2017 Quotables – Super Bowl (Results)

Another great season of Quotables. Kudos all around. You know, I thought the submissions these last couple weeks had been quite weak but you all really came through. So thanks for making me look good. You submissions are here. Results below. We'll see y'all back here for some -- well, realistically,

2017 Quotables – Week 17 (Results)

Congrats to those of you who made it through another successful regular season. The fans -- the silent heroes of the NFL (except in Seattle where they are just so loud/throw fish) -- I don't think get enough credit for the mental anguish they experience every year. I mean, Browns

Let’s Take a Field Trip!

Banner image via some random ass site Scene: A large industrial footprint that, come on, you can read the banner image, right? Clearly we're at a recycling facility. Let's say it's north of New York for proximity to the NFL offices and because where exactly doesn't matter. It's fiction, just suspend