Your “Everything’s Falling Into Place” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The suffering continues for Josh Gordon, as he has been ruled an exclusive rights free agent Meaning that he doesn't qualify for UFA status until after the 2020 season. Meaning that the missed two years froze his eligibility, and that Cleveland gets to keep him on a lower

Your “Not Who I Thought It Would Be” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Jarvis Landry wins the prize (?) as the first player to be franchise-tagged in 2018. I thought for sure it would have been Kirk Cousins, because Dan Snyder is an idiot surrounded by morons. There's a logic that this might make him an attractive trade prospect, because willing

Your “Huh – Actual Students Came To School” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This is sure going to hurt morale at The Dak Prescott School Of Maturity, but Doug Martin has been cut by the Bucs. Considering the average lifespan of a hamster is two years, it appears the muscled-kind can triple that span. As predicted/feared, Rae Carruth is seeking custody of

Your “Let Us Never Speak Of It Again” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Texans plan to release Brian Cushing prior to the new league year starting on March 14. It'll save them $7.6 million on the cap, and leaves them clear when he eventually picks up his third suspension for PEDs. Because he totes learned his lesson this time, guys.

Your “It’s A Matter Of Complete Indifference” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: FITTY'S BACK! He's due an $11 million base salary on the final year of his contract, so I'm guessing that helps make the decision. Also helping: the future golf career, based on his Pebble Beach Pro-Am victory last weekend. I don't know who'll be throwing him passes. The

Your Non-Futbol Semana de Odio Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Of course, we can have a DFO Futbol Semana de Odio in advance of our World Cup previews in May. NFL Notes: In what reads like a note from a stroked-out Grandpa, Johnny Manziel has started his "Comebackszn". He will be playing in the new-ish Spring League, which is a thing the NFL

Your “Where My Bitches At?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread NFL News: Set your PVRs for Thursday, August 2nd - Ravens-Bears is your 2018 Hall of Fame game I'm guessing so Urlacher & Stabby can get all weepy at the game they love so much. Mike Shula is leaving the Panthers for the Giants to be the offensive coordinator. This

Your “No One Likes Us; We Don’t Care” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: So, the market cap is now set at 5 years, $137 million, with $74 million guaranteed. I don't know who they're going to have in front of him, though. Meanwhile, Tom Brady is turning 41, and his backup is Brian Hoyer. Maybe they can turn that second-round pick

Your Monday Evening Patriots Schadenfreude Open Thread

NFL News: The Eagles parade is set for Thursday. It might actually be worth a liveblog. 11:00AM eastern, so someone in the Eastern time zone will have to take care of that. Most talk this morning was focused on where the hell Malcolm Butler was during the game. “I respect

Your “DFO Super Bowl Hate Week” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Welcome to the third night of the Second Annual DFO Hate Week, brought to you by rampant greed, a Republican majority, taxpayer-funded stadiums, and General Mills - home of the "Monster cereals". Tonight is the night where we reflect on the ownerships that made us hate the League in 2017. I'm going

Offseason QB Interviews – Dallas edition.

It's hate week they said, go to your evil place they said. Is it not bad enough the Eagles have to play the hated P*ts this weekend? Nope, heading to big D to see what is happening with the Cowboys. As a professional journalist from the Upstairs Backlane Hollywood Journalism School