Trent Richardson somehow lands another contract; joins CFL Roughriders

In surprising news north of the border, Trent Richardson has yet again inexplicably extended his football career by signing with the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders. No current contract details were announced, but he should be joining the team immediately, considering that starting back Cameron Marshall is currently nursing a knee injury

Johnny Football Coach?

Yeah, I have every faith that THAT would go well.  Never mind that the pinhead is so clueless that he decides the best time to share this thought is while being interviewed at the International Football Betting Conference in Costa Rica. Hey look everybody, it's the next Pete Rose. You can bet

Jay Cutler signs with Dolphins

According to Adam Schefter, Jay Cutler signed a one-year, $10-million deal with Miami, and the contract has some performance incentives included as well. This is believed to be unlimited cans of tuna for the duration of the contract. When asked about whether he was excited to be joining the Dolphins,

Pete Rose….Apparently That Has Multiple Meanings

Why am I not surprised? Of course this sociopath had sex with underage girls.  OF COURSE HE DID.  The profile fits perfectly. And yet some STILL feel the need to defend this fucking prick. And yes, damned right he's one of the handful of "celebrities" that I'd love to spend an hour

Trubisky fumbles 3 snaps in practice drill and other news

ESPN noted that 1st Rounder Trubisky fumbled three times during practice the other day! THREE TIMES! Oh man, write him up as a bust right here right now! I have scoured my team sources and found out that the top 10 draft class is already circling the drain and may be

Anti-Millenial Gloating Achieves Apex

The over-29 Internet contingent is claiming a resounding victory for truth. "See, SEE; I told ya" was the general outcry of every person with a cellphone that recalls having used a payphone out of necessity. "I'm sure those You Tube kids were constantly praised by their parents. Could've used a