Your “A Whole Lot Of Pomp For Very Little Circumstance” Thursday Evening Open Thread NFL News: Brandon Marshall is no longer a NY Football Giant. Days after saying there was "no room for Dez", the Giants have claimed a failed physical for the move, freeing up almost $6.0 million in cap space ahead of the Draft. Well, this is a dropped shoe - Tom

Your “No, No…Stop. No Fighting…” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

(banner pic courtesy bostonmagazine) NFL Notes: As expected, the 2018 NFL Schedule Release Presented by Verizon will be Thursday evening at 8:00 PM ET Yes - that's what they're calling it. Because, you see, in the NFL, everything is marketable.   The internet is stirring the pot of dissension in New England, on

Your “Luckily, The Car Was Okay” Monday Evening Open Thread

(Not the actual car) NFL News: Josh Gordon has signed his exclusive rights tender with the Browns. Good thing - 4/20 is this Friday. Bad thing - Because of all the suspensions, he only has credit for four seasons. He becomes a Restricted Free Agent in 2019, and a UFA in

Your “Golf Leafs Golf” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Stealing from Crimebeat! 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster has been officially charged with one felony for domestic violence with aggravated bodily harm, another felony for forcefully attempting to prevent the victim from reporting the crime, and a third felony for possessing an assault weapon. Foster is also charged with a

Your “PLAYOFFS – WOO!!!!!!!!!!!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Citing "health issues", Richie Incognito has decided to retire. "I'm done, I'm done, that's it," Incognito told The Buffalo News. "It's been a long career. My liver and kidneys are shutting down. Nothing I can't restore with some balance, but the stress is killing me. Shady has feelings

Offseason QB interviews. Wichita edition.

Hi there! Pardon me for the lapse in interviews this last month but Krokodil is a hell of a drug. <<Wichita>> What the hell am I doing here? Why would Internet dad send me to this forsaken place? Is it a neutral site game foretold by one Allegash enthusiast P. King? Well

Your “All This Coded Language Must Mean Everything’s Fine” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Well, Bob McNair thinks offseason is the right time to wade back into his "inmates" comments again. “The main thing I regret is apologizing,” McNair said. It also really helped facilitate the Duane Brown trade to Seattle, as McNair also told the newspaper that when he met with the

Your “What’s Old Is New Again, Again” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: RGIII is back, baby! A one-year deal with the Ravens. The best comment on Deadspin was that the Ravens signed him because he can't bend his knees to take one. On the other end of the redemption spectrum, JFF says it's the Browns fault he turned out to

Your “I Need This Validation Of My Prognostication Skills” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Patriots have traded Brandin Cooks & a 4th-rounder to the Rams in exchange for the Rams 2018 first-round pick & a sixth-round pick. At least Dreamboat still has Gronk. For now. For statistical purposes, the Rams now have only one third-round pick, three fourth-round picks, and two sixth-round

Your “MLB Opening Day” Thursday Evening Open Thread

Based on the diminished NFL news, methinks the NFL decided to get out of baseball's way for at least one week. NFL News: Well, now the League is looking at eliminating kickoffs. It follows their logic on eliminating targeting, and their 'research' shows players are still getting hit on touchbacks. Teams

Your “It’s Kinda Slow” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Well, this is interesting: OBJ says he won't play without a contract extension. Giants co-owner John Mara said Sunday, "I wouldn't say that anyone is untouchable." As we saw last season, Eli doesn't play well if all his toys aren't in the sandbox with him. It's "hurt feelings"

Your “Maybe That’s Why The Chargers Left?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bill Simmons Media Group has lost its president due to sexual harassment claims. Eric Weinberger, a former executive at NFL Network, has been accused of sending “several nude pictures of himself and sexually explicit texts” to Jami Cantor, who is currently suing the Network. It's unclear if this is