Rest In Peace, Mr. McCovey

I'm no Giants fan, to be sure.  But this man was a class act. And he could sure as shit mash a pitch. Willie McCovey dies at 80 after Hall of Fame career with San Francisco Giants  ( McCovey starting in 1959 as a 21-year-old spent 22 seasons in the major leagues. All

Donnie Doesn’t Know

(sung to the tune of "Scotty Doesn't Know") --- Donnie doesn't know that his Paulie flipped And signed off on a plea deal He turns on the TV To the Fox News show But it's just car crashes So Donnie doesn't know Oh Donnie doesn't know-ooo-oh So don't tell Donnie Donnie doesn't know Donnie doesn't know (So don't tell Donnie!) Rudy says there's

Jason Verrett is Next to Receive BOLTMAN’s Ire

5th year Pro Bowl cornerback for That Team That Moved, Jason Verrett, suffered a torn ACL on the very first day of training camp which will cause him to miss the entire 2018 season. Some are suggesting that the team may be cursed, given their year over year injury history,

Blaxabbath Jr. Naming Thread

   --- [maternity ward door flies open] ---  ANDY REID: I heard the news! Congratulations! BLAXABBATH: Thanks! ANDY REID: Have you thought of a pseudonym for referring to him on DFO yet? BLAXABBATH: No, actually, I thought maybe the commentist party could make suggestions and I could pick the best one. ANDY REID: [hands him a

Terrell Who?

I'm not taking sides here.  Really.  And I get the reasoning regarding the ceremony in Canton itself. But this is a bad look for both Owens and Canton, IMHO. "The focus is on the guys who are here," Hall of Fame executive director Joe Horrigan told Clark Judge of the Talk of

Hey Look, It’s The Next LaVar Ball Everybody!!!!

Wendell Carter Jr.'s mom has beef with Coach K after Marvin Bagley came to Duke early  ( "My initial reaction, I was pissed," Kylia Carter, Wendell's mom, told NBC Sports. "And it wasn't pissed because Marvin was coming. To be honest, I felt like that was information that was kept from

Fan Injured By Phillie Phanatic’s Hot Dog Cannon

Yes, the jokes write themselves on this one... Phillie Phanatic's hot dog cannon sends Phillies fan to emergency room ( From deep within the bowels of the inevitable comes this: A fan has been injured by a projectile from the Phillie Phanatic's hot dog cannon. -

Does Anyone Really Want To Go To Staten Island This Badly?

I'm calling bullshit. FREE LENNY!!!!!!!!!!!! - Police: Lenny Dykstra threatened to blow his Uber driver's head off, said he was kidnapped  ( Dykstra, per the reports, requested an Uber ride from Linden, N.J., to nearby Clark Township. But when he entered the vehicle that picked him up, he allegedly demanded to be driven to