Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Chapter 3

INTERIOR, THE HORSESHOE PUB, LONDON, EC1R 0AG, Drunk King Hippo: Methinks this will be an excellent match tonight. Gots +240 on Hammerin' Hank to score. Up the Toffees!!! Drunk Englishman: UP THE TOFFEES!!! They both crash their pint glasses into each other and promptly down the amber nectar. Drunk King

Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Chapter 2

INTERIOR, FLIGHT WW810, WOW AIRLINES, SOMEWHERE OVER THE ATLANTIC (AGAIN) tWBS (sitting comfortably in a window seat, eating a delicious meal): Why are you so grouchy? Balls (seriously uncomfortable in the middle seat with no food): I. DID. NOT. SLEEP. WELL. LAST. NIGHT. tWBS: That’s a shame. I slept like

Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Chapter 1

INTERIOR, FLIGHT WW174, WOW AIRLINES, SOMEWHERE OVER THE ATLANTIC Balls (sitting in cramped middle seat): I’m gonna kill you. tWBS (sitting in comfy seat on the window): What? Just because you couldn’t charm yourself to an upgrade! Balls: I still don’t understand how you did that. tWBS: It’s my

Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Prologue

Previously, on Goddess... Spur: Yes officers, I’m sure. It must have been my kid screwing around with the phone or something. Just then, the sound of six gunshots rings out from a short distance away. Spur: Awwwww, fuck. Officer #1: Do you know something about that, Sir? Spur: Gimme just a sec to call my

Your Middle of the Night The Cure Live Disintegration Show from Sydney Live Blog

Kyle Broflovski was right: For those of you that don't know, The Cure has been in Australia playing their album "Disintegration" from beginning to end as part of the 30th anniversary of its release. Since they don't want to play the same show EVERY place they visit this year, they are live-streaming

Pre-NFL Draft DFO Draft – For Ole Times’ Sake

One of the very few rules we set up around here when DFO was created was that we would try to not copy or rehash posts that KSK made famous. For the most part, we've been pretty successful in forging our own path. Heck, even former KSKers are copying

Your “Sweet Sixteen Window Is Closing” Sunday Afternoon College Ball Open Thread

If you're looking for insight, analysis, clues, savvy angles or sober commentary on these games, you've clicked the wrong site. All that malarkey can be found everywhere you look online. How 'bout we fever dream these matchups? (in chronological order) TO THE GAMES! #10 Hawkeyes/#2 Vols: You dream of walking on grass still

Boots On The Ground: The AVN Awards Show

I've mentioned this before and this is probably not surprising to many of you,  but yes,  I, BallsofSteelAndFury, have attended the AVN Awards Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. For someone NOT in the industry,  it is as surreal as you may think. I've wanted to tell this story for a long time, 

A Mini-Roundtable Before (NFL 2018 Season) Dying (also 20 January Lesser Footy)

For your non-reading, non-pleasure - while you no doubt enjoy the Huddersfield/City and Spurs/Mighty Whitey double bill on NBCSN: Son of Spam NFC: Rams over the Saints because I'm an unabashed homer (mmmm...beer...) and the Gumbo offense has been kinda mediocre for a while. Let's say 106-20. AFC: Chiefs beat the Evil Empire by 10,