Commentist Beer Barrel: I Told You This One Would Be Cheap

In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Dr. Leonard McCoy, thrown back in time to the 1980s, tells a contemporary materials engineer that, if he accepts Montgomery Scott's detailed formula for transparent aluminum, he will be (in the words of 18th-century playwright Edward Moore) "rich beyond the dreams of avarice." There's

TGISF… Let’s Get Dolled Up Tonight!!!!

It's been "interesting" around DFO this week.  Now that we're transitioning into the offseason, everyone seems like they're in a rather weird mood. King Hippo  was a little pissed off earlier this week, as were a lot of us.  Though our resident Iggles and P*ts fans (you jerks know who you

Commentist Beer Barrel: Portrait of a Beer

If I ever tell you there are two kinds of beer I love, I'm bullshitting you. There are a million kinds of beer I love. There's not a BJCP-certified style out there that hasn't produced at least one beer I thought was amazing, and as for off-style beers, well, I

Your “Whose Bright Idea Was It To Leave tWBS In Charge?” Saturday Evening Open Thread

BeerGuyRob's.  That's who (Whose?  Whom?  Whut?). Yep, BeerBoyBobby is a selfish bastard.  He decided he'd rather pawn off his responsibilities tonight.  Just to go watch wrasslin'. I mean whut's up with this, Canadia????? But OK.  Fine.  I get it.  Trim and fit bodies in tights.  And a little sweaty.  And slapping up against

TGISF… Well I Guess That’s Music, Allegedly – #1

It's Been A While, Eh? Greetings and salutations, perverts.  Haven't seen you since last year FFS.  Miss me yet?  Yeah, I thought not.  But if you've been reading along faithfully on Fridays recently, then you already know I stepped away from the controls here for the past few weeks. First and foremost,

DFO “Insiders” Predict the Championship Round!

Championship weekend is here! Before getting started let's address the obvious. Trust me I watched every replay and this was definitely the best angle. Turn the volume up for this one. Having been to US Bank Stadium I can testify that it is loud during a regular season game I can't imagine