TGISF … Solstice, Schmolstice OK, here's the deal... This week's theme was predetermined a while ago.  The calendar does what it does, I don't control it.  And days ago, I began thinking through what I wanted to say this week to try to make you idiots laugh.  Because I think I'm funny even if you

Your “Cause That’s Not Where I Want To Be” Sunday Evening Open Thread I have been in America all weekend, at my step-niece's grad weekend. There was a party at my brother's house for the adults yesterday, and this afternoon was the ceremony - which was held at the hockey rink in Everett because of the size of the crowd. There were about

Your “So Much Sports Action” Saturday Evening Open Thread Oh God, I love everything about the World Cup except the 3:00AM Best Coast start time for games. DAMN YOU PUTIN! Tonight's sports: CFL: Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Calgary Stampeders - 7:00PM | ESPN2 / TSN Montreal Alouettes at BC Lions - 10:00PM | ESPN2 / TSN Beisbol: MLB: Red Sox at

TGISF… Quite Contrary

I've used that particular banner image up there for TGISF once before.  Not quite ten months ago, when talking about libraries and reading books. But this is not about books or libraries this week.  Nope, this week we're talking about gardening n junk. - Who's Got Two Thumbs, Neither Of Which Are Green? Yet

Your 2018 US Open Day 1 Preview and All-Day Thread to Waste Time at Work and Avoid Your Family!

This United States Open. Golf's greatest test; it is my favorite tournament in golf, which makes it one of my top-three and a half sporting events of the year (NCAA Basketball Tournament, NHL Playoffs, and/or NFL Playoffs/WVU made a major bowl game). What makes the US Open truly "Open" is that

Your “But Baby, You Didn’t Even Try” Sunday Evening Open Thread A busy week coming up for yours truly. The penultimate week of my regular school program, so kids are getting all their work in ahead of finals, and the course I'm teaching at night because the district ran out of subs starts their novel. I chose "Of Mice & Men"

Your “Score What [You] Need And Go Pick A Girl Up” Saturday Evening Open Thread By the time this post comes live, they'll be into hour 3 of the Belmont pre-race coverage. So there'll be plenty of time to still get your bets in. HAIL GAMBLOR! Tonight's sports: Horse racing: The Belmont - 4:00PM | NBC AHL: 2018 Calder Cup Finals: Marlies vs. Stars - Game

TGISF… Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?

Recently, while on the beach, I spied a group of a half dozen or so lovely young ladies.  Shut up, I said "spied", not "stalked". Nonetheless, there they were right before me.  I couldn't exactly not look.  Some were swimming, some were sunning.  They seemed to be having a nice time. 

Your “The Ultraviolet Light Hurts Me So” Saturday Evening Open Thread Woo-hoo! June, baby. One more month of school until summer vacation for us teaching types! I got plans. BIG PLANS! (Will actually accomplish nothing over the summer.) Tonight's sports: NHL: vegas at Washington - 8:00PM | NBCSN / CBC MLB: regional coverage includes Cubs/Mets, Dodgers/Rockies, BoSox/Astros - 7:00PM | FOX BoSox at

World Cup 2018 Croatia Preview: It feels a little like ’98

It seems like yesterday when I was a kid watching Croatia make their World Cup debut in 1998. I remember thinking their checkered jerseys were cool. Combine those sweet uniforms with Davor Šuker's cheeky skills and I was rooting for Croatia during their magical 3rd place finish. I think there is a great

TGISF…In Repose

re·pose1 rəˈpōz/ noun noun: repose 1. a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility. "in repose her face looked relaxed" synonyms: rest, relaxation, inactivity; More sleep, slumber "a face in repose" composure. "he had lost none of his grace or his repose" synonyms: peace, peace and quiet, peacefulness, quiet, quietness, calm, tranquility More "they found true repose" composure, serenity, equanimity, poise, self-possession, aplomb "he lost his