Your “Party’s Over, Back to the Grind” Wednesday Evening Open Thread.

Well that was fun wasn't it? Today marks the beginning of what I call "The Grind." Holidays are over. You've consumed approximately 12,000,000 calories over the last week and the next holiday is a long fucking way off. Back to work, fuckos! Are you the type of person who makes New Years resolutions?

Escape from 2018! New Year’s Eve Open Thread

I have been informed, condescendingly, that New Year’s is the only holiday about flipping the calendar. Yeah OK; going from December 31 to January 1 pales in significance to flipping the narrative (Columbus Day), flipping off the calendar (Pats at home in AFC Championship), and Everybody Better Love Jesus Day

BOLTMAN GROUP Presents: The Sounds of X-Mas Night Open Thread

NIGHT – SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – NONDESCRIPT OFFICE BUILDING INTERIOR [The camera pans across an empty and dimly lit office brimming with cubicals as free-use holiday music plays softly in the background. The camera stops on the only illuminated desk, where an extremely pale but handsome young man in a Santa hat

Your Xmas Eve/Monday Night Football Combo Thread

Whine/Rant Alert: Okay, there's a bunch of sports-hungry folks that have the day off today. Imagine them (me) sitting down in front of the tube, ready to drink in the puck/football/curling stone/basketball/shuttlecock/sheep's head/Quaffle and Thunderball action with their oh-so thirsty eyes and there's...nothing. Hey NBA, college football, college basketball, NHL, EPL,

Your Sunday Afternoon NFL Football Open Thread

Has the playoff picture become clearer after the noon-ish tilts? I'm guessing that the answer is, if not 'no', then 'kinda'. Well, get thee ready for some more jockeying... TO THE GAMES! Rams/Cards: Of course there are some teams doing other things. Arizona, for example is focusing on giving some of their young