The “You Say Today Is. . .Saturday?” Evening Open Thread

I missed the video party last night, but I'll take "Modern covers I'm unsure about" for $500, Alex. It's fine. It's not "drags me back to my childhood" good, but it'll do, donkey. As for the original - I'll cut anyone who disrespects it. A reminder - the original was written by Paul Williams, who

An Appreciation of Violence – 16 November 2019 Morning/JV NFL Open Thread

Yes, Thursday night was universal "shit on #ThePauls" night.  It's being noted, but only in passing, that Mason Rudolph tried repeatedly to corkscrew Myles Garrett's helmet off FIRST.  What followed demonstrated the unwise nature of "poking the bear" - but only Garrett and uber-coward Pouncey get the suspensions.  Dopey-ass Mason had the

Your “Well I Guess That’s Music, Allegedly – #3” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yeah, it's been a while.  But you remember.  This is one of those weeks where I can't think of anything else so I choose one (or more) musical artists to feature.  Generally, their musical accolades are best. But not their sexy.  That is unimpeachable.  Kinda like someone else I know. Anywhooooo... This

Your “It’s Almost As Anger-Causing As Impeachment!1!1!!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Noise: Oh, it's all noise today, as most football sites are obsessed with the news of Colin Kaepernick getting a workout this Saturday. points out the league set the date & did the prep. And that Kaepernick's workout will be run by scouting combine personnel and former NFL coaches.

Your “That’s Why The Sun is Shining Brighter-The Pats are on a Bye!” Sunday Afternoon NFL Football Open Thread

It really does have a pronounced effect when one doesn't have to hear about the goat-ness of Tom and the greatness of Bill. Food tastes better. My kids seem smarter. My mistress is open to new ideas. Clothes fit better. The hobo population seems to be thriving. (Well, not for