2018 Bowl Sponsorship Analysis (Pre-Christmas Games)

I've always said that, if you really want to know who you are, look at what products are advertised to you. Advertising is an over $200 billion per year industry and these dollars aren't just thrown around fruitlessly. No sir, modern advertisements utilize pinpoint accuracy to hit a desired customer

That’s the Joke

Disclaimer: This is absolutely not NFL-related. It's not even sports related. But it is joke-related. Continue at your own discretion. Or go back to working like a chump or reading something other than [DFO] while you sit on the can. Whatever. All- As many of you are aware, my wife and I

Football is Family 2

INT. BIDWILL RESIDENCE, THANKSGIVING DAY An unconventional Thanksgiving fare sits untouched on the kitchen counter. Presented on silver platters and crystal serving dishes, the stuffed turkey is replaced with a whole roasted pig. The sides are not typical bowls of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans. Rather, the accompaniments are bowls of