Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Cajun Shrimp Boil! And by boil I mean foil.

Good morning early risers! Welcome back to another edition of Sunday Gravy. As we enter the home stretch of the off season shit gets real. This is the time of year when I help you start girding your loins for the upcoming NFL season. You do "gird your loins" yes? These last few episodes of

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Red Beans and Rice. Ya’ hear?

Good morning all! Nice of you to drop by. Been watching any pre-season football? Yeah, I know it's week 1 of the pre-season but some of the starters have been playing almost the whole 1st quarter! That means shit's getting close to REAL. Know what else is cool as shit? I just bought

tWBS On Relationships – VI The Final Chapter (at least for now)

There's a reason why we went backwards chronologically. At the end of this one, hopefully you'll understand. This story is a bit convoluted in several ways.  And it might have been the biggest mistake of my life.  I'm going to try to tell it accurately, but it's been a while.  Please bear

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Request Line! Shrimp Scampi!

Good morning everyone! Nice to be back in the saddle after DJ Taj filled in so astutely last week. We're coming into the home stretch for this season of Sunday Gravy. After today we have 4 more episodes and then we return ourselves to the brutality, futility, frustration, angst and over-caloric consumption

tWBS On Relationships – V (Pt 2)

I started this story last week.  And I tried to be very careful in what I said and how I said it. I will admit that in the moment, nearly three years ago, I did not handle it particularly well. In fact, I handled it very not well.  Being betrayed will do

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chef’s Series – James Beard’s Chicken and 40 cloves!

Good morning everyone! After looking at today's banner image you probably had a reaction of outright joy, morbid curiosity or intense fear. I wanted to try this new thing where I fuck around with a famous chef's signature dish. I'm thinking about making it a recurring feature here. Today we are paying tribute

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chicken Vindaloo or Emptying the Spice Cabinet..

सभी को सुप्रभात "sabhee ko suprabhaat!" Welcome. The above is Hindi for "Good morning all". I speak abso-fucking-lutely zero Hindi but it felt appropriate. That is a rather tantalizing plate of food up there is it not? Maybe familiar to some probably unfamiliar to more than a few of you. You are looking at my

tWBS On Relationships – IV

In May of 2018 I traveled to Venice Beach, California for two weeks as I sometimes do.  The Venice and Santa Monica area is probably my favorite place in the world.  Venice in particular is a very interesting place to me, if for no other reason than all races and

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Request Line! Chili Relleno!

Good morning DFO! Welcome, welcome. Good to have you back after a somewhat, let's say less than immaculate recipe last week. This week we've got real goddamn recipes and a shitload of photos to guide you along. We go back to our request line for this one, actually I think there were 2 folks

tWBS On Relationships – III (The Former tWLS)

This one's gonna hurt me, just so you know. And I know at the end of last week I said this would be a multi-parter.  I've changed my mind on that.  I'm just going to leave a lot of stuff out because... ....the better part of valor, one might say. OK, first for

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Chef Be Not Proud.

Good morning everyone! Glad to have you back! Suppose I should offer a quick apology before getting started. Today's recipe came as a result of having an overly busy weekend, which cut into my planning/prep/research/cooking time. I wouldn't technically say I "half-assed" this. This was more like "fully-assed." Stop! Regroup. We're going to make