Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 12, 2018 Season

Delight of delights, the Yinzers finally ran out of dumb luck, and my Donks served as the direct beneficiaries!  Much like a certain annoying JV fixture one day earlier, Denver established the run - against an aggressive but overall just mediocre defensive front seven - and stuck with it.  When

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 11, 2018

Well, terrible (even by Ginger Hammer Era NFL standards) kind of ruined my enjoyment of this week, what wasn't ruined by the mediocrity of the slate. This included the Donks WOO!! trip to Shitty Clipper-land, when an absolutely bizarre OPI call seemingly killed a potential game-winning drive.  But full credit to

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week NEIN, 2018 Season

Everything sucks, but nothing quite so much as Donks soon-to-be-ex-coach Vance Joseph. Denver lost 19-17 to the 500s.  OK, I can understand the result.  But the how, and the complete, abject failure to learn from one's prior stupidity...I just can't even.  I will be mad about this for WEEKS, and it

Belated Hippo Thoughts – Week 8, 2018 Season

Sorry, I have had techincal dificil in addition to the familial bullshit of Sunday night.  The shit rain, it is unceasing. Week 8 was NFC "Prove It" Week, and we can say for certain that RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAM IT!! and the Saints are for real, and seemingly on collision course.  Wait a minute,

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 6, 2018 Season

Some weeks just shit all over you.  This was one of them.  Herein lies part of the week's tale. All season long, Yinzburgh has shown their asses about Le'Veon Bell, in the most unappreciative, unsolidarity, anti-labour, Company Man way.  I am sure it has made the Ginger Hammer hard enough to

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 4, 2018 Season

Holy Bananacakes, Batman!  That was (mostly) fun, eh? I say mostly because I swept my early afternoon #HAILGAMBLOR, with dominating $50 ATS wins by the P*ts (boo) and the Bearistocrats! (yay-ish), along with a thrilling $60 ML win by the Pylons that be Striped.  But I also learned what it felt like to score

Sunday Gravy Mid-Season Special: A Bet’s A Bet.

Wait? Sunday Gravy? During football season? Imagine your and my surprise! Hi Folks! This all came about since Balls and I were involved with a food bet during the first week of the college football season. That week Senor Balls and I made a friendly wager with our very own Redshirt. Redshirt took his Cincinnati Bearcats

Instant Hippo Thoughts – Week 3, 2018 Season

Los Angeles Rams.  Kansas City Chefs.  Miami LOLFins.  One of these three is not like the other. Yet all advanced to 3-0 this week, while the Minnesota Vikings got blown out at home by the historically bad Buffalo Bills.  I still don't know how to comprehend, nor describe how that happened.  Captain