Your “Gotta Watch Something” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Patriots have signed another tight end / potential murderer by trading a 2020 7th-round pick to the Lions for Michael Roberts. He has been oft-injured in his two years in Detroit, and no longer fit their plans. Meaning the Pats will likely turn him into a league

Your Wednesday Evening Game 7 Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Likely solely brought in for the inevitable headlines when he was cut, the Bears have indeed cut Chris Blewitt from their kicker competition at camp, after only one day. During a photo-op, all three kickers they brought in to camp for trials - Blewitt, Eddy Pineiro, & Elliott Fry

Your “Ugh – Toronto” Monday Evening Open Thread

The Toronto Fire of 1904 NFL News: it's quiet in advance of some minicamps opening Tuesday Cam Newton has been cleared to start throwing at the Panthers minicamp which begins Tuesday. Newton said in February that the shoulder was so sore before the Panthers shut him down the final two games

Your “Can You Use It In A Sentence Please? Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Just the worst news: Nick Foles' wife had a miscarriage, so that's why he left OTAs. She developed pneumonia during her 15th week, and complications induced labour. It was too early to be viable. More CBA news: the owners will be pushing for an 18-game season. More games

Your “Barely Making An Effort” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: The Jags are trying out Terrelle Pryor. As a Wide Receiver. They have enough terrible backup QBs. He played for both the Jets & Bills in 2018. Todd Gurley is working out but not doing drills at Rams OTAs. They are trying to reduce the workload on his

Your “Nope – That’s Not Entertainment” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It is 100 days to the start of the NFL season. Not uncoincidentally, the NFLPA sent out a note to all registered player agents advising them on preparing their clients for a work stoppage in two years. And that they should budget for a work stoppage of a

Your Memorial Day Monday Evening Open Thread

It's a holiday, so the quiet NFL offseason is extra quiet today. I hope all the American commentists enjoyed all the barbecues, beers & bullshittery that accompany a holiday weekend and family get-together. NFL Nuggets: Unless you were under a rock, or out sweeping the clouds away, Bart Starr died, aged

Your “Oh God – Not Even Baseball!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Some mentally ill member of the Honey Badger's family tried to extort between $1.5 - $5.0 million from him. A cousin in Louisiana was apparently going to tell the media that Tyrann Mathieu "did something" unless he got paid. When Mathieu blocked him on all media, the cousin

Your “Whatever You Say, Man” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Bucs have inked Ndamukong Suh to a one-year deal to ply his wares in pirate country. This will mark Suh's fourth team since being drafted, having played for the Lions, Dolphins, and Rams previously. To use's assessment, Tampa released the 2010 #3 overall pick (Gerald McCoy) so