Your Easter Sunday Dinner Open Thread

Not to cast aspersions on Sunday Gravy, but WineWife stuffs the finest turkey this side of the Rocky Mountains. The projected menu for the evening will include: Turkey + stuffing   Yams & potatoes Firecracker green beans Asparagus & prosciutto some form of salad Lemon Cheesecake (homemade) Chocolate mousse Depending upon the

Your “Get Off My Damn Lawn!” Saturday Evening Open Thread

It's 4/20 this weekend, and this shit is being played live withing listening distance of my house: As has been established, I'm a drinker, not a toker, so, I've fucked off to my brother's in Seattle, with the good scotch. Hope y'all are having a good long weekend. Tonight's sports: NHL: Jets at

Your “Easter Egg Hunts Prove That Your Lazy Kid CAN Actually Find Things When They Want To” Friday Evening Open Thread

It's Easter Weekend. Jesus was a pretty cool dude.  I'm not a particularly religious person, but I truly do mean that I think Jesus was pretty awesome.  I don't necessarily think he was created out of  "Divine Intervention" per se.  In fact, I think Mary might have....ummmm....never mind. But he was a

Your Sunday Evening Even More Playoff Games Open Thread

What's up,  kids? It's your friendly neighborhood Balls of Steel here filling in for BeerGuyRob, who has been called away on duty. (Read: Taking care of business down at WineWife Country if you know what I mean and I think you do.) Anyhoo, I just want to point out that Tiger Woods

Your Saturday Evening All Sports Playoff Spectacular & Open Thread

There's no need for a long introduction or rambling adventure through my past. It's playoff season, baby, and focus should be on the watching, not the whimsy. I would be remiss, however, if I didn't point out that the Game 1s so far pretty much blew up my predictions from Tuesday

Your “My Goal Is To Be As Good A Person As My Dog Already Thinks I Am” Friday Evening Open Thread

I've got nothing much to talk about this week.  So I'm not gonna. Trust me, that's a good thing.  And you're happier this way. And in all honesty, I have been so distracted the past few weeks that I couldn't think of a theme for this week.  So this week's theme is

A Tradition Like Any Other: Augusta National Can F*** Right Off

Here's a secret: I despise the dipshits who run Augusta National Golf Club. Glad-handing, misogynist dickheads who use the ideas of "tradition" and "the old ways" to actively make their golf tournament as white as possible. IT'S A GOLF TOURNAMENT YOU FUCKING FUCKS. Fuck these people with Satan's chainsaw wang. Yeah,

Temptation Island Talk – Season Finale Part 2

Welcome back to Temptation Island Talk! Kids, as I write this, I am still basking in the afterglow of what was a glorious Season Finale of Temptation Island. As I take a deep draw of that metaphorical cigarette and take a sip of my literal fine aged