Pre-NFL Draft DFO Draft – For Ole Times’ Sake

One of the very few rules we set up around here when DFO was created was that we would try to not copy or rehash posts that KSK made famous. For the most part, we've been pretty successful in forging our own path. Heck, even former KSKers are copying

Oscars 2019 Preview and Open Thread: We Got to Move These Acclaimed Motion Pictures. We Got to Move These Short Nominees.

Welcome to Oscars Evening, Commentists! I'm back, and I've got some more capital-T Takes on these awards, specifically the prestige categories, the short films, and the feature films that well-adjusted people probably care even less about than they do the short films. But first, I want to yell about something

Oscars 2019 Preview: I Have Eaten The Polar Bears That Were In Your Ice Cap

Happy Oscar weekend! In past years, I know, I've spread this out a little more, but there were a few key films I had to go down to the wire to find time to watch. It's honestly still looking questionable whether I'll see everything on the list this year, thanks

AVN Prédiction Results Special

The show is done, the orgies have finished, and the awards have been handed out. The pressing question inside each of your minds is, of course, how did Balls do in predicting the winners? Well, dear readers, the answer will be coming soon (seewhatididthere?) but first

Oscars 2019: Tell Homeland Security – We Are The Noms

Welcome to late January! It's a time we at DFO most associate with bitching that the goddamned Patriots are in the stupid fucking Super Bowl again, but that's not all these bleak winter weeks have to offer. There are also movie awards! Balls of Steel is already ably handling the