Copa América 2019 Team Preview: Brasil

As you all know by now, Brasil is the Land of the Ass. Please note that I will be spelling Brasil with the "s" and not the "z" because the country is called Brasil in its native language and it is also Brasil in Spanish. Where was I?

Your Memorial Day Monday Evening Open Thread

It's a holiday, so the quiet NFL offseason is extra quiet today. I hope all the American commentists enjoyed all the barbecues, beers & bullshittery that accompany a holiday weekend and family get-together. NFL Nuggets: Unless you were under a rock, or out sweeping the clouds away, Bart Starr died, aged

Your “Keeping Things In Perspective” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson has been suspended six games for a PED violation.   A six-game suspension on a player's first violation stems from a positive test plus an attempt to manipulate or mask the result. There's no word on what he took. Also, he's pissed at the Cardinals, because

Your Hastily Conceived Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Sorry for the quality - we were short-staffed at school, and I could only put things together in chunks. NFL News: Overly conceived: Sean McVay says he was "over-prepared" for the Super Bowl. He claimed he spent the first week before the game watching every Patriots 2018 game, plus their Super

A Tradition Like Any Other: Augusta National Can F*** Right Off

Here's a secret: I despise the dipshits who run Augusta National Golf Club. Glad-handing, misogynist dickheads who use the ideas of "tradition" and "the old ways" to actively make their golf tournament as white as possible. IT'S A GOLF TOURNAMENT YOU FUCKING FUCKS. Fuck these people with Satan's chainsaw wang. Yeah,

Your “There’s No Crying In Baseball” Thursday Evening Open Thread

....Unless you're a Baltimore fan. Hello sportsfans!!!!!!  This is, temporarily at least.... tWBS  coming to you live...well sort of live. Live-ish....?   That banner image up there was taken by none other than yours truly at Camden Yards two seasons ago, btw.  Not bad, eh? Anywhoooo.... CervezaNiñoRoberto  decided to go watch baseball today, so I'm filling

Your “Why Don’t Stupid People Know They’re Stupid?” Thursday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It sounds like the Raiders are pushing hard for Antonio Brown. Lord knows they've got spare first-round picks. John Gruden got off his knees long enough to say, "He’s the hardest working man, I think, in football," Gruden said. "Hardest working player I’ve ever seen practice, and I’ve

Orchids of Asia Day Spa Report Context

  Good Morning and thank you all for being our here today on such a chilly Boston morning. I am speaking before you this morning to share valuable insight regarding last week's allegations that my boyfriend of seven years but not father of my 10 month old child, Mr Robert Kraft, will

Your “It’s Not Free Money” Saturday Evening Open Thread

I moved my music & comedy ramblings to Sunday night, so I could bring this up. Before it becomes old news, rumours are Kaep settled for between $60-80 million, ostensibly for restraint or loss of trade. On the direct "insider" front from Friday night, there was nothing but company line from corporate