Balls and tWBS: At The Movies

Citizen Kane Casablanca Gone With The Wind Lawrence of Arabia Schindler's List These are just a few of the movies celebrated as being the best of all time and which I haven't watched. This is Balls, btw. tWBS is more cultured than me and may have seen some of these. tWBS:  I've actually seen Citizen Kane 

I Just Realized the New “Ghost in the Shell” is Rated PG-13…

...and naturally I had to come to the INTERNET to complain about it. Are you fucking kidding me?! A major part of the premise and success of the cyber-punk source material is the complete and ridiculous over the top violence! Just look at some of this shit (unless you are at

Oscar Preview 2017: Ya Betta Act, Someboday (or, Open Thread)

In the last day or two before the Academy awards, I like to try to expand my horizons and watch a few of the movies Oscar forgot, the ones that were too small or too weird or just for whatever reason overlooked. Last year, just before the show, I caught Tangerine,

Your “Oscars Eve Razzie Night” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Bienvenido a la noche del sábado, Commentistas. If you are on the verge of either going out, or **shudder** talking to relatives, the Razzies ceremony is this evening, possibly even on their YouTube channel. The winners were announced earlier today. Find them on a regular entertainment site, as their homepage looks like it

Oscars 2017: I’m Sorry, I Don’t Know Anything About La La Land

I told myself I was going to try to keep my Oscar posts a little shorter this year. So far, well... Here are your 2017 Academy Award nominees! BEST PICTURE Arrival Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Hidden Figures La La Land Lion Manchester by the Sea Moonlight I'm behind on my top-of-ticket viewing so far this year, having seen

I Need to Talk About “Doctor Strange”

So, I saw "Doctor Strange" Friday afternoon. I almost didn't. There were two of these sitting behind me They wouldn't shut up during the whole 20 minutes of previews. Fine, I thought, it's just previews. I can YouTube that shit later. It was stuff I'd see, like "Logan", "Guardians 2", and "Rogue