BattleBots Beat: Some of This Might Go Badly

Welcome back to the Beat, where we get severals, nay, fews of +1s on the Reddits! Good news, I haven't gotten angry cease & desist messages from anyone, so… yay? Anyway, last time was the midseason roundtable where robots got together and yelled their opinions on this season. As for

BattleBots Beat: 2019 Midseason Roundtable

Welcome to the 2019 BattleBots Beat Midseason Roundtable Spectacularmathon! I'm still Senor Weaselo. Joining me today for this panel are… The 30 million track wunderkind, he works at KDFO during their popular Request Line show, DJ 3000! DJ 3000: THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME. I JUST HOPE THAT THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE

BattleBots Beat: “Alexa, Play Despacito”

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, Tombstone broke everyone's bracket projections by catching on fire, Death Roll broke some more projections by possibly sidelining Quantum and moving to 3-0, and Cobalt did not break more bracket projections, just its front wedge attachment and Bombshell's dreams.

BattleBots Beat: Break Stuff

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Beat! Last time out we saw dueling flippers with drastically different outcomes, as Hydra used gravity to break WAR Hawk into its separate components while Bronco debuted and got shredded by Bite Force. Plus we saw HyperShock decapitate Monsoon and Skorpios double-decapitate Sidewinder.

Your “I Had Done A Hellish Thing” Thursday Evening Open Thread

I think the NFL might have broken me. There is absolutely nothing of interest to note. Why, one of the biggest headlines of the day is: Chiefs fan fined $500 for shining laser at Tom Brady and that's saying something, given that full camps open in a week. (FYI - the fan in question,

BattleBots Beat: Family Feud

First off, Louie Anderson is my Family Feud host if not just for this: And he's still alive, which is both surprising and heartwarming. Second off, welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, the floor winning became a meme, Tombstone slashed SawBlaze, and Nelly the Ellybot tasted the rainbow, motherfucker. This

Your “In All Thy Sons Command” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: The only major NFL news of the day is about the Tyreek Hill hearing with the NFL's investigation team. This is in response to police being called to Hill's home twice in March when Hill's 3-year-old son suffered a broken arm. The meeting took about eight hours. And Mike