World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Denmark

As I'm typing this, a delicious slice of Danish kringle is settling in my stomach.  The Danish kringle is the State Dessert of Wisconsin, don'tchaknow? How is that possible?  Also, how is it that couples all across Los Angeles go to Solvang as their weekend-getaway/let's go bang for the weekend and see

2018 World Cup Team Preview – Australia

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat Australian World Cup Preview! I put Tim Cahill pics up because the story of successful Australian fútbol in the last few years is the story of one Timothy Filiga Cahill.  He is Australia's highest goal scorer of all time and has led the

World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Spain

You may remember my post about Spain from last year: Link That tells you pretty much all I want to tell you about Spain The Country. This post will actually focus pretty heavily on Spain The Team.  Why? Because Spain is one of the five teams I think have a realistic shot to

World Cup 2018 Preview – The Kingdom at the Cup

Any discussion of Saudi Arabia, especially during the holy month of Ramadan (which started at sunset on May 14), must first begin with debate over the proper pronunciation of the country's name. The 2018 World Cup will mark Saudi Arabia's fifth time competing in this event. Their previous four appearances all

World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Russia

If you think i'm going to fill this preview with pictures of hot Russian girls that may or may not have peed on various heads of state, including our own President, you know me quite well. There will be some fútbol,  of course,  but let's face it,  not even the Russian

World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Egypt

Before we begin, obligatory: Lazy, yes, but do you really think I'm going to pass up a chance to show you Susanna Hoffs in a skimpy outfit? Fuck and no.  Damn, she can still get it. Speaking of, can the Egyptian National Team get it in the World Cup?  "It" being, of course,

HAPPY FUN BRAIN SCREAMING TIME: A Buffalo Bills Season Preview!

Holy shit, you guys, I can't remember going into a Bills regular season so stoked about their chances to Make Some Noise since... well, certainly since the expiration date on my collectable box of Flutie Flakes! Yes, it's been a long playoff drought. The Drought can now legally drive and get