Sometimes we CAN have nice things: The Return of Temptation Island Talk!

Oh, kids! I was scanning YouTube last week (Wednesday, to be exact) looking for the latest How To Drink video and I saw an ad for a familiar friend: Temptation Island. When I clicked on it, I realized that it wasn't really so much an ad but the entire first

WTF with…

So, like many of you, I'm sitting here watching TV and I see things that make me say WHAT THE.... (please note they don't let me swear in the first 40 words). Anywhoo, I figured I'd start a new occasional series of posts having to do with the weird things in

Your College Football Week One Evening Open Thread

Welcome back to Balls' Saturday Open Thread Madness (trademark pending)! Because I was born in Mexico and I like bugging Americans that don't like soccer, here is tonight's Liga MX schedule (all times Pacific and home teams listed first): 5:00 PM - Tigres UANL v León (Univision, TUDN) (Match of the Round

Sexy Soccer Saturday Morning/Afternoon Open Thread

Good morning everyone! Today is a VERY busy day of sports action. Not only do we have a full complement of fútbol action, today is also the first full day of college football! On Thursday, I outlined for you the fútbol games taking place this weekend. Something I did not note,

Sa Sa Sa Saturday Night Open Thread

Howdy, folks! It's your Friendly Neighborhood Balls here, filling in for TequilaHomieRoberto while he's off doing... something. First things first. Here are your sports options for the evening (all times Pacific): 8:10 PM - Collingwood Magpies v Gold Coast Suns, Watch AFL app10:20 PM - Carlton Blues v West Coast

“How Will She Go On?” – Mom’s Life After “The Big Bang Theory”

Important Dealing-with-your-mother news: Brace yourselves: "The Big Bang Theory" ends tonight.       Farewell from our memories, Kaley Cuoco Now, this doesn't mean much to most people here. We have wide & varied interests, and a multi-camera sitcom about "nerds" and their societal awkwardness isn't really an attention grabber.     We do seem to like

We need to talk about last night’s Paradise Hotel: Chlamydia Stew

I swear to you that I have better taste. I do not just exclusively watch skanky reality television. Last night, I had finished dinner and I was perusing the channel guide when I saw that Paradise Hotel was airing on FOX. Unlike with Temptation Island, I had never seen

Commentist Beer Barrel: Spoilers for Beer and Television

The final season of Game of Thrones, the greatest achievement in televised violence and incest since Dexter, has proceeded, so far, at a surprisingly measured pace, considering the season's abbreviated six-episode length and the intimidating number of still-unresolved plot threads. We can safely expect that'll change tonight, with Jon, Dany,

Temptation Island Talk – Season Finale Part 2

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! Kids, as I write this, I am still basking in the afterglow of what was a glorious Season Finale of Temptation Island. As I take a deep draw of that metaphorical cigarette and take a sip of my literal fine aged

Temptation Island Talk – Season Finale Part 1

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! Everything has been building towards this. Today, we find out what happens at the final bonfires. Will the couples stay together (snickers)? Will they break up embarrassingly on national TV and become the shame of their families? Here's hoping! Before we get

Temptation Island Talk – Episode 9

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! This week's episode is entitled "Romantic Getaways". It's possible that someone actually said those words during the episode, since everyone is dumb as a box of rocks. I'll keep my ears peeled for that. This is another one of those episodes where nothing much