TGISF… AKA “Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside” Sexy Friday Open Thread

I'm pretty certain that this is the latest I've ever been in starting on TGISF.  I can't be certain, because I tend to stay drunk and/or high whenever possible these days, but I'm pretty sure. /checks clock //checks calendar Yikes.  Yep.  It's currently 12:40am on Friday, December the 15th.  Usually I'm more or

TGISF… AKA Your “Wang Chung Tonight” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Short week this week for a few reasons.  So I'm dipping into the "Pool of Princesses" for TGISF this week to make things easy on myself.  Low hanging fruit, yada yada yada. And while I don't have the energy or the creativity to try to be coy with the identity of

STRAIGHT UP TRIPPIN IN L.A, YO! Boots on the Ground: Saints at Rams by DJ Taj

Banner image courtesy of the legendary Ralph Steadman. Turn off your mind, relax and just float along with me. Maybe it was the 50 grams of high grade edible pot or maybe it was the terribly (we'll get to that ) overpriced beers but what started out was a simple idea, I'm

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Cincinnati Bengals

Sweet, sweet hatred - I found you at last. For as long as I have been torturing myself (and you) with these articles, I had yet to find concrete examples of undiluted anger. Sure, there were a few armchair patriots who got their say in during the early days of the

DFO-CON Vegas II – We’re All Still Alive

As most of you are aware, and are probably tired of hearing about by now I'm sure, some of us here at DFO got together this past weekend in Las Vegas for fun and fellowship.  It was our 2nd consecutive year in Vegas.  And though our numbers may have been

TGISF… AKA “Are Ya Feelin’ Lucky, Punk?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Note:  While I wasn't paying attention, BallsofSteel once again invaded my personal space.  At least this time I didn't need antibiotics afterwards. But I digress... In all seriousness, I've got a busy week, including packing for and going to Vegas.  Balls has been kind enough to "volunteer" to contribute his vast and

25 Questions (Plus One)…

...About this... Sort of. This one is a little different than our normal 25 Questions format, so pay attention. While any and all you are more than welcome to answer these questions regarding yourselves and your own Las Vegas experiences, and I think we'd all enjoy it if you would.... This one is actually

TGISF…AKA “Now We’re Cooking” Sexy Friday Open Thread

So I guess many of us did some cooking yesterday.  Or at least reaped the benefits of someone else doing it. Me myself?  I cooked.  And I know some of the rest of you did as well based upon our Thanksgiving Eve open thread discussions. I enjoy cooking.  Very much.  I especially

The Dak Prescott School of Maturity: Chapter 3

INT. BANQUET HALL - DAY We open on an establishing shot of a gigantic dining hall.  Massive oak tables, chandeliers full of candles, and brightly coloured banners abound.  The hall is filled with students, most of whom are already sitting and chattering excitedly.  The camera tracks upward to an announcer's booth