BattleBots Beat: Drawing the Queen of Diamonds

Sorry. Had to make it. Welcome back to the Beat, and welcome back from the break! Everything's all caught up now, Shark Week has come and gone, though the last Sharknado movie isn't for another couple weeks, and it's not even by the original writer. (Fun fact: We went to the

Senor’s BattleBots Beat: Go for 3!

Welcome back to the Beat! Last time out, the Dutch had a rough go, Chomp learned about the foibles of technology, and we met a robot that had a… pneumatic fist as its weapon, and the Internets responded as you'd expect. Fister Roboto Bale Spear does not make an appearance in

World War G – Chapter 7: Total War

19200 S. Main Street Carson, CA 90248 The Goodyear Blimp Hangar - Home of Wingfoot 2 The Goodyear blimp has been a fixture at many major sporting events from its first appearance at the Rose Bowl in 1955. Technically no longer a blimp, because it now has a rigid frame underneath its polyester

World War G – Chapter 6: Around The World, And Above

All across America, quarterbacks were expected to make their media rounds prior to, or just after, the draft. Once such mandatory stop was the "QB Camp" at ESPN. Started in 2010, Jon Gruden's QB Camp took highly touted NFL draftees and subjected them to an intense breakdown of their throwing style

Your “It Just Meant ‘Day'” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Carson Wentz has been cleared for 7-on-7 work at Eagles camp. He's still in a non-contact role, but the Eagles are confident that he's showing good progress to be ready for Week 1. No word on how he's recovering from the VICIOUS BURN handed the Eagles organization by

World War G – Chapter 5: Home Front USA

Las Vegas, Nevada [Sheldon Adelson is the picture of an old-world banker: short, chubby, with the toupee-assisted thinning horseshoe-hair of a man who'd spent long hours poring over financial reports instead of his children's report cards. He speaks into the ether, rarely making eye contact or pausing for questions. During the