Take A Knee Zeke! It’s The Dallas Cowboys At The Bye!

Before we get into the travesty that the Cowboys' 2017 season is about the become, a few words about Jerry Jones.  Unless you were living under a rock the last couple of weeks you know that our grandstanding Vice-President, Mike "I'm Terrified Of Any Woman Not My Mother" Pence, attended

YA BETTA SUE SOMEBODAYYYY: Your [DFO] Law and Fantasy Football Mailbag

Nazis! Suspensions! Nuclear War! Trades! What a week for questions about law and fantasy football!  Unsurprisingly, most of your law questions were about our Ululating Sack Of Wet FartsDear Leader and the legal ramifications of his relentless drive to make this world an even more terrible place than it already

Executing Jameis: Your DFO Legal and Fantasy Football Mailbag

ALL RISE! The DFO Mailbag of Law and Fantasy Football is Now In Session (please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page). Greetings Dick Joke Enthusiasts.  It's your old pal TrollSoHardUniversity.  As some of you know, I'm licensed attorney and a fantasy football mastermind.    Last January, I came

White Men Deserve a Break

Happy Fourth of July. During lunch at work, I came across Roland Merullo's "In Defense of The White Male", published in the Boston Globe yesterday. It's reproduced below in normal font, commentary on italics.   EVERYWHERE I TURN these days I encounter the term “white male,” almost always used in a pejorative

Pens-Jacks Quasi-Preview Or Some Such (mostly Ice Stillers)

The Pittsburgh Ice Stillers commence their Stanley Cup title defense against the "third best" team in the Metro Division, Columbus. The Pens recorded their third-best record in franchise history with 111 points, which not only wasn't enough to win the division (piss off, Crapitals), but, has them playing the equally

Celebrity Superb Owl Picks: Sean Spicer

COWARDLY MEDIA WHORE TRADING JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY FOR ACCESS: Good evening, and welcome to CNN. Tonight, we turn to a somewhat lighter topic than normal: picking the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl. With us tonight is professional faux-liberal doormat Alan  Colmes... COLMES: Thank you. I'm just so happy to be... WHORE: And

CrimeBeat!: Giving Up the Gun Edition

[Note From The "Author": pursuant to a number of comments across multiple posts, CrimeBeat! will officially be a politics-free zone until things calm the fuck down. I trust that you are all (mostly) intelligent adults who understand the responsibility to keep yourselves informed and participate in the political process. I

Jeff Fisher Did His Job

The Rams have fired Jeff Fisher, per Chris Mortensen.  Since Mort is generally solid, I'm going with it.  After my theory on Jeff Fisher started to trend, a year later, (thanks PFTCommenter!), it really started to seem true after the Rams handed him a contract extension. Welp, those days are over. 

Your “Hurry Up, Baby. Daddy Needs His Fix” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Day-before Glorious NFL Returns News: It's kind of a light day, because most everything on every team is in a holding pattern until after the first game. Seantrel Henderson is (duh!) appealing his imminent 4-game suspension for violating drug policy. At this point, the only things left on Buffalo's front lines

Your “Season-Ending Injury-Free/Tom Coughlin Walks Into The Sunset And A Lot Of Glass Doors” New York Giants Season Preview

Before we start with the latest incarnation of the Giants we should all pour out a bag of oats for the old gray mare that isn't what he used to be. Tom Coughlin limped away last year at the behest of head office and tens of thousands of fans despite