Raging Semi Tuesday – Roma at [grumble, grumble]

Let's blow that up a little.  Because it deserves it. A beautiful Cinderella story spoiled by essentially gifting the assdickery Redshite into the finals.  Christ on a bike. Liverpool is the worst.  You can hear German Elton John whining all the way down here in the Southland.  You know the questionable calls

Your “I Know Whom To Kill; I Don’t Need The Other Options” Monday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Well, this rates about a 6 on the interesting scale: the Patriots brought in Lamar Jackson for a visit &  interview. No details about what was discussed, just various media reminders that Tom Brady is almost 41. Aaron Rodgers owns a piece of the Milwaukee Bucks. No word

Your “It’s Saturday Evening, So You Know What That Means?!” Open Thread

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xemLz_fR1Ac It rained on the Vancouver 4/20 party yesterday, and I don't think any of them cared. But it's Saturday, the night when real people party. I'm almost 50 - I'm home doing laundry. OH YEAH - DOWNY SOFT! Tonight's sports: NHL: Maple Leafs at Bruins - 8:00PM | NBC / CBC NBA:

TGISF… It’s 4/20, What Did You Think I Was Gonna Do?

Yes, I like weed.  A lot. Yes, we've done this TGISF theme before.  Less than a year ago, in fact.  But as I already mentioned privately to a few folks, it's not every year that 4/20 falls on a Friday.  And the last time we did this, I left a lot

Your “A Whole Lot Of Pomp For Very Little Circumstance” Thursday Evening Open Thread

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMQg6GwnTHk NFL News: Brandon Marshall is no longer a NY Football Giant. Days after saying there was "no room for Dez", the Giants have claimed a failed physical for the move, freeing up almost $6.0 million in cap space ahead of the Draft. Well, this is a dropped shoe - Tom

Your “No, No…Stop. No Fighting…” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

(banner pic courtesy bostonmagazine) NFL Notes: As expected, the 2018 NFL Schedule Release Presented by Verizon will be Thursday evening at 8:00 PM ET Yes - that's what they're calling it. Because, you see, in the NFL, everything is marketable.   The internet is stirring the pot of dissension in New England, on

Your “Luckily, The Car Was Okay” Monday Evening Open Thread

(Not the actual car) NFL News: Josh Gordon has signed his exclusive rights tender with the Browns. Good thing - 4/20 is this Friday. Bad thing - Because of all the suspensions, he only has credit for four seasons. He becomes a Restricted Free Agent in 2019, and a UFA in

Your Saturday Morning Futbol Open Thread, Now with Moar EPL!

It seems every other time I've written these, I purposely exclude the EPL or talking about EPL teams.  Some people have said that I am biased against the EPL.  Those people are correct.  Let's take a look at the matchups, one by one, and see why I'm so biased. All