Sunday gravy with yeah right: Four hour Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine and Garlic. Hold me!

Good morning everyone! Have I got something incredible for you today. Holy fucking shit, lemme tell ya! In all honesty, this wasn't even on my radar to turn into a Sunday Gravy post. Really! Last weekend, Memorial Day weekend, I had what will be next week's Sunday Gravy all planned out and

Your “Sometimes Less Is More” Friday Evening Open Thread

OK, I have to be careful here.  Because I respect women a great deal.  And I sincerely mean that. In fact ironically, trying very hard (phrasing) to be respectful has seriously gotten me in trouble in some relationships lately.  Although I still am not sure why.  I've been told I'm trying

Your Indy 500 / Coke 600 Memorial Day Weekend Open Thread

There is a pretty good article here that gives you a run-down of every entrant in the Indianapolis 500. It mentions that this is the one race, kind of like the Kentucky Derby that everyone watches even if they haven't seen a race all year. It's like

Your “Possibly Nihilistic” Friday Evening Open Thread

Yep, I'm mailing this one in big time this week.  Mostly because I'm traveling and I procrastinated all week on writing it until it was too late.  I probably should have shopped it out to someone else, actually.  Meh.  Who cares? But there is no content this week other than pretty

Your Mid-Long Canadian Weekend Sunday Evening Open Thread

Is everything going well for you? The long weekend is proceeding according to plan so far. I've been sober long enough to survive my niece's 7th birthday party. Now it's back to the steak & cider. That's right, I've chosen fermented apples for this weekend. Mostly because the dogs don't like Beerdrunkrob.

A Saturday Evening, Canadian Houliday Weekend Open Thread It's the annual Victoria Day weekend up here in the Great White North, almost all of which has finally thawed out from what seemed to be an average winter that hung around a bit longer than expected. Also expected - most of my fellow Canadians are on the road to somewhere today. Me?

Your “Junk In The Trunk” Friday Evening Open Thread

This week's edition is especially designed for my good friend  BallsofSteelandFury . Even though he didn't ask for this by specific request, he's getting it anyway. He's earned it. Sort of.... But this week is all about 'dat ass. - Sports Which Will Make You Feel Like An Ass 2Nite (that might mean two things) NHL San Jose