TGISF… It’s 4/20, What Did You Think I Was Gonna Do?

Yes, I like weed.  A lot. Yes, we've done this TGISF theme before.  Less than a year ago, in fact.  But as I already mentioned privately to a few folks, it's not every year that 4/20 falls on a Friday.  And the last time we did this, I left a lot

DFO Cocktail Hour – Exit Incognito

As the days get longer and warmer, we here at DFO are sharing our favorite cocktails to help put that extra kick into your gatherings. Friends and family will salute your mixology acumen and your parties will be talked about for years to come. Just print out each recipe and

TGISF… Slip It In The Five Hole

Yeah sure, it's Friday the 13th.  But we're ignoring that.  Mostly because I just did that six months ago. But, did I ever tell you guys I got married on a Friday the 13th?  True story, Bro. My marriage sucked all teh ass.  It almost killed me (literally), truth be told.  Not

Your “Mastersmania Sunday!” Evening Open Thread

Sometimes, you just gotta go with the classics. By the time this thread goes live, the Masters should be wrapping up, unless there's a playoff, and Wrestlemania should be three hours into its seven-hour run time. I have friends attending each, in differing states of inebriation. Tonight's sports: NHL: Panthers at Bruins

2018 Tradition Like Any Other Preview and Afternoon Livethread

We just finished the NCAA Tournament. I bet you're asking yourself, "Where can I get more Jim Nantz? I can't wait all the way to the start of the NFL season to hear his velvety voice!" This is you, right? No? Yes, it's The Masters. Golf's biggest event, and it's most self-serving.

Your “What’s Old Is New Again, Again” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL Notes: RGIII is back, baby! A one-year deal with the Ravens. The best comment on Deadspin was that the Ravens signed him because he can't bend his knees to take one. On the other end of the redemption spectrum, JFF says it's the Browns fault he turned out to

DFO University – Sophomore Alcohol – Beer: Ales 220

Good morning class. Sorry about the change in location. Really, that hipster should have known better than to call Professor Fozz "sweetheart", but what's done is done. I'm gladdened to hear the remaining victims have been discharged from the hospital and are live-streaming this lecture via AOL Messenger. Thank God I found

Your “The Cross You Bear Is Only The Beginning” Easter Sunday Evening Open Thread If all went well this weekend, I am currently driving home from Seattle. If it didn't, I'm eating chicken fingers in my fat pants & watching the Star Wars marathon on Showcase. Speaking of fat pants, the banner pic is from the Sweet Jeϟus Ice Cream Shoppe in Toronto. They have a

World Gawne Mad – Final Four Holy Night Edition

Above is pictured the first-edition cover of a fantastic book, Walter Miller, Jr.'s "A Canticle For Liebowitz."  Be warned, even I found it a tad dark (and square on the nose social commentary, which made it all the more chilling).  But one will also feel like a Jesuit-by-osmosis afterwards, which

TGISF… Something Something Down A Rabbit Hole Something Something

Last year, my pre-Easter TGISF was fairly creative I thought.  It won't be this year. Why?  Because my ass hurts.  A lot.  Many of you know why.  Those who don't, feel free to make the standard joke which comes to mind.  But trust left ass cheek is almost completely purple