Your “Middle Child Day” Monday Evening Open Thread

Seriously, I'm not joking.  August 12 is "Middle Child Day". It's official and everything!!!!!! HEY LOOK IT'S THE NEW JAN BRADY!!!!! marsha, Marsha, MARSHA!!!!! OK, enough of that stupidity.  I was delayed today and I'm running out of time so I gotta write this fast. As I mentioned last night, Antonio Brown wanted

Your 2019 Stillers Preview

I'm supposed to preview the 2019 Steelers. Let me start with this:   This entire division makes less sense than Drumpf's cabinet. People are talking about the Browns to be good? I trust (hashtag The Pauls) to be successful less than I trust Charlie Kelly can read.   Our dear friend Redshirt let us

Your “Sunday Funday, Better Than A Monday” Sunday Evening Open Thread

Ha!!!!  See?  I didn't forget this time.  Even though I've been watching baseball all day.  And maybe drinking some.  Allegedly. Antonio Brown has threatened to quit football because the NFL has threatened to ban his helmet.  This sounds stupid on both sides to me, but we'll see. Justin Tucker is

Your “You Need A Good Scrubbing” Friday Evening Open Thread

I'm a horrible person.  I've known this for a while. For those of you who have met me, this is not news to you either. Among other things I've been trying to get taken care of this week, one is cleaning out my fathers old workshop.  I finished today.  But under a

Your “You Should Be Dancing” Friday Evening Open Thread Something about me which will probably surprise most of you probably.... I very much enjoy dancing.  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm good at it.  Far from it if we're being honest. I'm not built for grace.  VERY far from it, actually. But there's nothing like holding the person you love,