Why no one in LA gives a **** about the Chargers

As i'm writing this,  the Fox crew is still showing highlights of the Patriots' convincing win over the Chargers in the Divisional Round.  No one in LA except the players,  the coaches,  and their families is particularly upset about it. You may ask yourself why. It's actually

25 Questions – Bud Light Queen

While we may dislike the company itself and/or the product they sell (my Mexican friends famously call it "pipi beer"), you can't deny that Anheuser Busch advertising campaigns are effective. Everyone remembers the three frogs, right? https://youtu.be/WkavReH4LE0 Modern Day Louisiana Everyone also remembers the years when everyone answered the phone by saying,

New Year Resolutions Challenge

I asked in the DFO clubhouse if anyone did New Year's Resolutions. The response was basically the banner image. Some choice comments: King Hippo: I made a New Year's Resolution to stop making New Year's Resolutions about 10 years ago. And it stuck! Fuck yo' social rituals of illusory self-improvement. BFC:

Fun with Polls! Bob’s Burgers edition

So,  I've decided to institute a new series for the new year. Coming hot On the heels of the fabulously successful Miss BumBum pageant poll, I've decided to mine the collective minds of the Commentist Party in search of the definitive answer to the vexing questions of our time. First up:

Your Last Sexy Soccer Saturday of 2018

Yes,  I know.  I'm sad too.  However,  there is no need to fret as the New Year will bring us a TON of fun footy action! We will have another World Cup as the world's best women compete in France in the summer.  We still have the knockout stages of the

Your (Day After) Boxing Day Open Thread

So,  funny thing... Your good friend Balls has no clue as to how to read a calendar! I had this post all prepped and scheduled when someone reminded me I was scheduled to do an evening Open Thread today,  not yesterday. I'm always a Make A Margarita Out Of Lemons kind of

Where we Discuss the Meaning of the Holiday.

Sometime in the middle of last week it was starting to look like I would be working Christmas Eve - I still did - and would be alone on Christmas Day. Eldest right is going to visit youngest right along with all my little uns on Christmas Eve and Christmas

Your MNF Week 14 Open Thread

The parking lot was full of cars,  but everyone was already inside.  We were late. It was her company Christmas party and I really didn't want to go, but a good boyfriend does what a good boyfriend does and the reason we were late was because we'd gotten a little frisky

Your “Oh God, That’s Hilarious” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The headline really buries the lede: Jay Gruden: We didn't have many plays for Mark Sanchez Nowhere in the story does it point out that it was Jay Gruden who chose to have Mark Sanchez on his active roster. As noted by the master himself:  "Well, we had

Your Sexy Soccer Saturday Open Thread – Dec 1

Later this gorgeous Pacific Time morning, I'll be heading out to the LA Convention Center to check out the LA Auto Show. I may find my next car or I may just get extremely tired walking around for hours on end. Which will it be? STAY TUNED! In the meantime,  the UEFA Nations

[DFOnline] Red to the Dead to the Redemption 2

It has been some time since we've had a [DFOnline] post 'round these parts. Back in March, I was originally going to showcase a fantastic indie game by one of my favorite publishers, Subset Games, called Into the Breach. Originally launched on PC only, Into the Breach was recently ported to the