Venezuela: Starving for your attention. Your 2019 Copa América Team Preview

Reasons why you should cheer for Venezuela: Venezuela is starving for the attention of lesser footy fans who do not have any blood ties to any country participating in the Copa América. Their team nickname, La Vino Tinto (Red wine), is literally encouraging you to drink alcohol while watching them play! Their

Why Have People Become So Anti-Social?

Social media has become a catchphrase.  And the number of platforms available for it are almost uncountable.  Unrecognizable. But is it social?  No, it's a way to avoid. Personally, I AM on Facebook.  And I hate it.  But it's the only way some of the people I care about ever communicate

The Case for Holding Out

As you may or may not have heard, the Arizona Cardinals used their first overall pick to draft Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray last week. This wasn't the most shocking move considering the Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury, of Air Raid Offense fame, who has been a Murray fan for years and

Your Lesser Footy AM open thread: How soccer helped end apartheid in South Africa

The featured image is of the Orlando Pirates and the Kaiser Chiefs, two bitter enemies in the South African Premier league who are playing this morning. The Soweto Derby is one of the most legendary and insanely violent matches in the world. There has been multiple times where these two

The Bleergh Report – Regular season roundup

ALL HAIL BLEERGH. In tribute to Bleergh, here's the regular season's best and worst penalties. There were 45,144 total plays this year.  Of those plays 3,868 times a flag was throw, and of those, 3,436 penalties were accepted. Here are the best (in the eyes of Bleergh) single penalties of the season.  These

Saturday Morning Footy – Open Thread

Good morning commentists wherever you are in the frozen northern hemisphere! This Premier League season has been a roller coaster of emotions for me as my beloved London Jaguras have been absolutely terrible this campaign. They've allowed 53 goals in 24 games. I am not a mathlete but that is not

Gazing Into Balls’ Crystal Balls – Superb Owl Prédiction

This is my last prediction post for the season discussing who will make the playoffs,  who won’t,  who will win,  and who won’t. As promised,  I’ve been keeping track of what I say week to week so you can call me out on any bullshit you may see. TODAY,  I’ll recap and

Oscars 2019: Tell Homeland Security – We Are The Noms

Welcome to late January! It's a time we at DFO most associate with bitching that the goddamned Patriots are in the stupid fucking Super Bowl again, but that's not all these bleak winter weeks have to offer. There are also movie awards! Balls of Steel is already ably handling the

The Bleergh Report – Conference weekend

ALL HAIL BLEERGH. In tribute to Bleergh, here's the Conference weekend best and worst penalties. Here's a random breakdown of this weeks penalties.  I'm not going to even try to find the tape for these, nor am I making any judgement call on the individual penalties*.  I'm sure that there are