Monday Night Open Thread: Barstow Edition

Friends, it has come to this.  We are On the Edge of the Desert, the annual Summer sports doldrums where finding non-baseball sports viewing becomes an increasingly desperate search for anything resembling competitive activity.  "I'll be up to bed soon, honey- I need to see how this last round of

Even MOAR Multi-Cultural Awareness – Behold teh Afrikan Euros!

    That's right, fellow white devils (and jiminy Christmas, where is Big Black Richard??) - BeIn is doing Norteamericanos a big favour and televising the 2019 Cup of Nations/Afrikan Euros.  Action kicked off yesterday with host Egypt (fuck off, Mo Salah) beating a game Zimbabwe squad, 1-nil. You get a triple-header on

Your Second Annual “Solstice, Schmolstice” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yep.  Another year, another first day of Summer again.  Which means I get to experience heat and humidity, and sweat and be uncomfortable, for another four months.  Yay. Last year on the summer solstice, we honoured Summer Glau. Which was fun.  We like her a lot. And holy shit, I can't believe that's

Your “It’s Not Stealing; It’s A Homage” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: Gerald McCoy is taking it personally that the Bucs gave his #93 to Ndamukong Suh.   "Them giving the number away, that's their prerogative, but the respect they showed. It would be different if it was a guy who signed four or five years. This is a one-year deal." He

Your “I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Used This Yet” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Seems like it's going great so far: Giants #1 pick Daniel Jones was booed at Yankee Stadium yesterday. He laughed it off, saying the best way to make them be quiet will be to perform well on the field. Taking it personally? Giants GM Dave Gettleman, who sounds

Your “Pretty Much Nothing But Footy” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: Fresh off the Packers brain-trust not seeing eye to eye comes news Cam Newton's timing issues with his passes are a "work in progress". While not explicitly saying there's a difference between "throwing" and "throwing right", Ron Rivera told The Athletic that Newton's "had a good offseason. He’s

Your “Not Much Goin’ On” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL Nuggets: "Pundits" are already hopping on-board the "Audible" question in Green Bay. Matt LaFleur likes a structured offence. Aaron Rodgers like the freedom to change plays at the line. HOW WILL THEY EXIST?!!11?! All they do is talk! Peyton Manning was inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame

Your “Beerguy’s Opening Night” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Evenin' folks. I'm not actually here tonight. (Some would argue I'm never actually "here" at all.) Tonight is the opening evening of baseball at my beloved Nat Bailey Stadium. I think it's my 27th season selling beer at that venue. Winewife is kinda tired of the whole deal, what with my advanced

Your “So Ya Wanna Watch Some Footsy, Eh?” Saturday Morning Open Thread

It wasn't supposed to be this way. There are far more knowledgeable soccer doofuses that should be doing this but I volunteered and y'all gonna bathe in my ignorance. Nether Regions/Roger Milla's Granddaughters: Cameroon played surprisingly well vs. the Canucks last time out (or were the Canucks just a little too tight?)