Your “Beerguy’s Opening Night” Saturday Evening Open Thread

Evenin' folks. I'm not actually here tonight. (Some would argue I'm never actually "here" at all.) Tonight is the opening evening of baseball at my beloved Nat Bailey Stadium. I think it's my 27th season selling beer at that venue. Winewife is kinda tired of the whole deal, what with my advanced

Your “So Ya Wanna Watch Some Footsy, Eh?” Saturday Morning Open Thread

It wasn't supposed to be this way. There are far more knowledgeable soccer doofuses that should be doing this but I volunteered and y'all gonna bathe in my ignorance. Nether Regions/Roger Milla's Granddaughters: Cameroon played surprisingly well vs. the Canucks last time out (or were the Canucks just a little too tight?)

Your “Half Mast Kinda Night” Friday Evening Open Thread

I just got in from the airport at around 2am this morning after a cross country flight  (and boy are my arms tired). I was already cranky due to having to leave California and come back home to North Cackalacky in the first place.  Then I hit a snag in LA


IT'S HERE! IT'S FINALLY HERE! Yeah, we already had The Masters (and you know my thoughts about Augusta National), and the PGA Championship was definitely a lot of fun, but, now it's time for the greatest golf tournament of the year. It's the 119th edition of the United States Open

Your “Guess Who Flew To California And Then Woke Up Sick Today?” Friday Evening Open Thread

Seriously, it's almost funny.  I woke up sick today.  Not sick enough to miss the pub crawl tomorrow.  But sick enough that I stayed in today and napped most of the day so that I wouldn't HAVE to miss the pub crawl tomorrow. Anyway, I have no idea what to talk

Venezuela: Starving for your attention. Your 2019 Copa América Team Preview

Reasons why you should cheer for Venezuela: Venezuela is starving for the attention of lesser footy fans who do not have any blood ties to any country participating in the Copa América. Their team nickname, La Vino Tinto (Red wine), is literally encouraging you to drink alcohol while watching them play! Their

Las Razones Por Que Su Equipo Chupando: Paraguay Edicion

Paraguayan National Football and Competitive Barbershop Quartet Team        First off, I'd like to apologize to our Spanish-speaking DFOers for my atrocious butchering of a beautiful language. Second off, I'd like to apologize to our non-Spanish-speaking for exposing you to Spanish.  According to my aunt's Facebook posts, having to listen to even as

Your “Final Warning” Monday Evening Open Thread

This coming weekend (phrasing), Saturday June 8th to be specific, the first annual DFO LA Metro Pub Crawl is happening.  All DFO lurkers, commentists, stalkers, and authors are welcome!  That includes YOU, so you should be there.  But time grows short and you have to make your plans NOW!!!!! The concept

Your “I’m Lacking In Natural Gifts” Sunday Evening Open Thread

Before I begin, I just want to compliment everyone on last night's gif parade. That was some good hustle. Now, for those who might be new to the gif game, or [DFO] in general, here's a brief lesson on what exactly "good hustle" is around these parts. For this exercise, I'll be using