Your Saturday Evening NFL Prelude Open Thread

The first week is over and boy-howdy am I ready for some hard drinking. I so far have registered 30 at-risk students in my program. That's more than double last year's first-week total, and is already close to the point where I will have to close registration because I don't

Your “Extremely Abbreviated” Friday Evening Open Thread

Fair warning:  You're not getting much out of me tonight. We've been dealing with hurricane stuff around here. I drove down in the middle of it overnight last night to get a friend's daughter to safety. (I know what you're thinking) ((don't say it please)) - In today's version of "That was unexpected".... Both the former tWLS

Your “Stand Up And Cheer!!!” Friday Evening Open Thread

It's the first weekend of NCAA Football...2019 version. Several games have already been played.  Clemson rolled over GT, as expected.  I hate those asshats.  Minny barely got past San Diego State.  Utah got away with a big win versus the other Mormon bunch.  And UCF posted 62 up on....shit, what's the

Sharkbait’s Cocktail of the Week: The Scofflaw

Happy Friday everyone. Hopefully your Friday is going better than mine. By the time this posts, I'll be recuperating from shoulder surgery, related to the dislocation I've mentioned over the past few weeks. However, that will in no way, shape or form keep me from mixing tasty beverages. I'm sneaking