Hope Clicks Eternal – The Green Bay Packers

Normally, I wouldn't touch a 4-2 team for this feature. After all, I prefer to look into the morass of human misery & mine the painful-est rocks. But nothing was more painful on a fan base last weekend than this: AND THUS THE HAWT TAEKS WERE BORN! It started so innocently that

Welcome New Users… AKA “What Were You Thinking Joining Up Here?”

A young man hesitantly ventures up a dilapidated and creaky set of stairs, and approaches the front door of an equally dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere.  As he gets closer, he can hear the sounds of raucous laughter and music inside.  He takes out a small piece of

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Seattle Seahawks

Of all the 1-2 teams I could choose, this week seemed fairly obvious to me. There are four teams at 1-2 that didn't expect to be here at this point, the Saints, Cardinals, Seahawks and Colts. The Saints would be fun to look at; "Who Dat?" nation is always ripe, and

On Kneeling, Standing, and other controversial positions

A few years ago, I went on a nice vacation to various countries in Southeast Asia.  On that trip, I went to Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and I ended up in Bangkok, Thailand.  It was an airfare deal where you could do a certain number of countries for a certain

Your “You Know What Time It Is And You Want Me To Do What?” Open Thread

As you are reading this, it is 6:00 AM on a Sunday morning on the West Coast. No one should be up this early to do anything unless they are completely naked and they have someone else of like mind lying next to them. I hope you are one of those lucky

On Politics, Trump, and why the Patriots are a perfect reflection of Trump’s America

We here on this fair site have a deep deep hatred for the Patriots.  Their “success” and the reaction of their fanbase to this success has fed the hate and kept it at a nice even temperature long enough to smoke all the cattle in Texas. In a similar vein, the


ballsofsteelandfury and I are gonna talk about surfing a little bit and hopefully some of the rest of you whom I know to be surfers will join in in the comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y3h9p_c5-M - tWBS:  The first time I surfed I was probably about eight years old.  Or maybe nine.  Maybe even ten.  Hell,

25 Questions About….

This: So, you may have heard the news that the Zodiac Killer or someone on his staff "liked" a tweet from @SexuallPosts which contained a porn video. I, your intrepid investigative reporter,  tracked down the video and watched the whole thing.  You may have.... Questions. 1- Is it a rhetorical question to ask

Your “Well, I Guess That Was Worth The Wait” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Well, that was a full weekend of football & commenting. I don't know about you guys, but I need a couple of days to recharge. NFL News: Cardinals RB David Johnson needs wrist surgery & will miss 2-3 months. They will place him on IR because, if the Cards are in

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Cleveland Browns

As a Vancouver Canucks fan, I realize seasons end long before the team actually stops playing actual games. (I rely on the Packers & Seahawks to give me my dose of crushing playoff failures.) But teams still have to put forward a brave face, lest they end up lessening their