Your “Politeness is the flower of humanity” Friday Evening Open Thread

OK.  Not to sound too maudlin, but this will be my father's fifth dead Christmas.  He went out in the spring of '15. Shit happens. I like flowers. (I'm not gay, you're gay) ((not that there's anything wrong with that)) But every year we go and visit his (and other dead folks') graves and put

Your “You Get What You Pay For” Friday Evening Open Thread

I don't have anything meaningful to say today.  I'd like to think of something to write about.  But here we are less than an hour before post time and I got absolutely nothing. I ate too much yesterday. I plan to drink too much tonight. Christmas tree and other assorted decorational shit has

Your “Colours Make Things Interesting – Part Three” Friday Evening Open Thread

I bet you thought I'd forgotten about this little series.  Well, "series" might be pushing it considering that this is only the third installment and it's been nearly a year since the first and second installments.  And considering it's been that long you, dear reader, have probably forgotten anyway. But it's

The Teacher’s Pet Interior, Patriots training facility, Gillette Stadium - a luxury suite Bill Belichick: grumble grumble Okay, it's 15 minutes to 10:00. Time to start the meeting. grumble grumble Tom Brady: You know it, coach! I can't wait to learn something new today! Cody Kessler: Mr. Brady? Do you think me & Stidham could attend this

Your “Well I Guess That’s Music, Allegedly – #3” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yeah, it's been a while.  But you remember.  This is one of those weeks where I can't think of anything else so I choose one (or more) musical artists to feature.  Generally, their musical accolades are best. But not their sexy.  That is unimpeachable.  Kinda like someone else I know. Anywhooooo... This

Your “Taking Leave Of Our Senses” Friday Evening Open Thread

Leaves have been falling here for a coupla months now.  I've kept up with them, at least to a degree, up until now.  But frankly it's still been rather warm and I've come to dislike yardwork when I have to sweat to do it.  This week it has turned considerably

Your “Riding That Sugar High” Friday Evening Open Thread

Last night as I was driving home, I noticed multiple hordes of hooligans roaming the street and looking for trouble it seemed.  They were in disguise so as not to be identified.  It was a scene right out of "A Clockwork Orange ". I watched as they systematically went door to