Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week Two, 2018

It's 17 September, 2018.  Have you seen your placekicker's psyche lately? /also HAIL SHANK'LOR!!, Goddess Bless Two weeks in, two Draws on the board, as we got a 29-29 scorigami in fat-ass cheese land.  Mason Crosby missed once (nice icing timeout, Mister Winkles!!), and rookie Daniel Carlson missed a few hundred times (including dead

Your “More Cheddar Than You Can Swing a Stick At!” Full Tilt NFL Action Open Thread

And we're not tilting at windmills, friends-this be the real thing and all. I trust you have a very many intoxicants and mood-enhancers at arm's length, that you've finished tying the children up in the basement, (or crawlspace, either one is fine) handed the wife a few 20's and said,

Your Friday Night Open Thread / Weekend Homework Assignment

So,  your friendly neighborhood Balls was enjoying his Labour Day weekend of not doing jack shit when he decided to not only start talking in the third person,  but he also discovered some horrifying news. Sit yourselves down for this one: Apparently,  the Miss Bumbum pageant in Brazil will end after this

Your “The Roster, The Practice Squad or The Street-It’s Your Choice” Thursday Night NFL Pre-Season Windup Open Thread

Of course, as a player you might be just fine talent-wise but your contract might not be to management's liking. Or perhaps you've got the requisite amount of experience but there's a rookie that the coaching staff is curious about. Maybe you were favoured by a previous regime and the

Donks 2018 – Welcome to SWAG World

That's right, baby.  Ain't nobody more popular than the backup QB, especially when he's the redneck nephew of Jim Kelly, who somehow managed to get kicked out of fucking Clemson yet be 10 times smarter than functional illiterate Paxton Lynch.  Anyway, here's the delightful Brandon Perna to take you through Swag

Your Thursday Night NFL Football Open Thread

[kid's entertainer walks onto stage to rabid applause] Entertainer: "HELLO OUT THERE, ALL MY LITTLE POOPSTERS!" Audience: "HELLO CAPTAIN SHITSTAIN!" C-Stain: "Oh! It's so lovely to see all my friends. There's Dookie in the front row." [camera pans to excited child wearing a "Don't Shit Where You Eat" t-shirt] C-Stain: "Boy, have I got a