Your “Finally a Good Game!” SNF Open Thread

After the "games" we sat through today, we finally get a decent matchup tonight.  It's too bad that we have to endure the incoherent ramblings of Cris Collinsworth, but we all have crosses to bear. In non-football news, UCLA has fired Head Coach Jim Mora Jr. Thus begins another cycle of

Your “What else is on?” Monday Night Football Preview and Open Thread

Seriously, when I looked at yesterday's schedule, there was not one game that I was interested in watching. Steelers-Clots wasn't even available in LA. We were instead given the merde-pourri of Vikings-Redacteds, Cowboys-Falcons, RAMMIT-Texans, and Shitty Clippers-Jaguras.  And then on Sunday night, we were given Pats-Broncos?  Yeah Right.  Now that

Catholics v. Convicts – the Next Century! Lesser Footy Thread

Yes, my friends, it's time to rekindle some hatred-based good times from our childhoods.  Ain't that always a hoot?  No Euro-Lesser Footy, as they's on international break, yet again.  SIGH. Michigan State at Ohio State (Noon, Fox) These teams are right next to one another in the rankings (12/13), but the spread

Bedlam! Lesser Footy Thread

Yes, it's coming early this year, but Bedlam! nonetheless. First, the rolly-ball varietal.  Stoke City and Leicester start us off (8:30, NBCSN), with the time zones still all fucked up and shite.  Stoke are really awful, Foxes slightly less so.  Alarm not set.  Newcastle and Bournemouth somehow pass for NBCSN's "feature"

Your “Huh – A Quality Monday Night Game. How’d That Happen?” Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Ezekiel Elliott gets to play Sunday against the [Redacteds]. The NFL was denied an expedited preliminary injunction in advance of the October 30th hearing into their appeal of the injunction related to a different appeal. The earliest Zeke can be sidelined is November 5th. Vontaze Burfict will not be

Glorious, Bountiful Lesser Footy Weekend Thread

Welcome back to the full monty of Lesser Footy, no more international break silliness.  HAHAHAHAHAHA, losing at home to Trinidad and Tobago, USMNT.  Have a fucking word. It's the battle of annoying, evil arsehole red-clad sides to start things off, with semi-struggling Liverpool hosting 2nd on goal differential United (7:30, NBCSN). 

Your “Wait – Is The ‘Victory Formation’ Now An Anti-American Protest?” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Anthemgate update: (Anthemgazi? 9-11them?) Roger Goodell told latte foam inhaler Peter King he is "proud" of the League's response to Donald Trump's "divisive words". “Aren’t you bothered that the president might be on a crusade against your league?” I asked.“No,” Goodell said. “We live in an imperfect society.