On Politics, Trump, and why the Patriots are a perfect reflection of Trump’s America

We here on this fair site have a deep deep hatred for the Patriots.  Their “success” and the reaction of their fanbase to this success has fed the hate and kept it at a nice even temperature long enough to smoke all the cattle in Texas. In a similar vein, the

A Completely Neutral, Thorough Preview of the AFC Championship Game

WCS: Well, strangely enough, the Steelers are in the AFC Championship Game. Again. Oh, and it's against the Patriots. Again. This after being 4-5 at one point in November. They've since run off nine-straight wins, won the AFC North, and got through their first two playoff games. Mike Tomlin and

A Team Without a Franchise Quarterback is Like a Patriots Team Without a Gritty, Scrappy, Lunchpail Type Guy Playing Slot Receiver

Editor's Note: This song, with minor tweaks, was composed by reddit user A_Participant, and I was so moved that I decided to package it along with some images.  Enjoy!  BILL BELICHICK The name's Belichick, Bill Belichick, and I come before you general managers tonight with a trade proposal.  Probably the greatest [turns

The only acceptable way to expand the NFL Playoffs

So, writers across the country are trying to fill space between playoff games by deriding Roger Goodell's idea for expansion of the playoffs solely because of this weekend's particularly sucky games.  Granted, it's an over-reaction, but any time anyone gives Roger Goodell shit for being a National Disgrace, it's also

TGISF…aka “Last Second Re-Tread and also Merry New Year!!!!!” Sexy Friday Open Thread

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jFOdtweVWI Beef Jerky Time!!!!   There's plenty, you know. - I'm sorry folks.  Sincerely.  This week....Thank God It's Sexy Friday is going to suck.  And I don't mean just a little bit of suck.  It's going to suck badly.  I mean like, if I got paid anything around here, this one would warrant getting

Li’l Johnny Saves Christmas, Part One: An entropy-style Christmas Special

Li’l Johnny Saves Christmas, Part One --or, This Is Not the True Meaning of Christmas, Or Even “Saves,” For That Matter-- I. Best Laid Plans   Christmas had come round again, And Johnny was going away He already made excuses to friends For missing Christmas Day.   He’d packed away his sunscreen, He’d bought extra flip-flops Johnny even paid a little extra For the

A Correction is Made. A Promise is Kept.

Int: A very dark and damp room. The only sounds are a steady drip of water and quiet sobs and moans. Victim #3: "Hello? Please. Anybody? Hello?" /more sobs and sniffling sounds are heard. V3: " I know someone is here. I've heard things moving about. Why are you doing this?" /suddenly a bare

DFO Halloween Stories: Mr. Brown’s Shortcut

EXT: Pittsburgh Steelers practice facility. Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton are catching passes from a Jugs passing machine: Markus Wheaton: "Damn, Antonio! You can catch some serious fastballs from that machine. How many passes do you catch each day?" Antonio Brown: "I guess a couple hundred a day. Give or take. Gotta stay sharp