AFL Beat 2018 Round 14

This week, while we were all watching the Germany-Sweden game in the World Cup, TWBS brought up a very good point about the timing of the game.  Essentially, the fútbol game ended after 97 minutes when the ref had previously only given 5 additional minutes after the standard 90.  Yes,

Your “Oh Boy” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: This sucks: Jim Kelly has to go for more surgery. It's a follow-up to the procedure he had to have after his oral cancer returned. The Colts have introduced half-season tickets in order to drum up more interest in seeing their team. Four regular-season and one pre-season game.


This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Shut up, tWBS! The wait is finally over and the real non-friendly games begin.  We are starting at the ripe time of 4 AM Pacific because the Opening Ceremony to the 2018 World Cup begins at 6:00 AM Pacific and we need

World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Sweden

Whatever happened to the Swedish Bikini Team? I mean,  yeah,  they were really American models that were put together for an Old Milwaukee advertising campaign in the early 90s, but still... The eternal question remains: how hot are real Swedish girls? Um, yeah... so the answer is VERY. But this is a World Cup

2018 Copa Mundial Team Preview – México

As I type this,  México is playing Scotland in a friendly match in the Despedida for El Tri. The French would call it the Au Revoir or Bon Voyage game.  It has become tradition to play a last friendly before the World Cup at home to wish the players good

AFL Beat – Special Edition – Your 2018 Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round Guernseys

This is my favourite "theme" Round that the AFL does to promote a cause or honor a group of people.  In this case, it is Sir Doug Nicholls, a pioneer in advocating for Aboriginal people's rights in Australia. *** I highly recommend you read this article on the man so you can

Goddess II – Epilogue

EXTERIOR, Balls' beach house, pool deck, San Felipe,  Baja California,  México The sun is slowly setting on the mountains at Balls' back leaving streaks of pink, orange, and yellow across the cloudy sky. In front of Balls, the Sea of Cortés is calm and reflects the light of the bluish-purplish sky as

World Cup 2018 Team Preview – Denmark

As I'm typing this, a delicious slice of Danish kringle is settling in my stomach.  The Danish kringle is the State Dessert of Wisconsin, don'tchaknow? How is that possible?  Also, how is it that couples all across Los Angeles go to Solvang as their weekend-getaway/let's go bang for the weekend and see

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 9

This week, *** Round 9 The Round started in Adelaide in what was expected to be a blowout.  What was not expected were the rainy conditions that typically spell out a close low-scoring game.  Well, we got both a low-scoring game AND a blowout.  63-26 to the Crows in a game that really

Goddess II – The Conclusion(?)

[The Outskirts of  Las Vegas, Nevada, 7:38am] tWBS guides the van past the last completed housing development on this particular road, then takes the next right, pulling into a development which was abandoned during construction as money and luck ran out. There are no residents just yet. tWBS:  This should do. He drives

Your Generic, Middle-aged Man Sunday Evening Open Thread I don't know about where you live, but in Vancouver it appear summer may finally be around the corner. It's only raining once per week, and they've introduced stage-1 water restrictions - two days/week sprinkling - in order to try and milk the now-full reservoirs through the increasingly dry summers.

Goddess II – Episode 15

[Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Parking Deck, 7:07am] A small and fragile looking elderly woman approaches the van where Luis, Manuel and Brad are still waiting.  Brad has fallen back asleep. Luis:  Hey lady.  Get outta here before you get in the way and... Woman:  STFU.  Are you Luis? Luis (looking at Manuel then