World War G – Chapter 6: Around The World, And Above

All across America, quarterbacks were expected to make their media rounds prior to, or just after, the draft. Once such mandatory stop was the "QB Camp" at ESPN. Started in 2010, Jon Gruden's QB Camp took highly touted NFL draftees and subjected them to an intense breakdown of their throwing style

Your “It Just Meant ‘Day'” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Carson Wentz has been cleared for 7-on-7 work at Eagles camp. He's still in a non-contact role, but the Eagles are confident that he's showing good progress to be ready for Week 1. No word on how he's recovering from the VICIOUS BURN handed the Eagles organization by

World War G – Chapter 5: Home Front USA

Las Vegas, Nevada [Sheldon Adelson is the picture of an old-world banker: short, chubby, with the toupee-assisted thinning horseshoe-hair of a man who'd spent long hours poring over financial reports instead of his children's report cards. He speaks into the ether, rarely making eye contact or pausing for questions. During the

World War G – Chapter 4: Turning the Tide

Pleasanton, California The seating area of a converted bus is where possibly the most famous Raider coach awaits.     Enthusiastic, a rather mundane word to describe one of history’s most ebullient sports figures. Some revere him as a broadcasting savior, some revile him as a monster on the microphone, but if you

Your “You Might Have To Entertain Yourselves” Thursday Evening Open Thread

It's a pretty slow day, if you avoided FOX News and anyone who muttered the word "anthem". NFL News: Reuben Foster has had his felony domestic violence charges dismissed, in part because his girlfriend recanted her accusations. In addition, his felony weapons charge was reduced to a misdemeanour. Because it was

World War G – Chapter 3: The Great Panic

Naval Air Station Alameda: Oakland, CA A once-functioning naval base, NAS Alameda was now being used as a storage facility for an organization on its last legs in the region where it operated. Being conveniently down the road from the team's current, dilapidated stadium aided the franchise in disposing of its

World War G – Chapter 1: Warnings

ESPN Headquarters, Bristol, CT The first outbreak I saw was on television. It came from a dank & darkened hellhole on the east coast. "Bristol" they called it. I was stationed in New York, hired sight-unseen by the corporate overlords at "the campus". Now, I was expected to make my first

People You’ve Never Heard Of – John Churchill Chase (Part 2)

In Part One, I covered John Churchill Chase's origins as a political and football cartoonist. In Part Two, I will introduce you to his professional football art and cover the rest of his history in New Orleans. Based on the popularity of his Tulane football programs, John Churchill Chase was contracted

People You’ve Never Heard Of – John Churchill Chase (Part 1)

When I was doing some research for a "Hope Clicks Eternal" Texans post, an image page brought the following program to my knowledge I thought, "pretty cool old program", so I set about researching the artist. That led to discovering a man named John Churchill Chase. Born in New Orleans, Chase graduated

Have Your Say: Results From Our 3rd Annual Commentist Survey

After many hours of number-crunching, with the finest analytical minds the world has to offer working tirelessly for weeks on end to interpret the findings... we have our results from the [DFO] Commentist Survey once again, folks! Be sure to check out our top-of-the-line, A1-caliber interactive pie charts for further info

Your “It’s A Matter Of Complete Indifference” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: FITTY'S BACK! He's due an $11 million base salary on the final year of his contract, so I'm guessing that helps make the decision. Also helping: the future golf career, based on his Pebble Beach Pro-Am victory last weekend. I don't know who'll be throwing him passes. The