Wednesday Motivational – Deal With It

Life is hard.  That's never going to change.  That's just life. I've been dealing with a lot of things lately.  Some good, but mostly bad.  They've gotten me down.  I've had a difficult time with certain issues lately. But I've dealt with it. If I hadn't, it would have been much more difficult. Deal

tWBS On Relationships – Special Edition

Originally, this week we were going to begin talking about love and loss from a few years ago.  But then wordpress ate it.  Twice.  And I don't have time to type it all again this week.  So we'll get to that next week. So even though we've been working backwards chronologically,

Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Chapter 3

INTERIOR, THE HORSESHOE PUB, LONDON, EC1R 0AG, Drunk King Hippo: Methinks this will be an excellent match tonight. Gots +240 on Hammerin' Hank to score. Up the Toffees!!! Drunk Englishman: UP THE TOFFEES!!! They both crash their pint glasses into each other and promptly down the amber nectar. Drunk King

tWBS On Relationships – IV

In May of 2018 I traveled to Venice Beach, California for two weeks as I sometimes do.  The Venice and Santa Monica area is probably my favorite place in the world.  Venice in particular is a very interesting place to me, if for no other reason than all races and

Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Chapter 2

INTERIOR, FLIGHT WW810, WOW AIRLINES, SOMEWHERE OVER THE ATLANTIC (AGAIN) tWBS (sitting comfortably in a window seat, eating a delicious meal): Why are you so grouchy? Balls (seriously uncomfortable in the middle seat with no food): I. DID. NOT. SLEEP. WELL. LAST. NIGHT. tWBS: That’s a shame. I slept like

Los Fanáticos Argentinos Reaccionan Razonablemente

Balls Note: As a result of a special request from King Hippo, I'm doing this post entirely in Spanish. Take it as an opportunity to practice and learn something new! Special thanks to Don T for providing the images you will shortly enjoy. ¡Buenos días, mis amigos! Estoy

tWBS On Relationships – III (The Former tWLS)

This one's gonna hurt me, just so you know. And I know at the end of last week I said this would be a multi-parter.  I've changed my mind on that.  I'm just going to leave a lot of stuff out because... ....the better part of valor, one might say. OK, first for

Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Chapter 1

INTERIOR, FLIGHT WW174, WOW AIRLINES, SOMEWHERE OVER THE ATLANTIC Balls (sitting in cramped middle seat): I’m gonna kill you. tWBS (sitting in comfy seat on the window): What? Just because you couldn’t charm yourself to an upgrade! Balls: I still don’t understand how you did that. tWBS: It’s my

tWBS On Relationships – Part II (aka Why Is Gerald Here?)

OK, so in mid-May I drove up to Maryland.  I met up with some old High School friends and had some nice dinners.  Saw the Yankees beat the ever loving hell out of the Orioles.  You know, the standard fare. But that aside, when I checked into the hotel I was

Goddess 3 : Eurotrip – Prologue

Previously, on Goddess... Spur: Yes officers, I’m sure. It must have been my kid screwing around with the phone or something. Just then, the sound of six gunshots rings out from a short distance away. Spur: Awwwww, fuck. Officer #1: Do you know something about that, Sir? Spur: Gimme just a sec to call my

25 Questions About….

This: Today's topic comes to us courtesy of our own Litre_cola, who shared the above advertisement in the backroom and got my wheels spinning. As you know by now, I've got... questions. What's "gst"?Is it weird that that's the first question I asked?Should I update my wardrobe to add more black shirts, white