Champions League Lesser Footy: Hump Day Edition Roundtable

Happy Hump Day everyone! Listen to her "singing" here. I can't imagine how she could have butchered the National Anthem We have a special edition of Champions League lesser footy today. England's lesser footy equivalent of the P*triots, Manchester United, play Sevilla. Oh, there's so many reasons to hate these crumpet eating

tWBS’ Contributions to Thee Superb Owl LII Champions….De Nada, Philly

"The best $600 I ever spent" Those are my own words.  I said them last night just before the final whistle of the Eagles' victory in Superb Owl LII. Oh sorry...just before the final whistle of the P*ts defeat.  Meh...Potato, Potahto. But you all better realize I bought that victory for Philly.  They

Your “Whose Bright Idea Was It To Leave tWBS In Charge?” Saturday Evening Open Thread

BeerGuyRob's.  That's who (Whose?  Whom?  Whut?). Yep, BeerBoyBobby is a selfish bastard.  He decided he'd rather pawn off his responsibilities tonight.  Just to go watch wrasslin'. I mean whut's up with this, Canadia????? But OK.  Fine.  I get it.  Trim and fit bodies in tights.  And a little sweaty.  And slapping up against

DFO “Insiders” Predict the Championship Round!

Championship weekend is here! Before getting started let's address the obvious. Trust me I watched every replay and this was definitely the best angle. Turn the volume up for this one. Having been to US Bank Stadium I can testify that it is loud during a regular season game I can't imagine

FISHNET: A BoTG Investigation

Author's Note:  I watched a lot of TV when I was a kid.  One of my favorites was old reruns of Dragnet.  For me, Jack Webb's vocal mannerisms as the Joe Friday character are classic, and sometimes even now, that just comes out.  That's what happened here when I sat

DFO Insiders Predict! The Divisional Round

Well that was certainly a wild card round wasn't it? Last week when we posted the wild card round predictions I mentioned how those "expert insiders" at the 4 letter network had all gone chalk on their wild card predictions. Well guess what motherfuckers? ALL of you were wrong. Every goddamn

DFO “Insiders” Predict the NFL Wild Card Round. With Bonus Analysis!

Banner photo courtesy: After an unprecedentedly strange, bizarre? unusual? After a really weird fucking NFL regular season we have finally made it to here. The start of the NFL postseason! Congratulations are in order to 11 of the 12 playoff entrants - fuck the 12th - and condolences are in order

JV NFL 30 December Afternoon Offerings

What wagers can I get horribly wrong today?? Gator Bowl - Louisville v. Mississippi State (Noon, ESPN) Such a shame that Dan Mullen won't be around for this, as would make for a great coaching matchup.  Ville have been disappointing all season long, though, and I don't see any reason why that

JV Exhibitions 23 December Thread (3:00 EST UPDATE – Bonus Varsity Early “Action”)

Air thine grievances here, y'all. Birmingham Bowl - Texas Tech v. South Florida (Noon, ESPN) IIRC, this used to have Papa John attached to it, surely a relief to him not, now that the city done sent all them daaaahhhhkies to vote for Sen-elect Doug Muthafuckin' Jones!!  No, I'm not tired of saying

TGISF… AKA Your “Wang Chung Tonight” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Short week this week for a few reasons.  So I'm dipping into the "Pool of Princesses" for TGISF this week to make things easy on myself.  Low hanging fruit, yada yada yada. And while I don't have the energy or the creativity to try to be coy with the identity of

DFO-CON Vegas II – We’re All Still Alive

As most of you are aware, and are probably tired of hearing about by now I'm sure, some of us here at DFO got together this past weekend in Las Vegas for fun and fellowship.  It was our 2nd consecutive year in Vegas.  And though our numbers may have been