Boots On The Ground: A Vacation Before The Camera Goes Up The Arse

So, on November 17th, I was supposed to undergo my second colonoscopy in two months. Because of a previous bout of kidney failure - involving a viral infection, 40 lost pounds, and organ function bad enough to be considered for a transplant - I have been on a five-year cycle of

Look Left, Look Right. You’re All Cut. The Colts Bye-Week. Why Did I Click This?

By now, you've read a great many of these bye week updates. All with an unique style and approach. Bravo and much praise to my colleagues for creating such mirth and merriment. I had intended to have some kind of off-kilter oddball opus of my own to contribute to the

LA Football Report – Thanksgiving Week

As we get closer to stuffing ourselves with turkey and three football games on Thursday, it's time to once again take a look at how things look on the Best Coast of the Best Coast. Only San Diego has warmer ocean water,  but our beaches are undoubtedly better.  Need more proof? But

ICYMI: The Official DFO Guide to Other Sports

Editor's Note:  The following post was first run on Valentine's Day of this year.  No, we're not insane and we do not think today is Valentine's Day.  But the nature of the information contained herein happens to again be topical.  Also, there might be a quiz later. ******* Yes, this is a

Balls and tWBS: At The Movies

Citizen Kane Casablanca Gone With The Wind Lawrence of Arabia Schindler's List These are just a few of the movies celebrated as being the best of all time and which I haven't watched. This is Balls, btw. tWBS is more cultured than me and may have seen some of these. tWBS:  I've actually seen Citizen Kane 

A Night at the D.I.

[Exterior, a dark wood, 3:00 PM] TWBS wakes up, startled.  He doesn't remember where he is or how he got here.  He searches for his phone, but there is no signal.  For some reason, this song is playing, at full volume: TWBS (scared):  Helloooo?  Is anyone out there? There is no answer. The

Your “Put The Bunny Back In The Box” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It's all about fragile QBs today Mike McCarthy is right: "Brett Hundley is not our issue right now". The offensive line, which is supposed to protect him, is. Bryan Bulaga tore an ACL last night and is done for the season. Paxton Lynch - still injured. He got

Your 2017 Stihlers Bye Week Report

Thought you were done with me, huh? Nope!  Because the Pittsburgh Steelers had a bye in the week just concluded, you get an update on where they are this season. Also, because it's me, you get it in homophonic pictorial form. Okay, let's start.  I originally said that this season would hinge on

Your “Game 7, Bay-Bay!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: New England is Hoyer Country once again as he signed a three-year deal to hold Tom's hat when he goes onto the field. But he almost stopped in Green Bay, as the Packers try to move on without Aaron Rodgers. Which CLEARLY bodes well for the rest of

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Baltimore Ravens

Remember - he was on two knees for Jesus. So, as the season has progressed, more candidates for evaluation have become apparent. When a team is 1-2, it's hard to say that the season might be lost, unless that team comes from Ohio. However, 3-4 gives more credence to the rumours

25 Questions About….

This Actually, it's really about this Allow me to explain.  Around the DFO water cooler,  Litre_ cola suggested that we rename the Houston Texans. We did this already with The Washington Redacteds and it makes sense to me since Deshaun Watson has proven to be really good and may actually push the