Your “Sweet Sixteen Window Is Closing” Sunday Afternoon College Ball Open Thread

If you're looking for insight, analysis, clues, savvy angles or sober commentary on these games, you've clicked the wrong site. All that malarkey can be found everywhere you look online. How 'bout we fever dream these matchups? (in chronological order) TO THE GAMES! #10 Hawkeyes/#2 Vols: You dream of walking on grass still

Your “And Then There Were Only Three” NFC Champeenship Game Open Thread

But scrotchnat, you slur through your 5th mimosa, there's two teams playing and four teams remaining. You can't count worth a McFiggins! Well, you got me on the the 'not being able to count' observation but I will counter that I was talking about the number of games left. Yup, that reality