AFL Beat 2018 Round 22

This week, Welcome To Balls Of Steel’s AFL Beat! Round 22 Recaps and Highlights The Round started on Australian Friday Night with Essendon's last and only hope of staying in the finals picture:  Beating Richmond at the MCG. Yeah, that wasn't really going to happen, right? To their credit, the Bombers kept it

Your “It’s Tuesday Which Means…At Least It’s not Monday????” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Wow, what a day. I ended a relationship and got accused of hit and run. OK, for the record, those two things are unrelated.  I was not accused of hit and run by the young lady I ended the relationship with. Well, that's not exactly true.  But she didn't say it in those

Vikings Season Preview: Coach Zimmer reads a tweet.

Exterior - Vikings Training Camp. Day. The team practices in full pads. Coach Zimmer is observed at a distance and is unusually quiet. Vikings GM Rick Speilman addresses the media. Rick Speilman: "Coach Zimmer doesn't have any statement to make as of today but I can answer any team related questions you may

AFL Beat 2018 Round 21

This week, Welcome To Balls Of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 21 Recaps and Highlights The Round started,  as usual,  with Australian Friday Night Footy and the Essendon Bombers hosting the St. Kilda Saints in a desperate attempt to keep their faint finals hopes alive. On the bright side for the Bombers,  it was the

Your “The Pre-Season Zombie-Like Apathy Is Palpable” Sunday Evening Open Thread

The first weekend of Pre-Season Footbaw seems to have taken its toll.  Some folks (us) seem sort of apathetic. But it also seems to have some other folks feeling....well... not so apathetic... The brawl spilled over into the crowd. Media wasn’t able to record during this period, but there’s gonna be some

AFL Beat 2018 Round 20

This week, It was that kind of week... Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 20 Recaps and Highlights Strap yourselves in, kids,  because this week's games gave us quite a ride. It all started on Friday morning when I woke up early enough to catch the second part of the third quarter

PTO 2: The Base

The Factory Training Center - Sherman Oaks, CA - EXT, Day Four men alternate between running scripted plays and navigating neon green cones via plyometric exercises. Though the facility is otherwise empty, the intensity level of the group is high. The grunts and cheers of the men echo off the small

AFL Beat 2018 Round 19

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat! *** Round 18 Recaps and Highlights The Round started off with an Elimination game for Essendon.  The Bombers were hosting the Sydney Swans and desperately needed to win to maintain any hopes of playing finals. The game was close for about three quarters and then

Your “Maybe Just A Little Sexy” Friday Evening Open Thread

We're gonna get through this quickly, class, because I don't have much to talk about this week. OK, ok...settle down, class.  Hmmm....let's see... Southwest Airlines still sucks.  Check. St. Louis' Lambert International Airport is still a shithole and should be razed from the planet.  Check. And California still has legal weed (I should know,

AFL Beat: 2018 Round 18

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat! *** Round 18 Recaps and Highlights The Round began on Australian Friday Night (North American late Thursday/ early Friday) with the Richmond Tigers taking on the St. Kilda Saints. Was I going to wake up early to watch this one? Only the fourth quarter and

AFL Beat 2018 Round 17

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! *** Round 17 Recaps and Highlights The Round started off with my Geelong Cats visiting the Adelaide Crows after upsetting the Sydney Swans in Sydney.  Did the Cats have two road upsets in a row in them? Unfortunately not.  They did well to stage a nice