Instant Hippo Thoughts

"OW MY HEAD!" "UGH, MY STOMACH!" "YIKES,  MY BALLS!" These may be some of the thoughts going through Hippo's head today as he is under the weather and has requested assistance in fulfilling his weekly report to you fine folks. Now,  granted,  I do not speak hillbilly although I can understand it. Thus,  you

Hallowe’en- The Devil returns to Buffalo

[inside, night, 4 people huddled around a table in a dark corner of the Anchor Bar.  Outside is cold and snowing] Devil Thanks for meeting me here guys Peterman No problem McCoy [stairs blankly] Devil [mutters to him\her self] no one is going to hit you here, take off the damn helmet Lorenzo Alexander Hello Devil So...I called

Boots on the Ground! Things to do in Denver When You’re Drunk Pt 2: Red Rocks!

Welcome back to another edition of Boots On The Ground! In part 1 of this 2-part series I shared my experiences in and around the Denver area, focusing mainly on Coors Field, beer, food and beer. Today I wanted to show you the primary reason I visited the Denver area

Hard Knocks Season Premier and Tuesday Night Open Thread.

Hot diggity damn y'all! It's premier night for Hard Knocks on HBO! While many folks will bitch and moan about the repetition, the tired tropes, the year-to-year story lines I am hear to tell you "Who gives a flying fuck?" To me it means football is right around the corner. One way

Your “Be Nice to the Sub” Monday Open Thread

As if you didn't get enough World Cup coverage,  I am here tonight because MicheladaTioRoberto has been forced to do work at inconvenient times for the Open Thread. So,  first things first. Following today's games,  here is how the first two groups ended up: GROUP A WINNER: Uruguay GROUP A RUNNERUP: Russia GROUP B


This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Shut up, tWBS! The wait is finally over and the real non-friendly games begin.  We are starting at the ripe time of 4 AM Pacific because the Opening Ceremony to the 2018 World Cup begins at 6:00 AM Pacific and we need

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16 I, Kravius Kravius looked up from his lunch. Andrus, the arena manager, was standing in the doorway. He looked nervous which was entirely reasonable since he was interrupting Kravius's lunch. “Whadda you want?” Kravius was a single-minded sort whose mind was currently focused on the ingestion of several thousand calories. He

Prisoners On The Pleasure Planet! Chapter Fifteen

The scene: The DFO clubhouse. Low Commander enters to find a banged-up Old School Zero and a disheveled Rikki-Tikki-Deadly sitting back and smoking a bowl. Low Commander: Hey, guys...what's up? OSZ (mumbling): Nng. Gnng hng nng. Low Commander (noticing OSZ's wired jaw): Whoa! What the hell happened? Rikki-Tikki-Deadly: Hey, LC! Well, I found this

Goddess II – Epilogue

EXTERIOR, Balls' beach house, pool deck, San Felipe,  Baja California,  México The sun is slowly setting on the mountains at Balls' back leaving streaks of pink, orange, and yellow across the cloudy sky. In front of Balls, the Sea of Cortés is calm and reflects the light of the bluish-purplish sky as

Your Why Are You Not Out Watching Deadpool 2? Open Thread

So, yesterday I left work a little early and caught a 4:00 PM showing of Deadpool 2 at my local mall/multiplex.  There are a lot of things to unwrap: I paid $20 USD for a fucking movie ticket at fucking 4:00 PM!  Granted, it was a Dolby cinema with fully

Hard Ride To Nowhere: The End, No Really I Mean It This Time, Seriously, Guys, This Is It

The scene: The Door Flies Open clubhouse, where Old School Zero and Darkest Timeline Zach Morris are cleaning up the debris from Doktor Zymm's RV crashing through the wall. OSZ: Man, what a mess! I can't believe this. DTZM: Ah, what are you gonna do? It's just cool most of us are