Your “Is This How I Got Carpal Tunnel?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Everything's coming up Cowboys today: A TRO granted by a NY court will allow Ezekiel Elliott to play Sunday versus the Niners. Dallas will host the 2018 NFL Draft. Injuries: Good news: Teddy Bridgewater is back on the Vikings practice field. Bad news: [Redacteds] DE Jonathan Allen done

Your “Catch Your Dreams Before They Slip Away” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The Giants have ended Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie's suspension after one game. With the Seahawks coming to town, that makes sense, given the differences between Trevor Siemian & Russell Wilson. Roger Goodell & the Seahawks Doug Baldwin sent a joint letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the Sentencing

Monday Night Feast! Colts @ Titans Open Thread

Both teams are 2-3, and fill the bottom half of the lowest wattage division in the NFL. Luck is out. Mariota (hamstring - questionable) says he'll go--i.e., Cassel is definitely in the mix. But enough table-setting. This is my  position on "Pfft, baseball's on" taeks: Artist's lesss handome conception via IND-TEN is

Your “Quick Turnaround” SNF Open Thread

We're almost there, another Sunday in the books.  I hate this as much as you guys do, but the shitty week's finish line is in sight. But first we gotta get past this one tonight. No, those aren't my words.  That's what I would expect to be overheard in the Gigantes' locker

Your “Money Is Burnin’ A Hole In Your Pocket” Saturday Evening Open Thread

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. If we can get through it without WWIII starting, I think that'll be the true victory. And that's talk I haven't used since Reagan unveiled the SDI. Took the doggies to a Bernese Mountain Dog get-together at a lake east of town today.    I think

Glorious, Bountiful Lesser Footy Weekend Thread

Welcome back to the full monty of Lesser Footy, no more international break silliness.  HAHAHAHAHAHA, losing at home to Trinidad and Tobago, USMNT.  Have a fucking word. It's the battle of annoying, evil arsehole red-clad sides to start things off, with semi-struggling Liverpool hosting 2nd on goal differential United (7:30, NBCSN). 

TGISF… AKA “Can We Leave The Lights On This Time?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Boo!!!!!!!!! Yeah, today is Friday, October 13th. Why are we superstitious about Friday the 13th, anyway?  I'm really not, to be honest.  Though I probably should be. Little known fact.... I got married to my ex-wife on a Friday the 13th.  And considering how much of a horror show that turned out be? Honestly though,

Your “Milestones Come In All Forms” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Site news: We passed 400,000 comments during the Monday Night game. Nearest I can decipher, the magic comment was Unsurprised with, "562 comments? This can’t be that good of a game. It’s fucking Truth Biscuit vs. whatever’s left of the Vikings." For this blog, it seems appropriate. Well done people.    THAT'S GOOD

Your “Well, Well, Well…” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: On-field issues Adrian Peterson - now a Cardinal The Saints received an undisclosed (late-round) pick in exchange. CJ2K is now out, released by the Cards after the Peterson trade was finalized. Steve Smith thinks Mike Glennon was set up to fail, based on last night's play-calling in the