Your “Commitment to Excrement” Late SNF Open Thread

With all due apologies to Rikki-Tikki-Deady  and Al Davis' Re-Animated Corpse.... ....for that post title.  Mostly because I don't want either showing up here uninvited. And also my apologies for my opinion below of how this game tonight is apt to go. Please don't cannibalize me in my sleep tonight. That goes for you

TGISF… AKA Your “I Got Nuthin’ This Week – But Vegas Is Looming” Sexy Friday Open Thread

It's been an interesting week.  Honestly, my brainpower is maxed out this week. And I didn't have that much extra to spare to begin with. So with semi-sincere apologies, we have no theme this week.  Everything is random. And I'm probably about to ramble without direction for a little bit. Just like life. - First, Some

Your “Tumble In The Jungle of the Meadowlands” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

The Astronauts did a thingy last night according to spurts pages everywhere. When do you think they'll come back down to earth? Will Buzz Aldrin officiate at the wedding between that guy and his girliecake? How much motorboating will Verlander do this off-season? More than the usual amount? The questions

Your “Game 7, Bay-Bay!” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: New England is Hoyer Country once again as he signed a three-year deal to hold Tom's hat when he goes onto the field. But he almost stopped in Green Bay, as the Packers try to move on without Aaron Rodgers. Which CLEARLY bodes well for the rest of

TGISF… AKA Your “Insert Witty Halloween Sex Pun Here” Sexy Friday Open Thread

Yep, it's Halloween again.  Almost, anyway.  So of course this week is an easy choice. It's the 2nd Annual TGISF Halloween Sexy!!!!!!!! (yes, we had a birthday a few weeks I get to call everything "2nd Annual " any damned time I want to...get over it) So let's have a party!!!!!   We'll have