Your “Come Down & Waste Away With Me” Saturday Evening Open Thread Hello, new Commentists. I'm Beerguyrob, I post the odd article from time-to-time, and I usually have something to do with non-gameday Open Threads. During the week I tend to keep things focused on football, although I like to throw my History degree into the mix once in a while, and sometimes

Your “O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!” Thursday Night NFL Football Open Thread

Look at me over here, chortling with joy. Man, this takes me back to high school and my first girlie friend. After a few sessions of furtive squeezing and such she said, "this shirt is so uncomfortable". She got up, took off said shirt and then said, "should I take

Your “Greatest Hits Albums Are For Housewives and Little Girls” Monday Evening Open Thread Happy Labour Day. It's the final day of the three-day weekend in Canada. I don't know how many Americans get it off as well. Hopefully you got the chance to sit down on the patio & take in your favourite intoxicant. Of course, it means also that tomorrow is the start

Your “I’m Tired Of Waiting” Sunday Evening Open Thread It's a holiday weekend in Canada, and I've got nothing much to say because I may or may not be casually liquored. There's a smorgasbord of everything tonight. Tonight's sports: NCAA: Miami vs. LSU - 7:30PM | ABC / TSN3 from Jerry World, Arlington, TX MLB: Angels at Astros - 8:00PM |

Your “I Don’t Care If The Money’s No Good” Saturday Evening NCAA Football Thread But I'm guessing the players might. Enough of that commie Libtard stuff - ARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER SEASON OF EVERYONE FELLATING 'BAMA?! Tonight's sports: NCAA: Cincinnati at UCLA - 7:00PM | ESPN / TSN2 Michigan at Notre Dame - 7:30 PM | NBC   Louisville vs. Alabama - 8:00PM | ABC / TSN3

Your “The Roster, The Practice Squad or The Street-It’s Your Choice” Thursday Night NFL Pre-Season Windup Open Thread

Of course, as a player you might be just fine talent-wise but your contract might not be to management's liking. Or perhaps you've got the requisite amount of experience but there's a rookie that the coaching staff is curious about. Maybe you were favoured by a previous regime and the

Your “Cincy vs Buffalo, I Wouldn’t Even Watch This In Regular Season So Why Am I Watching It Now?” Midday Sunday Thread Of Apathy

Yeah, some signals got crossed.  So there's not going to be much here. Sorry, not sorry. But that's good because you don't want me to get to talking about Jaime Pressly again.  OR DO YOU?????? Oh dammit, I forgot to call her earlier.  No wonder women hate me. - Cincy at Buffalo Nobody cares but Redshirt