TGISF… It’s 4/20, What Did You Think I Was Gonna Do?

Yes, I like weed.  A lot. Yes, we've done this TGISF theme before.  Less than a year ago, in fact.  But as I already mentioned privately to a few folks, it's not every year that 4/20 falls on a Friday.  And the last time we did this, I left a lot

TGISF… Slip It In The Five Hole

Yeah sure, it's Friday the 13th.  But we're ignoring that.  Mostly because I just did that six months ago. But, did I ever tell you guys I got married on a Friday the 13th?  True story, Bro. My marriage sucked all teh ass.  It almost killed me (literally), truth be told.  Not

TGISF… Something Something Down A Rabbit Hole Something Something

Last year, my pre-Easter TGISF was fairly creative I thought.  It won't be this year. Why?  Because my ass hurts.  A lot.  Many of you know why.  Those who don't, feel free to make the standard joke which comes to mind.  But trust left ass cheek is almost completely purple

TGISF…Filling In Your Dance Card

Sooooo, with the Big Dance impending....? Yep, it's Cheerleaders again. With all of the baxsetballing this week and next week (and the week after that too), of course cheerleaders are gonna be a theme.  It's like you guys don't even know me anymore. WHAT??????  I like cheerleaders.  You wanna fight about it? Look at

TGISF… Finally Getting My Bell Rung There's not going to be a lot of the talky talky this week.  I'm all talked out for one week.  I realize that for most of you this is probably good news.  I further realize that I do sometimes tend to ramble. Plus, I started drinking early today for a lot

TGISF… Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Stop Sniffing Glue

What a weird fucking week!!!!!  FFS!!!!! Oh well, I'm not gonna preempt this special "by request" theme another week like I did last week.  Though I probably should. Because it's gonna suck.  Sorry. Also, there will be no weirdness wrap up this week.  Sorry.  I'm short on time.  But all of you were

TGISF…Let The Games Begin!!!! (errrrrr…continue, I guess?)

Because I miscalculated the interest you weirdos would have in the Winter Olympics, this week's TGISF theme was originally supposed to be a "by request" theme for one of our good peeps, with only some brief mentioning of the Olympic goings on.  But you guys obviously zigged when I thought

TGISF…A Mixed Bag of Hate

Yep, it's still Hate Week.  And we'll get to that, I promise. But first.... - This Week's Weirdness Update Remember last week?  When I told you what a weird week it had been here at DFO?  Wow, boy did I shoot too early or what???? (Shut up BallsofSteelandFury) But seriously, the weirdness around here lately?  Holee

TGISF… Let’s Get Dolled Up Tonight!!!!

It's been "interesting" around DFO this week.  Now that we're transitioning into the offseason, everyone seems like they're in a rather weird mood. King Hippo  was a little pissed off earlier this week, as were a lot of us.  Though our resident Iggles and P*ts fans (you jerks know who you