Your “Tumble In The Jungle of the Meadowlands” Thursday Night Football Open Thread

The Astronauts did a thingy last night according to spurts pages everywhere. When do you think they'll come back down to earth? Will Buzz Aldrin officiate at the wedding between that guy and his girliecake? How much motorboating will Verlander do this off-season? More than the usual amount? The questions

Football Fans in the Underworld: Your 2017 Jets Preview

Greetings. For this preview we went down below. Way down below. I mean, WAYYYYYY way down below. …Sure. Let's go with that. In actuality, we've given Cerberus three steaks (for each of his mouths to feed on so maybe he'll let us back through) and called upon the ferryman Charon for his

A TOAST TO BLEERGH: Your 2017 New England Patriots Preview

[INT. - A dark, candlelit dungeon appears slowly in the dim light. A hooded figure sits alone at a rough-hewn wooden table, with stacks of ancient, leather-bound volumes piled high. All of a sudden, a frantic knock is heard through a heavy, wooden door.] SMALLER HOODED FIGURE: My Lord, I’ve found it!

25 Questions about the NFL from a barely interested former “fan”

Thanks to Beerguyrob, I know a ton about what happened in relation to players getting signed and tagged.  This,  of course,  brings up some.... questions.  25 to be exact. 1- Is anyone else surprised that Goodell did not fine James Harrison $50,000 for signing an extension with the Steelers? 2- Or is

CrimeBeat!: Breaking News Edition

WE NOW INTERRUPT YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED "HARD RIDE TO NOWHERE" TO BRING YOU THIS SPECIAL REPORT: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. I have the solemn duty to inform you that at 4:42 p.m., DFO Substandard Time on February 16, an unscheduled Jets Schadenfreude Day was launched from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Reports are still

Balls of Steel’s AFL Beat – Picking a Winner

Howdy ho and welcome back! This week, we check in on Round 2 of AFL Women's,  help the undecided to pick a team to support,  and take advantage of the lessons Blax taught us on how to create gifs.  All this and more on Welcome to Balls of Steel's AFL Beat! Last