An Appreciation of Violence – 16 November 2019 Morning/JV NFL Open Thread

Yes, Thursday night was universal "shit on #ThePauls" night.  It's being noted, but only in passing, that Mason Rudolph tried repeatedly to corkscrew Myles Garrett's helmet off FIRST.  What followed demonstrated the unwise nature of "poking the bear" - but only Garrett and uber-coward Pouncey get the suspensions.  Dopey-ass Mason had the

Get Well Andre Gomes – 9 November 2019 Lesser Footy Open Thread

No doubt by now, you've heard a bit about the above-pictured handsome devil (sorry about the lack of Bama/Bayou Bengals cheerleaders, you'll live).  Enough to know NOT to Google the horrific injury he suffered, resulting from a snidey (but not malicious) Son Heung-min tackle. All the human emotion and forgiveness talk

Your Sexy Soccer Saturday Early Morning Open Thread

Due to Halloween happening on Thursday this week and our talented writers regaling you with their spooky tales, I did not do a Thirsty Thursday soccer preview post this week. As luck has it, though, King Hippo was unavailable to do this morning's soccer post, so here we are.

The Return of Temptation Island Talk: Episode 3

The title of this episode was "Guilt Ridden" but it really should have been "White Ashley's Ass Comes Out". There will be a screenshot and I will scour the Internet for gifs. It's.... something. Episode 3 aired on Thursday night last week when the Minnesota Vikings beat the

The Return of Temptation Island Talk: Episode 2

Oh, my goodness! Remember how excited I was last time about the Return of Temptation Island Talk? Well, this season is turning out to be better than last season. I mean shit started happening REAL QUICK! Episode 2 aired on Thursday night last week when the Kansas City

Thirsty Thursday Weekend Fútbol Preview and EPL Pool Update – EPL Round 10

We are back!  As you know, this is your weekly post to remind you to put the EPL tips in, tell you who is winning, and to give you the weekend's fútbol schedule so that you could plan your weekend activities accordingly.  I am also using it to keep you up

What’s In a Name? Edition – 19 Oct Lesser Footy/JV NFL Bonanza

This past Thursday, I had my "every 5 weeks" haircut, rescheduled to 1:30.  I arrived before my stylist was back from lunch (fuck you, what kind of Philistine DOESN'T use a stylist??), so I walked around the corner to get a libation (as I am back off solid food).  As

Your Yinzer Injury Report 2019

Oh, I’m told this the Bye Week update? Screw that, title still stands. THE BENS TEEM HAS LOTS OF OWIES IN ALL OVER BODYSPOT This team had serious question marks to start this season, and like 908% of the offense has gotten hurt since the opening kick-off to start the season. 2-4