Your “Half Mast Kinda Night” Friday Evening Open Thread

I just got in from the airport at around 2am this morning after a cross country flight  (and boy are my arms tired). I was already cranky due to having to leave California and come back home to North Cackalacky in the first place.  Then I hit a snag in LA

AFL Beat 2019 Round 12

This week, Tis just a scratch! Is it possible the Blues can be happy? And that's apparently a behind Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 12 Recaps and Highlights Last week, I mentioned that I really hate the byes. It cuts down the number of games from 9 to 6 and it happens

Your “Ugh – Toronto” Monday Evening Open Thread

The Toronto Fire of 1904 NFL News: it's quiet in advance of some minicamps opening Tuesday Cam Newton has been cleared to start throwing at the Panthers minicamp which begins Tuesday. Newton said in February that the shoulder was so sore before the Panthers shut him down the final two games

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: So you feel like making a Burger?

Good morning everyone! Damn glad to have you here. Have you ever taken on a really detailed project, like for work or some shit? Maybe you had to move once and you only had a very short time to do it? Or I know! Your kids finally went to bed on Christmas

Your “Guess Who Flew To California And Then Woke Up Sick Today?” Friday Evening Open Thread

Seriously, it's almost funny.  I woke up sick today.  Not sick enough to miss the pub crawl tomorrow.  But sick enough that I stayed in today and napped most of the day so that I wouldn't HAVE to miss the pub crawl tomorrow. Anyway, I have no idea what to talk

Hot and Unstable: Argentina 2019 Copa América Preview

Prodigious resources wasted by incompetent narcissists: that’s Argentina. But enough about politics. Let’s talk fútbol. In the last World Cup, Argentina had one of the more STACKT rosters but were buried under coach Jorge Sampaoli, a clueless diva whose main talent was out-asshole-ing himself. “Smurfs! I HATE SMURFS!” (traslation mine) In Russia 2018,

AFL Beat 2019 Round 11

This week, This was called a goal even though it was touched off the boot. DUDE! You got a bottle opener? And that's Adelaide Arena at Jiangwan Stadium Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 11 Recaps and Highlights It's too bad our normal schedule of one Australian Friday Night game (North American Thursday night),

Your “Sometimes Less Is More” Friday Evening Open Thread

OK, I have to be careful here.  Because I respect women a great deal.  And I sincerely mean that. In fact ironically, trying very hard (phrasing) to be respectful has seriously gotten me in trouble in some relationships lately.  Although I still am not sure why.  I've been told I'm trying

AFL Beat 2019 Round 10

This week, This was PRE-game DUDE! NOT the hair! And I don't care who you are, that's fucking cool. Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 10 Recaps and Highlights You know? I really enjoy our normal schedule of one Australian Friday Night game (North American Thursday night), five Australian Saturday games (North American

Your Indy 500 / Coke 600 Memorial Day Weekend Open Thread

There is a pretty good article here that gives you a run-down of every entrant in the Indianapolis 500. It mentions that this is the one race, kind of like the Kentucky Derby that everyone watches even if they haven't seen a race all year. It's like

Your “Possibly Nihilistic” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yep, I'm mailing this one in big time this week.  Mostly because I'm traveling and I procrastinated all week on writing it until it was too late.  I probably should have shopped it out to someone else, actually.  Meh.  Who cares? But there is no content this week other than pretty

NFL Speakeasy Stories: Relinquish

Angel’s Share, East Village. 2:47 am, May 22nd, 2019 Door handles. Door handles jiggle when they are locked. Why do door handles jiggle when they are locked but turn smoothly otherwise? This thing isn't even supposed to be locked. These are the thoughts of a typically straight-laced professional on the tail end