Your 2018 La Liga Preview

The games start today (in roughly 15 minutes, I believe), so what better time than the present to give you what you've all been waiting for? Contrary to what Litre_cola might have said in his preview, I don't believe in too much fútbol.  Hell, the rest of the world doesn't either.

AFL Beat 2018 Round 21

This week, Welcome To Balls Of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 21 Recaps and Highlights The Round started,  as usual,  with Australian Friday Night Footy and the Essendon Bombers hosting the St. Kilda Saints in a desperate attempt to keep their faint finals hopes alive. On the bright side for the Bombers,  it was the

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Where we eat healthy! Until we don’t.

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone has had a festive weekend full of frivolity and madcap shenanigans. Or at least a weekend where you sat in air conditioning in your underwear drinking copious amounts of alcohol. That's OK too. There's been a lot of bitching about the heat lately so I'll try not

Your 2018 Cleveland Browns Season Preview

So,  true story, I was joking around about how I'd draw the short straw and do the Cleveland Browns season preview and instead turn it into an AFL finals preview and before I knew it,  I had actually been assigned the Browns! That should teach me to keep my mouth shut. Now,

AFL Beat 2018 Round 20

This week, It was that kind of week... Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 20 Recaps and Highlights Strap yourselves in, kids,  because this week's games gave us quite a ride. It all started on Friday morning when I woke up early enough to catch the second part of the third quarter

BRING BACK MATT! The DFO Interview: Matt Ufford

In honor of [Door Flies Open]’s third “anniversary” (the site was here before, but… you know), the writing staff… nearly forgot about it. In a way, I feel that's a good thing because it means we've been around for a little while. But once we realized the moment upon us,

Your “Do You Ever Feel Like A Plastic Bag Drifting Through The Wind?” Saturday Evening Open Thread As of last night, this video has 1,112,055,580 views. I thought that was a lot, but then right alongside was "Roar", which has over 2.5 billion views. Apparently, "Gangnam Style" is the record holder, with 3,181,065,840 views. Thus ends "Inane facts intro", with Beerguyrob. The reason I bring this up is because tonight

Pads are thumping and beers are cracking Tuesday evening open thread

Evening folks! Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. How's the weather out there? Today's forecast high for the greater Phoenix Metro area was? 116 degrees. One Hundred Sixteen Fucking degrees! Downtown LA was in the 90's and there is an extended excessive heat warning for the next 48 hours. Here on the Coast it's been

What’s on Tonight? Nothing! The slowest night of the sports year open thread!

Greetings everyone! The day is here. It has arrived. Today, the day after the MLB All Star game, is officially the slowest sports day in the entire calendar year. Not a single one of the major sports are playing meaningful games. Not one. This is the absolute pinnacle of nothingness, the zenith. The anti-nadir. The nexus

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Where we talk about loss.

Good morning everyone. Sunday Gravy is back in it's regular time slot! I thought we would approach things a little bit differently today. Yes, we still will have our usual amount of dick jokes and frivolity but at the same time we will be addressing a difficult issue as well as setting

“It’s going to be an odd week” Monday evening open thread.

Hey folks! Happy Monday evening! This has potential to be a really strange week. I'm working Monday and Tuesday, off on Wednesday for the 4th then working Thursday and Friday. Who the fuck schedules a holiday in the middle of the week? Work will be slow, I think, since the folks who had the

Your “Be Nice to the Sub” Monday Open Thread

As if you didn't get enough World Cup coverage,  I am here tonight because MicheladaTioRoberto has been forced to do work at inconvenient times for the Open Thread. So,  first things first. Following today's games,  here is how the first two groups ended up: GROUP A WINNER: Uruguay GROUP A RUNNERUP: Russia GROUP B