House of Pain: Dabbin’ on Them Sauces No, not that one. Definitely not that one. Even if it is Squidward doing it. This one. This is The Last Dab. Background time! Hot Ones is a webseries hosted by Sean Evans where he asks celebrities questions as they eat progressively spicer chicken wings. The first wing is relatively mild (depending on

House of Pain: No Heat ‘Til Brooklyn (Or, a Third Hot Sauce Expo Recap)

I promise to keep it shorter this time! Yes, end of April, time for another Hot Sauce Expo excursion to Brooklyn. Though abridged since I taught in the morning and afternoon, and I drove there and parking was… eh, not the worst I've experienced. Thank goodness it was Sunday so no

House of Pain (The Reignition): A Treatise on Tabasco

Hey there, lizard people. we're back, and like the Hess truck, we're better than ever! /Looks down towards his abdomen… no, not that far, my eyes are up here. All right, well, we're back anyway, the level of back-ness is up for debate. I'm Senor Weaselo, and this is House of Pain.

A House of Pain Special! The Dankest Memesauce

We're back! Hello, and welcome to what I guess counts as another season of House of Pain, or a season preview, or something. I am, as always, your friendly neighborhood Senor Weaselo, and for this first episode or post or whatever of the 2018 offseason, I've got a doozy. First