Your “Pour Me Some Of That Giggle Juice, Dollface” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

There's a ton of NFL news today if you look for it... Dez Bryant: The newest employee of the New Orleans Saints hasn't, to anyone's knowledge, burned any bridges with a single one of his teammates as of 6pm EST! Darren Sproles: He aggravated his teeny, weeny hamstring today. There you have it. TO THE

Your “Double-Check Your Listings, There’s Only One Game On” Sunday Afternoon NFL Football Open Thread

Fine, there are two other games on the 4pm slate but I maintain they are more theoretical than actual. Sure, I guess 'players' will be 'playing' and acquiring 'stats' that can be used by 'agents' to negotiate 'contracts' and 'endorsements'. And yes, the 'money' paid to those individuals will be