Your “Golf Leafs Golf” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Stealing from Crimebeat! 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster has been officially charged with one felony for domestic violence with aggravated bodily harm, another felony for forcefully attempting to prevent the victim from reporting the crime, and a third felony for possessing an assault weapon. Foster is also charged with a

Goddess II – Episode 10

[Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Casino Floor, 5:44am] Balls, Vanessa and tWBS sit at a bar overlooking the casino floor, sipping Mimosas.  From a distance, they watch as Leticia continues playing Blackjack at a table about 50 feet away.  The other two players who were seated at the table when Leticia

At The Movies VIII – Savage Beach

[Interior, DFO Clubhouse, Early Evening] Beastie and tWBS enter through the front door.  Balls sits at the table drinking a fruit, yogurt, tequila, and metamucil smoothie. Balls:  Where the hell have you guys been?  I've been waiting for you assholes forever to watch this movie. Beastie and tWBS (in unison):  Grumble grumble. Balls:  Fine,

Goddess II – Episode 9

[Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Citizens Kitchen and Bar, 3:41am] Balls, Vanessa, Leticia and tWBS all sit together at a table, eating. Balls (to Vanessa):  How are the pancakes? Vanessa:  They're great!  You want a bite? Balls:  No.  I'm good with my California Omelette.  This Pico de Gallo is amazing... Balls (to Leticia):  How's the

AFL Beat Special Edition: A call for your support

One of the things I love about this community is the selflessness and compassion this group continually displays.  We support each other, help each other through difficulties,  and give each other encouragement in the face of hard times. As regular readers of the AFL Beat know,  I lost the Lady Footy

Goddess II – Episode 8

Previously, on Goddess II.... When the elevator doors open... tWBS (to Balls):  Holy shit, you weren't kidding. Balls:  Inorite???? The foursome enters the suite. Leticia:  I need to go freshen up...  (to tWBS)  ...  While I'm gone, don't you dare do anything I'll have to make you regret later. Vanessa:  Me too, I'll go with you

AFL Beat – AFLW Round 7 + 2018 Season Preview #2

This week, Welcome to Balls Of Steel's AFL Beat! AFLW Round 7 The Round started on North American Late Thursday night with the first of essentially three playoff games. The GWS Giants were hosting the Brisbane Lions with a berth in the Grand Final on the line.  GWS needed to win, Adelaide to

Goddess II – Episode 7

Previously, on Goddess II.... [Red Square Bar, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Approximately Midnight] Balls (to Vanessa):  See?  I knew we’d find them here. tWBS (to Leticia):  See?  I knew they’d find us here. Leticia:  Unbelievable. tWBS (turns to Balls):  We’ve been looking for your asses all night.  So where’s the case?  You said you

Your Tuesday Vuelta Champions League Open Thread

In Spanish,  whenever there are two legs in a tie,  they all always call the return leg La Vuelta.  The first leg is always La Ida. Now that your Spanish lesson is over, TO THE GAMES! *** Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk (1-2 Aggregate) Balls: The Ukrainians got the win at home but Roma got a

Goddess II – Episode 6

[Sky View Suite, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, 11:09pm] When the elevator doors open, Balls and Vanessa lead their entourage inside. Balls (to the crowd while turning on the music):  OK Folks...  Try not to break anything.  Bedrooms are off limits.  Otherwise, make yourselves at home and enjoy yourselves.  There's beer and

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2018 AFLW Round 5

This week,   The Round 5 Recap, the preseason games recap, and the Footy Tipping Contest update are all coming up on Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 5 The Round started on North American Late Thursday Night with the Melbourne Demons taking on the Brisbane Lions in Melbourne.  It was a nice