Your “Where’s My Inhaler?” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Suspension updates: George Iloka's has been reduced to a fine. The appeal was based on Brown landing crooked & turning his head prior to the hit, making helmet-to-helmet contact almost unavoidable. The Chiefs have suspended Marcus Peters for Sunday's game. because he left the field of play while

Your “Beaten Like A Government Mule!” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

Well, last night's game turned into the shitfest most of us feared it would become. Stupid me thought that, with both teams having implications from a loss, they'd keep it clean for the good of their season. Expect suspensions to be announced later today or by lunch Wednesday. Smith-Schuster and

LA Football Report – Post Thanksgiving Farts edition

Here we are, once again, to see where we are on the LA football landscape. Everything seems to be coming up Millhouse for good ole LA as we have three teams in first place and the other just landed the biggest fish in the NCAA coaching pond. There is a lot

Your “The Official Flavour Of The 2017 NY Giants” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: The expected became fact this morning, as Ben McAdoo & GM Jerry Reese were both fired by the Giants. Reese can claim to at least have contributed to the Giants recent Super Bowls, so his tenure wasn't an abject failure but simply a collective one. Steve Spagnuolo will

Look Left, Look Right. You’re All Cut. The Colts Bye-Week. Why Did I Click This?

By now, you've read a great many of these bye week updates. All with an unique style and approach. Bravo and much praise to my colleagues for creating such mirth and merriment. I had intended to have some kind of off-kilter oddball opus of my own to contribute to the

Your “Mo’ MAC, Mo’ Problems” Wednesday Evening Open Thread

I didn't get my book read last night.  Shocking, I know. I probably won't get to it today/tonight either.  Mostly because I suck and am easily distracted... Also, you guys are too damned funny to resist sometimes.  Peer Pressure!!!!! - We've Got Some NFL Stuff To Talk About First and foremost, fuck you Spanos, Goodell

Your “Put The Bunny Back In The Box” Tuesday Evening Open Thread

NFL News: It's all about fragile QBs today Mike McCarthy is right: "Brett Hundley is not our issue right now". The offensive line, which is supposed to protect him, is. Bryan Bulaga tore an ACL last night and is done for the season. Paxton Lynch - still injured. He got

Your “How The Hell Did That Happen?” Monday Night Football Preview & Open Thread

NFL News: Hippo's got you covered for all the weirdness of the weekend, but I'd just like to take a minute to ask the pertinent question - How the hell did that happen? - to things like: Blair Walsh missed three field goals, all wide-left. If only they'd had some indication

No One’s 2017 “Chargers” Bye Week Update

There has been a fair amount of discussion so far this year of what the new name for the football team formerly residing in San Diego should be. To BOLTMAN, they will forever be the Heretics. To many on this site, various combination of Football/Shitty Clippers and LAwnmowers has been

Your “Trade Deadline Headlines” Halloween Evening Open Thread

NFL News: Trade deadline updates: October 30th: Duane Brown: from the Texans to the Seahawks Houston gets cornerback Jeremy Lane, a second-round pick in 2019 and a fifth-round pick in 2018. Russell Wilson reworked his contract to free up cap room. Jimmy Garappolo: from the Pats to the 49ers. For a

The Evil Dean

EXTERIOR - RAMSHACKLE CABIN IN THE WOODS - EARLY DUSK [The camera slowly zooms and then pans around the cabin. There is an odd silence, as not even birds or insects can be heard nearby. Upon reaching the back door, the camera moves upward, until it just looking over the roof

Your “It Looks Good… A Little Too Good” Monday Night Football Open Thread

NFL News: Word broke over the weekend that Jerry Jones is leading a group of 17 owners "reviewing" Roger Goodell's possible contract extension. Which, of course, has nothing to do whatsoever, no sir, not one bit, with the upcoming Ezekiel Elliott suspension appeal appeal. JESUS TAPDANCING CHRIST! Zach Miller almost