This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Shut up, tWBS! The wait is finally over and the real non-friendly games begin.  We are starting at the ripe time of 4 AM Pacific because the Opening Ceremony to the 2018 World Cup begins at 6:00 AM Pacific and we need

The Return (and Rebranding) of the BattleBots Beat!

A long time ago (2015 does feel like an eternity), the most-recognized American robot fighting tournament came back to TV. Yes, BattleBots came back, and there was much rejoicing. I covered the second season of it for this very website! And by covered it, I mean recapped the already taped

Don’t say the pitcher has lost his fastball if you can’t hit the curve

What the?!? Hang with me. There's a logic to this. First off,  let's make it clear that this post is about this: Later this evening,  season 9 of one of our favourite shows will begin. Some of us,  including me, are super excited about this. Others,  some of which I know are among us, 

Your “What else is on?” Monday Night Football Preview and Open Thread

Seriously, when I looked at yesterday's schedule, there was not one game that I was interested in watching. Steelers-Clots wasn't even available in LA. We were instead given the merde-pourri of Vikings-Redacteds, Cowboys-Falcons, RAMMIT-Texans, and Shitty Clippers-Jaguras.  And then on Sunday night, we were given Pats-Broncos?  Yeah Right.  Now that

Your 2017 Stihlers Bye Week Report

Thought you were done with me, huh? Nope!  Because the Pittsburgh Steelers had a bye in the week just concluded, you get an update on where they are this season. Also, because it's me, you get it in homophonic pictorial form. Okay, let's start.  I originally said that this season would hinge on

Your “Greatest Day in Motorsports” Open Thread

Today is, arguably, one of the greatest days in the calendar year for 'Murricans.  We are smack dab in the middle of a glorious three-day Memorial Day Weekend (four, if you were smart and took off on Friday) and there is nothing to do all day except for consuming large

“Mad About the Maddening Madness” – Dealing With Mom’s Eventual Phone Call

First, a little musical accompaniment to accompany your reading pleasure: Are you enjoying your day so far? Excellent. We've already been treated to quite a spectacle. I myself started the morning games with a Mighty Leaf vanilla tea, because it was 10:00 AM and beer hasn't gone with Cheerios since university. Also, I

“That’s More Like It!” – A Walking Dead Recap

Finally, A good episode of "The Walking Dead". So good, in fact, that I'm using a special to indicate such. Last week, in the comments to the recap of “Rick & Michonne’s Romantic Getaway”, JustStopDude made the prescient observation that "If you just removed the zombie element from the show…this show would have been