Hope Clicks Eternal – the New York Giants

So, it's the start of Week-3 in the N. F. L. The articles are already starting to come out of the journalismism factories and fans who aren't from Cleveland are already starting to realize they may have backed the wrong pony this year. There is a list of impressive candidates for analysis

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Houston Texans

Before we progress, let's once again revisit the 0-1 2017 New England Patriots: Delicious. I very much enjoy the fact that Pat there has turned on the Patriots because "#22" took a knee, despite the fact that it was a Chief. I'm surprised she didn't call him a "thug". The appeals of

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Cleveland Browns

As a Vancouver Canucks fan, I realize seasons end long before the team actually stops playing actual games. (I rely on the Packers & Seahawks to give me my dose of crushing playoff failures.) But teams still have to put forward a brave face, lest they end up lessening their

TGISF… AKA “Why Are These Pages Stuck Together?” Sexy Friday Open Thread

If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library. –Frank Zappa - Get it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJzZho1TS9U - So, it probably isn't too difficult to figure out this week's theme.  But I'm still not telling you yet. But here's a "hint". - I enjoy reading for pleasure.  Unfortunately, I don't have much

TGISF…aka “Better A Nerd Than One Of The Herd” Sexy Friday Open Thread

In spite of how it might sometimes appear around here, you know at around 7pm Eastern each Friday.....   It's actually a fact that I prefer the company of a woman who is intelligent. OK Vlad, you can stop laughing any time now....I'll wait.....  jerk. But I'm actually very serious, truth be told. 

Sunday Gravy with yeah right: Egg Salad! Too Much Sexiness!

Good morning, DFO! Hope everyone is enjoying their festive Memorial Day weekend. That's right Canadian friends, it's our turn for a day off on Monday. If you are celebrating Ramadan, shit, sorry to make you hungry but you can still make today's menu after sundown! To address the obvious, as mentioned in

“It’s All Gone Wrong, Pete & John” – The Seahawks Try To Bolster Their Lines (Part 6): Draft Night (Part 1)

Ext. The Seahawks "war room" in Renton, WA. It is draft night, April 27, 2017. Pete Carroll stands over a table full of papers, while John Schneider frantically tries to work a TV remote. John Schneider: Pete, the channel seems to be stuck on ESPN. Pete Carroll: Yup. I took the batteries out of

“It’s All Gone Wrong, Pete & John” – The Seahawks Try To Bolster Their Lines (Part 5)

Ext. Two men sit on the sills of their car, taking in the Utah view and contemplating the directions their lives are going in. John Schneider: Pete? Pete Carroll: Yes, John? JS: How many more places do we have to visit? PC: Just this one, John. The draft is next week, so I just

“It’s All Gone Wrong, Pete & John” – The Seahawks Try To Bolster Their Lines (Part 4)

Ext. Dane County Regional Airport, Madison WI. Pete Carroll & John Schneider have just landed after a regional airline flight from Chicago. John Schneider: Dammit Pete, why do we have to keep taking these regional airlines? They never have a proper beverage cart. Pete Carroll: John, as we've discussed, very few state schools

“It’s All Gone Wrong, Pete & John” – The Seahawks Try To Bolster Their Lines (Part 3)

Ext. Tuscaloosa Regional Airport. Two men, walking out the airport's main exit. Pete Carroll: Now John, do you remember why we came to Alabama? John Schneider: Well, I know why I came to Alabama - the Grand Prix! JS: The question is, Pete, why did you come to Alabama? To head on up to