassib as their 3rd string QB, because Blake Bortles & Chad Henne haven't exactly looked like Montana & Young. It makes organizational sense, since both Coughlin & Marrone worked with Nassib when he was a Giants backup to Eli. Of course, that doesn't

Your “A Friend In Need Is A Pest” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Significant injuries from the weekend: Greg Olsen - broken foot - 6-8 weeks Vic Beasley - torn hamstring - 4-6 weeks If the Falcons season goes to hell as a result, DFO CALLED IT! HODOR - out for Week-3. The NFL was denied an injunction to relieve the

Your “Liars, Cheats, Addicts & Murderers” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This year's Hall of Fame candidates were announced. There are 108 names in total eligible for shortlisting & unfortunate interviewing by Peter King. First timers are led by Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Ronde Barber and Ray Lewis, who I know would kill to be included in the Hall.

Your “Well, I Guess That Was Worth The Wait” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Well, that was a full weekend of football & commenting. I don't know about you guys, but I need a couple of days to recharge. NFL News: Cardinals RB David Johnson needs wrist surgery & will miss 2-3 months. They will place him on IR because, if the Cards are in

Your “FEED ME MORE!” Monday Night Football Open Thread

Scotchy worked hard all weekend on the liveblogs - 2149 comments! - so I thought I'd give him a break and tie tonight's matches into my usual falderal. NFL News: The NFL has filed an appeal of the injunction that's allowed Ezekiel Elliott to remain eligible to play the 2017 season.

Your Saturday Evening Open Thread & Broadcast Coverage Discussion

  The one good thing about the Patriots opening the season on Thursday is that there's no Patriots game on Sunday. Oh sure, the pre-game shows can't help themselves, and after the GAME MANAGING they took Thursday night it'll be quite enjoyable, but thank heaven for tender mercies. Courtesy those hard-working maniacs

Your “Crimebeat!’ Is Going To Become A Daily Feature At This Point” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

You can start calling DFO the State Department, because as of this morning we've denied over 1900 Russians. NFL News: Both sides in the Ezekiel Elliott suspension have motions before federal court now. It's all based on who gets to be the court of record: Elliott's team (and team) are pushing

Your “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Not to brag, but I think the high school team my program's attached to just eliminated the Jets from playoff contention. NFL News: Hurricane Irma is playing havoc (HAVOC!) with the NFL's attempts to determine whether the Dolphins - Bucs game will be played. The League has four options - moving