Champions League Valentines Day Roundtable now with Extra Hate!

It is the fake day of love folks, I hope you did something for your loved one today or else this Hallmark holiday will leave you in the dog house. Unless that is your thing then enjoy your day Fido! While Wakezilla and I were not frolicking at the park, the

Champions League Lesser Footy! 13 February Fixtures Roundtable

King Hippo: I have been chosen to kick off festivities, which means you will get the simplest of formatting.  Lucky youse. *** Manchester City @ FC Basel (2:45 EST, FS2)   King Hippo: Easy preview first - teh snuff film.  FC Basel ain't even in first in the goddamned Swiss League this season, whilst Man City is

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – AFLW Round 2

You know, I really like how Jeremy Clarkson does the intros each week for The Grand Tour.  In that vein, this week: And In reality, lots of things happened this week and will happen in the week coming up. It was another week and another loss for the defending champions, the AFLX

Your Tuesday “There’s No Early Kontent Scheduled So I’m Doing This” Daytime Open Thread

The post-season hangover, both literal and figurative, continues. This post is not meant to be "good", per se.  No Pulitzer nominees are in danger, let's say it that way.  But as we shift to the off-season, we might need to talk about it. P*ts fans specifically, I know you're disappointed.  But get

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2018 AFLW Round 1

Now that that bullshit the delicious Schadenfreude is over with, it's time to get into the REAL sports in this world. The AFLW season started this past weekend and we already had our first surprise of the year. We had another surprise in our Lady Footy Tipping Contest as a veteran tipper

tWBS’ Contributions to Thee Superb Owl LII Champions….De Nada, Philly

"The best $600 I ever spent" Those are my own words.  I said them last night just before the final whistle of the Eagles' victory in Superb Owl LII. Oh sorry...just before the final whistle of the P*ts defeat.  Meh...Potato, Potahto. But you all better realize I bought that victory for Philly.  They

Your “Wait, there’s no football today?” Saturday Morning Soccer Open Thread

As sad as it may seem,  there is only one game left in the NFL season and it is not today.  It's time to get used to life without the NFL. All is good, of course, because we not only have AFLW and AFL to look forward to but we still

Offseason QB Interviews – Dallas edition.

It's hate week they said, go to your evil place they said. Is it not bad enough the Eagles have to play the hated P*ts this weekend? Nope, heading to big D to see what is happening with the Cowboys. As a professional journalist from the Upstairs Backlane Hollywood Journalism School

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – 2018 Season Kickoff!

Now that the NFL off-season is here, it's time to move on to worthier pursuits.  I speak, of course, of AFL, AFLW, and AFLX. Yes, AFLX.  This is a brand new game the AFL is trying out to see if it can capture the imagination of countries that don't play cricket

‘A Christmas Prince’ for Best Picture: Oscar Nomination Predictions and Discussion Thread

Good morning! Condolences to any of you who are actually awake when this goes live. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce the nominees for its ridiculous, interminable award show in a few hours, and as a man who's seen, like, forty or so of 2017's new

Welcome to the DFO Off-season!!

Another NFL year is in the books,  but fear not,  dear reader,  for we have plenty of #content to keep you amused and occupied until this mad cycle begins again. All of your favourite off-season recurring features are BACK such as Yeah Right's Sunday Gravy,  RTD's Request Line,  my AFL Beat, 

Offseason QB Interviews! – San Francisco Edition.

Alright, third time lucky I am sure with all the optimism in San Francisco that the dysfunction will have left the facility. /Arrives at AT&T Park Sweet, maybe I can get some of my beloved Dirt Niners gear before my interview. Where the hell is the entrance for the Niners part of