Announcing… The #DoLoThroDo17 Challenge.

I'm doing a stupid thing on Saturday, and I encourage you all to join me in this endeavour if you so please. If you want to follow along live while I do so, be sure to follow me on Twitter at @TSN_Jorts. I'll probably be starting around 1 PM EST,

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 96)

The scene: The future! A time centuries from now, when mankind has survived countless wars, disasters and Zymm-related incidents to...well, maybe not thrive, exactly. I mean, it's more like mankind is still kicking around on a planet that's become pretty darn weird. Until recently Emperor Moose ruled with an iron

Hard Ride To Nowhere (Chapter 95)

The scene: The Secret Base on the Island of Doktor Zymm! Ballsofsteelandfury is walking down the hallway with Moosemas Gorilla, Jerry and BFC. BFC: We appreciate the tour! This place is yuuuge! Ballsofsteelandfury: No problem. I figured you guys should know your way around a bit. Jerry (walking toward a door): Hey,