Your “It’s A Matter Of Complete Indifference” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: FITTY'S BACK! He's due an $11 million base salary on the final year of his contract, so I'm guessing that helps make the decision. Also helping: the future golf career, based on his Pebble Beach Pro-Am victory last weekend. I don't know who'll be throwing him passes. The

Partying in the Underworld

It's a rainy Sunday noonish, and a man with a violin is finishing his teaching for the day. Yes, of course it's Senor Weaselo, who else would it be? Senor: All right, done for the day. Maybe I'll get a bagel and a haircut? His phone starts ringing and popping up on the

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Conference Championships

Or, "The Reasonableness of the Situation". Honestly, after how the games turned out, I was expecting far more vitriol than I found. The Jags were first up and their fans took it...pretty well. But, because they were playing the Patriots, like clockwork the accusations started appearing and targeting specific people, along with replaying the

Your “Wearing White? They’re Not Virgins – They’re Whores!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Because they can't wear hoods instead of helmets, the Patriots will wear white during The Big Game™ 12 of the last 13 Super Bowl winners have worn white The Pats are 3-0 in white at the Super Bowl; 2-2 in blue. The Eagles are 0-2 in green. ESPN

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: Risky Endeavours Explained By “Risk”

Risk. Anyone over the age of 25 remembers this game. A child's game, but not a game just a child will play. Allow me to walk you through the process of how we got to this point. This is Barron Trump, Now, on the surface, he's a mild-mannered kid whose father just happens

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Wildcard Round

Before I go onto the seething that emerged this weekend, allow me to reflect back on what occured while I was enjoying Christmas break Wildcard weekend, brought to you by my friends at makers of    and The Wildcard weekend did not disappoint. It started with Andy Reid remembering in the second half that he

Your “Man, I’m Dreading The Offseason” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Someone made the Grumble Lord mad by asking about the ESPN piece on the alleged dissention in Cheattown. Funnier still, they asked if he was considering the vacant Giants position. He responded by saying he was absolutely coaching the Patriots in 2018. There aren't enough available moms in

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Oakland Raiders

Honestly, after watching the games this weekend, I really wanted to do the Chargers or the Seahawks. But the Dirt Clippers did themselves with the move to LA, and they both deserve their pain & are all-but-dead to this site, so I don't even want to cover their misery. The

Your “Football Every Night From Today Until New Year’s” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

This is tWBS coming to you live from Canadia.  Sort of. But no, not really. Apparently, Canadia decided to go all Puerto Rico this evening, and lose power at just the wrong time.  BeerSteinRicardo  didn't quite get tonight's open thread finished to his own satisfaction before this happened.  So I'm providing the

Hope Clicks Eternal – The Cincinnati Bengals

Sweet, sweet hatred - I found you at last. For as long as I have been torturing myself (and you) with these articles, I had yet to find concrete examples of undiluted anger. Sure, there were a few armchair patriots who got their say in during the early days of the