Free Tito!!!!!

He was only trying to help...probably. I mean is it his fault the official is a weenie and can't catch? Plus....the ref hit him with it first!!!! No justice... Tito Odenigbo was ejected for tossing the flag back at one of the refs. — Big Ten Network (@BigTenNetwork) November 25, 2017

This Guy Again

I think it would be very interesting to talk with LaVar Ball. Granted, I'd probably end up punching him...then I'd be the bad guy. But you just can't make this stuff up... LaVar Ball says Lakers coach Luke Walton doesn't know how to coach his son Lonzo ( You know the parent at a

Told Ya So

And because I knew this was coming, I'm not even pissed. NCAA verdict in North Carolina academic case: No violations, penalties for UNC The critical point, as far as the NCAA is concerned, is that the general student body at North Carolina was benefitting from courses in African and Afro-American Studies that

A Very Special 25 Questions…Plus One

...About this.... OK, unless you've been living under a rock since yesterday, you've probably heard about Chris Foerster and his mega-stupidity.  I've been trying to figure out how to address this in a suitable "DFO-like" manner for the past coupla hours, and it seems like a good job for a Very

Dusty Baker: “It’s Kind of a Downer”

Way to take a stand, Cosby Jr. Nationals suspend assistant hitting coach, reportedly due to 'revenge porn' case "Ask ya homegirl if she wants these [photos] back?" Jones allegedly wrote to a Facebook friend in a message that accompanied the images. "I see your post and she's on some bull (expletive). She's

I’m Shocked….Shocked I Tell You!!!!

Full Disclosure...I'm not really shocked.  Not even in the slightest. U*NC has run this investigation, more or less.  Why should we now be surprised they have control over its timing?  They had that before they even had control over the "investigation". Why NCAA report on UNC academic case will not be released

Baltimore Area Knife Sales Spike, Film at 11

Ravens increase security around Ray Lewis statue after petition to tear it down Jeebus.  You really can't make this stuff up, truth really is stranger than fiction. What a piece of human waste. "It only bothers me if I blatantly did something to gain awareness for myself," he said. "What I did is

Trent Richardson somehow lands another contract; joins CFL Roughriders

In surprising news north of the border, Trent Richardson has yet again inexplicably extended his football career by signing with the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders. No current contract details were announced, but he should be joining the team immediately, considering that starting back Cameron Marshall is currently nursing a knee injury