Meatless Monday, BC Dick Tuesday

This was a difficult one to write. Not because I wasn't prepared, though I wasn’t. Not because I didn’t watch the games, which I did. It was because this was my favourite time of year that isn't a weeklong vacation in the summer with no plans – US thanksgiving. A

Deshaun of the Dead: Sunday Night Game Open Thread

So I've been on the road all day and have relatively little firsthand knowledge of what the shit went on this afternoon. A brief (aka halfass) recap after this important message: WOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ok. I'm good. I'm cool. So the Bills (WOOOO!) handed the Iggles a golden opportunity to pull even

The Teacher’s Pet Interior, Patriots training facility, Gillette Stadium - a luxury suite Bill Belichick: grumble grumble Okay, it's 15 minutes to 10:00. Time to start the meeting. grumble grumble Tom Brady: You know it, coach! I can't wait to learn something new today! Cody Kessler: Mr. Brady? Do you think me & Stidham could attend this

An Appreciation of Violence – 16 November 2019 Morning/JV NFL Open Thread

Yes, Thursday night was universal "shit on #ThePauls" night.  It's being noted, but only in passing, that Mason Rudolph tried repeatedly to corkscrew Myles Garrett's helmet off FIRST.  What followed demonstrated the unwise nature of "poking the bear" - but only Garrett and uber-coward Pouncey get the suspensions.  Dopey-ass Mason had the

CrimeBeat!: An Existential Quandre Edition

It's that time again- time to examine the biggest NFL felonies (real or metaphorical) of the last couple of days weeks (gimme a break, new fatherhood is a bitch). It's CrimeBeat! and you will listen to EVERY LAST WORD I SAY! ACCUSED: Corbyn Nyemah CHARGE: Attempted Home Invasion, Property Damage, Cuckoldry Who is

A Selection Of Phrases From Recent Posts That Would Make Good Insults To Shout At G/O Media Types On The Street

"If you need to dress up as a nurse to get laid that’s on you, not me!" “It’s all your fault, dickhead!”  "You cock slapping shit-for-brains!" "Eli Manning!" "You fat American moron!" "With regards to nudity: no!" "I thought you were in Hell!” "I guess we’ll find out which one of us has got more luck in

Balls on ASSignment: Thursday Night Football Review Week Eight

Welcome back! Last night, we got the still-undefeated San Francisco 49ers going against the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix. This meant that the "home" crowd had a healthy mix of away fans and people in town with nothing to do. It was a good game for a bit and then

Balls on ASSignment: Thursday Night Football Review Week Eight

Welcome back! Last night, we got a weird oddball matchup of the Washington American Football team versus the Vikings. I don't think I can remember any memorable matchups between these two teams in the past. We had to watch football because baseball is taking a break after the Washington

Cleveland’s Not Yet N Sync: Ain’t No Lie, Browns At Bye

Remember when everyone thought the Browns would be good this year? That was adorable. They are 2-4 at their bye, and Baker Mayfield kinda sucks, and David Njoku broke something, and Nick Chubb still has a name that makes me giggle. Their coach is this random DUI mugshot: Still kinda laughing about Chubb. Anyway, the