Your “A Friend In Need Is A Pest” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Significant injuries from the weekend: Greg Olsen - broken foot - 6-8 weeks Vic Beasley - torn hamstring - 4-6 weeks If the Falcons season goes to hell as a result, DFO CALLED IT! HODOR - out for Week-3. The NFL was denied an injunction to relieve the

Your Sunday Night Football Finale

Woof! So many delightful games! (I wrote this around noon-I have no idea) Here's a preview of another NFC Championship Game. I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Cowboys fans near and far. And yes, they have a point. We'll see how things shake out over the

TGISF…AKA “Is Your Board Sticky?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

If you've read this, then you were treated to ballsofsteelandfury and myself discussing the finer points of surfing earlier today.  And you also already know I'm at the beach this week. You also ALSO know that among other things this week, I've been getting back to surfing.  It's been a while

Your Thursday Night Football Open Thread *with bonus rant

Potato chips are the goddamned workhorse of the salty snack category. No matter if you're some frat dude hosting a poker game or a soccer mom looking to impress while hosting her very first Super Bowl Party ("Canapes, anyone?") there'll be a bowl of chips on some flat surface in

Your “Liars, Cheats, Addicts & Murderers” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This year's Hall of Fame candidates were announced. There are 108 names in total eligible for shortlisting & unfortunate interviewing by Peter King. First timers are led by Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, Ronde Barber and Ray Lewis, who I know would kill to be included in the Hall.

Your “Well, I Guess That Was Worth The Wait” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Well, that was a full weekend of football & commenting. I don't know about you guys, but I need a couple of days to recharge. NFL News: Cardinals RB David Johnson needs wrist surgery & will miss 2-3 months. They will place him on IR because, if the Cards are in

Your “FEED ME MORE!” Monday Night Football Open Thread

Scotchy worked hard all weekend on the liveblogs - 2149 comments! - so I thought I'd give him a break and tie tonight's matches into my usual falderal. NFL News: The NFL has filed an appeal of the injunction that's allowed Ezekiel Elliott to remain eligible to play the 2017 season.