Raging Semi Tuesday – Roma at [grumble, grumble]

Let's blow that up a little.  Because it deserves it. A beautiful Cinderella story spoiled by essentially gifting the assdickery Redshite into the finals.  Christ on a bike. Liverpool is the worst.  You can hear German Elton John whining all the way down here in the Southland.  You know the questionable calls

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 5 Part One

This week, We're going to do something different.  Since the are still two more games to go,  we are going to split the coverage into two.  Part Two will run midweek after the ANZAC Day games are played. Welcome To Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 5 (so far) The Round started with a

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 4

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! *** Round 4 The Round started off with an expected rout of Collingwood by Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.  I mean, there's no way the Pies go into Adelaide and hand the Crows their lunch, right? That they did. Handily.  Well done to the Pies! With that surprise

Your Saturday Morning Futbol Open Thread, Now with Moar EPL!

It seems every other time I've written these, I purposely exclude the EPL or talking about EPL teams.  Some people have said that I am biased against the EPL.  Those people are correct.  Let's take a look at the matchups, one by one, and see why I'm so biased. All

Your Tuesday Vuelta Champions League Quarters Preview

While it may seem that the ties are already decided, as with many things in life,  you never fucking know.  Heck,  it was only last year that Barcelona turned around a 4-0 away deficit into a 6-1 home win to advance against Paris St. Germain. Does anyone this year have a

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 3

This week, Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 3 The Round started off on North American late Thursday night with the winless Carlton Blues taking on the winless Collingwood Magpies. No,  I did not stay up late for this one.  Rather,  I woke up at my normal time and was able

2018 Tradition Like Any Other Preview and Afternoon Livethread

We just finished the NCAA Tournament. I bet you're asking yourself, "Where can I get more Jim Nantz? I can't wait all the way to the start of the NFL season to hear his velvety voice!" This is you, right? No? Yes, it's The Masters. Golf's biggest event, and it's most self-serving.

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 2

This week, So,  remember those happy days when it seemed like we knew what was going on with this league? Yeah, me neither.  There were a LOT of upsets this week.  Let's get to it! Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Round 2 The Round started with a Grand Final rematch at Adelaide

World Gawne Mad – Final Four Holy Night Edition

Above is pictured the first-edition cover of a fantastic book, Walter Miller, Jr.'s "A Canticle For Liebowitz."  Be warned, even I found it a tad dark (and square on the nose social commentary, which made it all the more chilling).  But one will also feel like a Jesuit-by-osmosis afterwards, which

AFL Beat – 2018 Round 1 and AFLW Grand Final Recap

This week, All of this, the AFLW Grand Final, the results of the Lady Footy Tipping Contest, the standings of the NEW Footy Tipping Contest, and all the AFL Round 1 action on Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! *** AFL Round One Since 2008, the AFL season opener has featured the Richmond Tigers