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After six games, does anyone really know what this team is? They've been run over by Bawler, tore HOTLANTA apart by the sinew, and tied against the freaking Browns. THE BEN has either been the probable Hall-Of-Famer he most likely is on good days, and looking more like Nate Peterman on

Your “Now What Will He Do?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: No London Jags just yet: Shad Khan has withdrawn his offer to buy Wembley Stadium. It was rumoured that he didn't have enough FA member votes to get the deal through, so he decided to stop wasting his time. It doesn't help that the team he owns -

Your “Oh, Okay – More Sports?!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Richard Sherman took being Richard Sherman like a man last night, when questioned about the call that kept the Packers game-winning drive alive: "I can't have that penalty ... regardless of how I feel about it. I have to find a way to make that play without getting

Your “It’s An Image, Not A Homage” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It's still a few weeks to the October 30th deadline, but who cares about facts? Trade rumours! Shady to the Eagles. Cardinals LB Deone Bucannon to the Eagles. A bitter former employee is accusing Shad Khan of trying to have London, and specifically Wembley, be the permanent Jaguars home

Your “No Longer The Most Embarrassing Moment In Team History” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Family patriarch & chief enabler Alex Spanos died Tuesday morning, aged 95. Disappointed in the man his son had become, Alex Spanos leaves behind three other, hopefully less embarrassing, children, and a whole litter of grand- & great grandchildren. Two of his grandsons look after the day-to-day operations

Your “WOO! – Hockey’s Back!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Excuse me while I play the Canadian national anthem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS3GQverRiQ NFL News: Dez Bryant has come to the realization that no one loves him, so he might as well go home. https://twitter.com/DezBryant/status/1047221181634568230 Leonard Fournette will not play for the Jags against the Chiefs. His hamstring is still tenuous. The League office finally got

Your “Aren’t ‘Body Weight’ Penalties Actually ‘Body Shaming’ Penalties?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: There were five roughing the passer penalties in Week 4. It's down from the 11 per week they averaged the first three weeks of the season. Defensive players are still looking for clarify on the "body weight" issue. Richard Sherman has the answer. https://twitter.com/RSherman_25/status/1046796847862300672 After last night's performance, including

Your “Surrounding Me Every Day” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Whores gotta work: Jason La Canfora is stoking the Le'Veon Bell trade rumours. He emphasizes "decreasing value" and how the Steelers aren't getting the offers they want because other teams know Bell will hit the market in the spring. His likely teams for a Bell landing? Miami, Green

Your “We Sweat And Laugh And Scream Here” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Le'Veon isn't "officially" on the trading block, but at least the Jets have called about his rights. The Steelers can rescind his franchise tag & trade him, but would need something valuable in return, since they'd only qualify for a third-round compensatory pick that they'd immediately lose because

Your “But You Said I Could…” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News:   The Patriots are being investigated over Patrick Chung's concussion in Sunday's loss to the Swags. He was initially cleared on the sidelines, but after the half was removed from the game for further checks. The League & union are investigating if all the proper protocols were followed. Jameis

Your “All Of You Please Stop Talking” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Antonio Brown issued a(n empty) trade threat in response to criticism of Sunday's performance. A former Steelers PR rep, Ryan Scarpino, who worked for the Steelers from 2010-17, tweeted his thoughts, and I guess Brown still follows him and got a little touchy someone went after the king. https://twitter.com/AB84/status/1041710739642376193 –

Your “How Many Seasons Are Over Already?” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: A hilarious week for new NFL coaches ends with them racking up a 0-7 record, the first time that has happened. It's also the worst since new hires went 0-6 in 2001. Those coaches? Gregg Williams (Buffalo Bills), Butch Davis (Cleveland Browns), Dick Vermeil (Kansas City Chiefs), Herm Edwards